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Accuired eServer i5 570 - Enterprise Edition; questions..

Accuired eServer i5 570 - Enterprise Edition; questions..

My company just purchased this unit from a company that went under.
It's brand new in the box and the configuration is posted below. We got
it for very cheap and are wondering if some of you that work with
mashines like this could give me some info on it. We are possibly
interested in implementing it for use within our company or if it
doesnt suit our needs maybe one of your companies would have use for

What is the scope of this mashine. How big would the busienss be to
utilize it effectively?

What's the worth of all those parts in it if anyone knows?

I appreciate any help on this guys and gals!

If anyone perhaps has a need or any information for me free to contact
me at:

Mirza Besic
U.S. Computer Exchange Inc.
386 East Maple Rd.
Troy, MI 48038
PH (248) 583-9000
FAX (248) 583-9009


P/N Description Quantity

9406-570 Server 1:9406 Model 570 1

0006 LPAR Restrict Build Process 1

0040 Mirrored System Disk Level 1

0140 Logical Partitioning Specify 6

0165 VHDCI Attachment 1

0325 IPCS Extension Cables for NT 1

0348 V.24/EIA232 20-Ft PCI Cable 12

0530 Software Version V5R3 1

0551 iSeries Rack 2

0588 PCI-X Expansion Unit in Rack 4

0595 PCI-X Tower Unit in Rack 2

0834 #4326 Load Source Specify 1

0922 5/8W Serv Feat 570 4X8971 1

1025 Modem Cable - US/Canada 1

1422 3m IEC 320 C13/14 PDU Cord 2

1426 200V 14-Ft Locking Line Cord 4

1483 10m HSL-2 Cable 8

1700 IPCS Keyboard/Mouse for NT 1

1827 Serial-UPS Conversion Cable, 0.14m 1

2640 DVD-ROM 1

2742 PCI Two-Line WAN IOA 5

2749 PCI Ultra Mag Media Ctlr 1

2787 PCI-X Fibre Chan Disk Ctlr 9

2844 PCI IOP 22

2849 PCI 100/10Mbps Ethernet IOA 14

2924 English 1

4326 35.16GB 15k rpm Disk Unit 12

4490 4GB DDR-1 Main Storage 8

5160 Power Dist Unit 1 Phase NEMA 4

5550 Sys Console On HMC 1

5703 PCI-X RAID Disk Unit Ctlr 4

5704 PCI-X Fibre Chan Tape Ctlr 6

5709 RAID Enabler Card 2

5712 PCI-X Tape Controller 1

6007 SPCN 15m Cable 1

6008 SPCN 6m Cable 6

6246 1.8m Rack Trim Kit 2

6458 14-Ft Int 250V/10A Pwr Cd 4

7472 Enterprise Edition for #0922 1

7597 Model 570 Full i5/OS Enterprise Enablement 1

8452 570 One Base Processor Activation for 8961/8971 6

8867 8-Way Fabric Cable 1

8870 2-Enclosure Fabric Cable 1

8971 570 1.65GHz Proc 0/2-Way 4

9286 Base i5/OS Enterprise Enablement 4

9517 Base HSL-2/RIO-G Bus Adapter 2

9726 Base 512MB Server Memory 2

9744 Base PCI IOP 1

9793 Base PCI 2-Line WAN w/Modem 1

9813 Base PCI Integ xSeries Server (2 GHz Pentium 1

M; 5790 tower & i5 570 placement)

