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Int. Conf. on Systems Engineering'05 - August 16-18, 2005

AUGUST 16-18, 2005

This series of International Conferences is jointly organized on a
rotational basis among three institutions, University of Nevada, Las
Vegas, USA, Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, and Coventry
University, UK. In August 2005, the 18th International Conference will
be held in Las Vegas, NV, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA.
The Proceedings of the conference will be published by IEEE CS.
ICSEng05 is organized jointly with the International Conference on
Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications (ICCIMA'05:
www.iccima.org) and the registered participants of ICSEng05 will be
able to attend ICCIMA05.

Scope of Conference:
The Conference will cover the general area of Systems Engineering, with
particular emphasis being placed on applications. It is expected to
include sessions on the following themes:
Computer Algorithms, Databases, Parallel and Distributed Systems,
Digital systems, architecture
Control Theory, System Identification and Adaptive Control, Nonlinear
Data Fusion
Engineered Systems for Nuclear Waste Management
Environmental Systems and Energy Systems
Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence
Finance Engineering
Geographic Information Systems
Global Position Systems
Information Theory and Communication Systems
Neural Network and Applications
Requirements Processes
Risk Management
Robotics and Industrial Automation
Systems Engineering Metrics
Systems Engineering Paradigms, Standards and Challenges
System Architecture
Standards and Testing
Signal Processing
Systems Engineering Education
Transportation Systems

We invite you to submit a one page abstract for the purpose of
reviewing by March 10, 2005. Accepted authors will be invited to submit
a full paper (6 pages maximum limit) for presentation. All abstracts
are to be submitted in PDF, postscript or MS word version
electronically. For more information on submissions refer to:
http://www.ee.unlv.edu/~selvaraj/icse05/submission/. Please follow the
ICSEng'05 guidelines for more information on submission. Submission
implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and
present the paper. All abstracts will be peer reviewed by two
independent referees of the International Program Committee of

Special Session proposals are solicited from those who are interested
in organizing a session dealing with a specific area of the conference.
Special Session organizers will be members of the Program Committee and
will be responsible for advertising, collecting and reviewing technical
papers. Due date for submission of Special Session proposals: February
15, 2005.

Special Poster Session:
ICSEng'05 will include a special poster session devoted to recent work
and work-in-progress. Abstracts are solicited for this session (2 page
limit) in camera ready form, and may be submitted up to 30 days before
the conference date. They will not be refereed and will not be included
in the proceedings, but will be distributed to attendees upon arrival.
Students are especially encouraged to submit abstracts for this

Important Dates:
Abstracts due: March 10, 2005 Proposals for
special sessions due: February 15, 2005

Steering Committee
Prof. W. R. Wells (Chair), UNLV, USA
Prof. H. Selvaraj, UNLV, USA
Prof. Z. Bubnicki, Technical Uni. of Wroclaw, Poland
Prof. A. Grzech, Technical Uni. of Wroclaw, Poland
Prof. D. J. G. James, Coventry University, UK
Prof. K. J Burnham, Coventry University, UK

General Chair: Prof. H. Selvaraj, UNLV, USA

Program Committee
Prof. A. K. Datta, UNLV, USA
Prof. A. V. Balakrishnan, UCLA, USA
Prof. W. N. Burkov, Russian Acad. of Sciences, Russia
Dr. H. S. Cho, Korean AIST, Korea
Prof. T. F. Gonzalez, Uni. of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Prof. G. Guardabassi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Prof. A. Gunasekaran, Uni. Of Massachusetts, USA
Prof. H. Migliore, PSU, USA
Prof. L. Hsu, Uni. Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Prof. L. Jozwiak, Eindhoven Uni. of Tech, Holland
Prof. T. Luba, Warsaw Uni. of Technology, Poland
Prof. V. Muthukumar, UNLV, USA
Prof. S. Nambisan, UNLV, USA
Dr. M. Rawski, Warsaw Uni. of Tech., Poland
Prof. H. Selvaraj, UNLV, USA
Prof. S. Singh, UNLV, USA
Prof. H. Sorenson, UC San Diego, USA
Dr. S. Stubberud, The Boeing Company, USA
Prof. M. Sugisaka, Oita University, Japan
Prof. M. Thoma, Universitat Hanover, Germany
Prof. R. Vallee, LUniversite Paris-Nord, France
Dr. L. Wang, Harbin U. of Tech., China
Prof. W. R. Wells, UNLV, USA

Organizing Committee Chair:
Prof. V. Muthukumar, UNLV, USA

Conference Secretary, ICSE-2005
Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 89154-4005
Phone: (702) 895 4184
FAX: (702) 895 1115
email: se*******@icsen g.info
URL: http://www.icseng.info/

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