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Growl- frustrating - update function DOESN'T DO ANYTHING

I am feeling frustrated and I am willing to bet its something stupid but I
could really use some help.

I have a class called anEvent. On my web form I have a button which creates
a new anEvent and loads the form data into the new event. It then sends that
event to a class function to try and update the data in the database. When
I hit the button, it appears that nothing happens, no error message, just a
return to the previous state of the controls. I have tried catching errors,
using try - catch to see if something is failing somewhere but have gotten
bascially nowhere. I have tried simplifying the query so much that its
"update tblevents set eventname= @eventname where eventid=@eventi d" and
still nothing happens. Please help if you can. Thanks in advance!!

Public Class anEvent
Public EventName As String
Public Location As String
Public StartDate As DateTime
Public EndDate As DateTime
Public Address As String
Public City As String
Public State As String
Public Zip As String
Public Phone As String
Public ContactPhone As String
Public ContactName As String
Public ContactEmail As String
Public RoomRate As String
Public ReservationCode As String
Public STatus As Integer
Public DateOpened As DateTime
Public Dateclosed As DateTime
Public Additional As String
Public EventID As Integer
End Class
CodeBehind for button:

Private Sub btnUpdateThisEv ent_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e
As System.EventArg s) Handles btnUpdateThisEv ent.Click
Dim CurrentEvent As New anEvent
Dim URLString As String
CurrentEvent.Ev entName = txtEventName.Te xt
CurrentEvent.Lo cation = txtLocation.Tex t
CurrentEvent.Ad dress = txtAddress.Text
CurrentEvent.Ci ty = txtCity.Text
CurrentEvent.St ate = txtState.Text
CurrentEvent.Zi p = txtZip.Text
CurrentEvent.Ph one = txtPhone.Text
CurrentEvent.St artDate = txtStartDate.Te xt
CurrentEvent.En dDate = txtEndDate.Text
CurrentEvent.Co ntactName = txtContactName. Text
CurrentEvent.Co ntactPhone = txtContactPhone .Text
CurrentEvent.Co ntactEmail = txtContactEmail .Text
CurrentEvent.Ad ditional = txtAdditional.T ext
CurrentEvent.Ro omRate = txtRoomRate.Tex t
CurrentEvent.Re servationCode = txtReservationC ode.Text
CurrentEvent.ST atus = ddlStatus.Selec tedItem.Value
CurrentEvent.Ev entID = txtEventID.Text
E_VentManager.E ventsDB.UpdateE vent(CurrentEve nt)
End Sub
Code for: E_ventManager.E ventsDB.UpdateE vent:
Public Shared Function UpdateEvent(ByV al CurrentEvent As anEvent) As Boolean

Dim conEvents As New SqlConnection
conEvents.Conne ctionString =
ConfigurationSe ttings.AppSetti ngs("Connection String")
Dim cmdEvents As New SqlCommand
cmdEvents.Comma ndType = CommandType.Sto redProcedure
cmdEvents.Comma ndText = "spUpdateEv ent"
cmdEvents.Conne ction = conEvents
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Eve ntName", CurrentEvent.Ev entName)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Loc ation", CurrentEvent.Lo cation)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Sta rtDate", CurrentEvent.St artDate)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@End Date", CurrentEvent.En dDate)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Add ress", CurrentEvent.Ad dress)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Cit y", CurrentEvent.Ci ty)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Sta te", CurrentEvent.St ate)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Zip ", CurrentEvent.Zi p)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@pHO NE", CurrentEvent.Ph one)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Con tactName", CurrentEvent.Co ntactName)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Con tactPhone", CurrentEvent.Co ntactPhone)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Con tactEmail", CurrentEvent.Co ntactEmail)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Roo mRate", CurrentEvent.Ro omRate)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Res ervationCode", CurrentEvent.Re servationCode)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Add itional", CurrentEvent.Ad ditional)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Sta tus", CurrentEvent.ST atus)
cmdEvents.Param eters.Add("@Eve ntID", CurrentEvent.Ev entID)
conEvents.Open( )
cmdEvents.Execu teNonQuery()
conEvents.Close ()

End Function
Nov 19 '05 #1
4 1161
oh yes, and the stored procedure:
@EventName varchar(50),
@location varchar(50),
@Phone varchar(50),
@StartDate datetime,
@EndDate datetime,
@Address varchar(255),
@City varchar(50),
@State varchar(50),
@Zip varchar(50),
@ContactName varchar(50),
@ContactPhone varchar(50),
@ContactEmail varchar(50),
@RoomRate varchar(50),
@ReservationCod e varchar(50),
@Status integer,
@Additional ntext,
@EventID integer
Begin Transaction
UPDATE tblEvents set EventName = @EventName,
Location = @Location,
Phone = @Phone,
StartDate = @StartDate,
EndDate = @EndDate,
Address = @Address,
City = @City,
State = @State,
Zip = @Zip,
ContactName = @ContactName,
ContactPhone = @ContactPhone,
ContactEmail = @ContactEmail,
RoomRate = @RoomRate,
ReservationCode = @ReservationCod e,
Status = @Status,
Additional = @Additional
Where EventID = @EventID
if @@error <> 0 goto Errorhandler
Commit Transaction
rollback transaction
Nov 19 '05 #2
When u say returned to the previous state of the controls
what do u mean?
Is that all ur code?

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Nov 19 '05 #3

"Patrick Olurotimi Ige" <na********@hot mail.com> wrote in message
news:O4******** ******@TK2MSFTN GP09.phx.gbl...
When u say returned to the previous state of the controls
what do u mean?
I change the data in the form, I click the button. The data reverts
I am such an idiot. I forgot my not is postback and the page is doing the
page load function every time.

Is that all ur code?

Yes and hugs and kisses to you because your post turned my brain on!
Nov 19 '05 #4
Child wrote:
cmdEvents.Comma ndType = CommandType.Sto redProcedure
cmdEvents.Comma ndText = "spUpdateEv ent"


Just a sidenote: you should not prefix your SqlServer stored procedures
with "sp" as that will cause SqlServer to look first in "master" and only when
nothing is found there, in your own db. The same probably goes for "xp".

Hans Kesting
Nov 19 '05 #5

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