9844 Base PCI IOP 3

9877 Base HSL-2 Bus Adapter 4

7210-030 IBM DVD-RAM Drive 1

8723 Rack Mounting Kit 1

9300 English Manuals 1

9762 2.5m VHDCI/HD68 SCSI Cable 1

9860 Rack Power Cord, Single 1

9910-P93 Peripheral 1:9910-P93 (14,000 Watts), Tower 1


9881 Powerware Recpt Package (3-15A to 30A NEMA 1

sets) for P93


5722-AC3 Cryptographic Access Provider 128-bit for 1


2001 ePoE Registration 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

5829 CD-ROM V5R3 1

5722-BR1 IBM Backup and Recovery Media Services for 1


1445 P40 OTC BRMS - Package 1

1466 BOTC Network - Package 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

3441 LPAR System Indicator 1

5829 CD-ROM BRMS V5R3 1

5921 CD-ROM Network Feature V5R3 1

5722-CE3 iSeries Client Encryption 128-bit 1

2001 ePoE Registration 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

5829 CD-ROM V5R3 1

5722-DE1 IBM DB2 Universal Database Extenders for 1


1452 P40 OTC DB2 UDE - Package 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

3441 LPAR System Indicator 1

5829 CD-ROM V5R3 1

5722-PT1 IBM Performance Tools for iSeries 1

0300 P40 OTC Perf Tools - Package 1

0376 P40 OTC Manager - Package 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

3441 LPAR System Indicator 1

5829 CD-ROM Performance Tools V5R3 1

5921 CD-ROM Manager Feature V5R3 1

5722-QU1 IBM Query for iSeries 1

0422 P30-P40 BOTC Query 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

3441 LPAR System Indicator 1

5829 CD-ROM V5R3 1

5722-SS1 IBM Operating System/400 1

1408 P40 OTC DB2 SMP Package 1

1415 P40 OTC HA Switchable Res Package 1

1463 BOTC M&S Ext Package 1

1508 OTC per Processor OS/400 (570) 1

1516 Zero Price per Processor OS/400 (570) 4

2201 ePoE Registration - PSF 1-45 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

3441 LPAR System Indicator 1

5787 Chinese Traditional DBCS Secondary Language 1

5789 Chinese Simplified DBCS Secondary Language 1

5829 CD-ROM OS/400 V5R3 1

5921 CD-ROM Media and Storage Extensions V5R3 1

5923 CD-ROM DB2 Symmetric Multiprocessing V5R3 1

5926 CD-ROM PSF/400 1-45 IPM V5R3 1

5929 CD-ROM HA Switchable Resources V5R3 1

6005 License Registration (Qty 5) 1

7020 Setup and Operations CD V5R3 1

5722-ST1 IBM DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development 1

Kit for iSeries

0492 P40 DB2 Query - Package 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

3441 LPAR System Indicator 1

5829 CD-ROM V5R3 1

5722-WDS IBM WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries 1

0842 P30-P40 BOTC WebSph Dev Studio 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

3441 LPAR System Indicator 1

5829 CD-ROM WebSphere Dev Studio V5R3 1

5722-WE1 IBM Web Enablement for iSeries 1

1467 BOTC Web Enablement 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

5829 CD-ROM V5R3 1

5722-XW1 iSeries Access 1

2001 ePoE Registration - UB 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

3441 LPAR System Indicator 1

5729 CD-ROM User Based V5R3 1

5733-ED1 iSeries Enterprise Edition Installation 1


2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

4715 BOTC Ent Edition Installation Assistant 1

5829 CD-ROM V5R3 1

5733-NKY Deactivate Software Key 1

2508 Query (5769/22-QU1) 1

2509 WebSphere Dev Studio (5769/22-WDS) 1

2511 DB2 Query (5769/22-ST1) 1

2517 Client Access UB (5769/22-XW1) 1

2525 Performance Tools (5769/22-PT1) 1

2610 Performance Tools Manager (5769/22-PT1) 1

2681 PSF/400 1-45 IPM (5769/22-SS1) 1

4001 SW Key 1st MT Digit V5 9

4002 SW Key 2nd MT Digit V5 4

4003 SW Key 3rd MT Digit V5 10

4004 SW Key 4th MT Digit V5 6

4005 SW Key 1st CPU Digit V5 1

4006 SW Key 2nd CPU Digit V5 10

4007 SW Key 3rd CPU Digit V5 4

4008 SW Key 4th CPU Digit V5 7

4009 SW Key 5th CPU Digit V5 35

4010 SW Key 6th CPU Digit V5 33

4011 SW Key 7th CPU Digit V5 23

5733-PE1 WebSphere Portal-Express Plus 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

4719 OTC per User 60

5809 CD-ROM 1

5733-TMW Tivoli Monitoring for Web Infrastructure 1

2935 Multilingual Language 1

4648 OTC per Processor 5

5901 CD-ROM 1

5733-TS1 Tivoli Storage Manager 1

4866 OTC per Client 5

5733-UX3 Software Maintenance for OS/400 and Selected 1

Products 3-Year Renewable

2935 MultiLingual Language 1

4805 P40 Registration/Renewal 1

4812 P40 Registration/Renewal 24x7 1

5829 SW Supply 1

5733-VE1 Virtualization Engine 1

2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1

4873 BOTC Director Multiplatform 1

4874 BOTC Workload Manager - Edition 1

5921 CD-ROM Director Multiplatform 1

5922 CD-ROM Workload Manager 1

5733-XT1 XML Toolkit for iSeries 1

4714 BOTC XML Toolkit (Zero Priced) 1

5809 CD-ROM 1

Feb 17 '06 #1
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