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Porting from MSVC to GCC, vague errors

12 New Member
As the title says, I am porting some code from MSVC (not sure which version, using Visual Studio 2008), which compiles without errors or warnings, to GCC 4.0 which generates a large number of generic errors.

The project uses a large header file 'precompiled.h' which includes two other header files, math/math.h and math/vector.h in that order. I've already disabled the ALWAYS_SEARCH_U SER_PATHS which was causing other errors.

From math/math.h

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. class qMath {
  2. public:
  3. ...
    static float Fabs( float x );
  4. };
  6. inline float qMath::Fabs( float x ) {
  7. ...
    return x;
From math/vector.h

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. inline bool qVec2::Compare( const qVec2 &a, const float epsilon ) {
  2. // the following is line 106
    ( qMath::Fabs( x - a.x ) > epsilon )
Which generates the following errors:

../math/Vector.h:106: error: 'qMath' has not been declared
../math/Vector.h:106: error: 'Fabs' was not declared in this scope

And the same sort of errors wherever qMath is referenced.

Been mucking around with this for awhile now and haven't gotten anywhere, any help would be appreciated.
Nov 10 '08 #1
17 6920
469 Recognized Expert Contributor
I doubt I can be of any help with this, but maybe you could post your makefile? It sounds like a problem with either your includes or your makefile.
Nov 11 '08 #2
12 New Member
I'm using Xcode as my development environment and I'm not sure where exactly to view the makefile. It fails while trying to create the precompiled header object /precompiled.h.g ch, which is the first object being compiled.

By using the -H compiler flag I can see that the headers are being added in the correct order, and errors are not generated until after all the headers have been included. Since this the code compiles without errors in MSVC I'm assuming it's something specific with GCC.
Nov 11 '08 #3
469 Recognized Expert Contributor
Okay, I see, sorry. I had thought you were just using a text editor, writing the makefiles by hand, and running gcc from the shell.
Nov 11 '08 #4
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Is there a namespace declared in Math.h containing qMath? If so then


needs to be

<NameSpace>::qM ath::Fabs

It is less likely to be something specific with GCC so much as some wired MS extension causing the code to compile when it shouldn't.
Nov 11 '08 #5
12 New Member
Not using any namespace declarations.
Nov 11 '08 #6
12 New Member
If it is because of MS specific extensions it is near impossible for me to tell which or why since disabling their extensions prevents even their standard header files from compiling.
Nov 11 '08 #7
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Yes I know quite irritating isn't it :7

Hmmm, given what we can see of your code all I can say is that for some reason (when using GCC) at the time that vector.h is parsed the declarations in Math.h have not been parsed so the compiler does not know about qMath (Vector.h isn't included into Math.h is it?).

You can test this by forward declaring qMath
class qMath;
at the top of vector.h, this will not solve the problem but it should give different errors (incomplete type).
Nov 11 '08 #8
12 New Member
Yes I know quite irritating isn't it :7

Hmmm, given what we can see of your code all I can say is that for some reason (when using GCC) at the time that vector.h is parsed the declarations in Math.h have not been parsed so the compiler does not know about qMath (Vector.h isn't included into Math.h is it?).

You can test this by forward declaring qMath
class qMath;
at the top of vector.h, this will not solve the problem but it should give different errors (incomplete type).
That is what I suspected even though, as I said, the headers are included in the correct order. I've actually already tried forward declaring qMath which generates the incomplete type errors you predicted. I'm about at wit's end trying to understand what could be wrong here.

I suppose it interesting that the error that I get about qMath is slightly different than those generated by other unrecognized symbols, I'm not sure if this is just because it is interpreted as a scoping symbol or what...

/qlib/math/Vector.h:106: error: 'qMath' has not been declared
/qlib/Str.h:330: error: 'sprintf_s' was not declared in this scope

Second error is an easy fix, added just for reference here.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I've also tried to include math.h directly from vector.h which changes nothing from the original compilation routine. Can the qMath class be being ignored by gcc without generating warnings or errors or something of that nature?
Nov 11 '08 #9
9,065 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
No GCC would not be ignoring qMath for no reason without a diagnostic.

Can you post the preprocessor commands from each file please (2 headers and a cpp I presume).
Nov 11 '08 #10

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