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Stuck with results of a JS table.

Hi I am trying to develop a little site for myself an co-workers to enter
our march madness bracket picks. With the tiny little bit of knowledge and
some cutting and pasting I have created a mess that sort of works.

I have a JS form that users can enter all of their own picks. However, when
the picks are entered into my DB the only appear as numbers. There is an
area in the code that refers team #'s but it doesnt quite match what I get
in my dB for instance - kentucky should be 1 and it shows up as 0.

Here is the code - if anyone can throw some tips my way I would really
appreciate it. I have edited out the actual Javascript and the .css styles
and other things that arent applicable (I hope) for easier reading.

' *** Edit Operations: declare variables

Dim MM_editAction
Dim MM_abortEdit
Dim MM_editQuery
Dim MM_editCmd

Dim MM_editConnecti on
Dim MM_editTable
Dim MM_editRedirect Url
Dim MM_editColumn
Dim MM_recordId

Dim MM_fieldsStr
Dim MM_columnsStr
Dim MM_fields
Dim MM_columns
Dim MM_typeArray
Dim MM_formVal
Dim MM_delim
Dim MM_altVal
Dim MM_emptyVal
Dim MM_i

MM_editAction = CStr(Request.Se rverVariables(" SCRIPT_NAME"))
If (Request.QueryS tring <> "") Then
MM_editAction = MM_editAction & "?" &
Server.HTMLEnco de(Request.Quer yString)
End If

' boolean to abort record edit
MM_abortEdit = false

' query string to execute
MM_editQuery = ""
' *** Insert Record: set variables

If (CStr(Request(" MM_insert")) = "PickEntry" ) Then

MM_editConnecti on = MM_NCAA_STRING
MM_editTable = "picks"
MM_editRedirect Url = "home.asp"
MM_fieldsStr =
"participant|te xt|PICK1|text|P ICK2|text|PICK3 |text|PICK4|tex t|PICK5|text|PI C
K6|text|PICK7|t ext|PICK8|text| PICK9|text|PICK 10|text|PICK11| text|PICK12|tex t
|PICK13|text|PI CK14|text|PICK1 5|text|PICK16|t ext|PICK17|text |PICK18|text|PI C
K19|text|PICK20 |text|PICK21|te xt|PICK22|text| PICK23|text|PIC K24|text|PICK25 |
text|PICK26|tex t|PICK27|text|P ICK28|text|PICK 29|text|PICK30| text|PICK31|tex t
|PICK32|text|PI CK33|text|PICK3 4|text|PICK35|t ext|PICK36|text |PICK37|text|PI C
K38|text|PICK39 |text|PICK40|te xt|PICK41|text| PICK42|text|PIC K43|text|PICK44 |
text|PICK45|tex t|PICK46|text|P ICK47|text|PICK 48|text|PICK49| text|PICK50|tex t
|PICK51|text|PI CK52|text|PICK5 3|text|PICK54|t ext|PICK55|text |PICK56|text|PI C
K57|text|PICK58 |text|PICK59|te xt|PICK60|text| PICK61|text|PIC K62|text|PICK63 |
text|TIEBREAKER |text"
MM_columnsStr =
"Player|',none, ''|1|',none,''| 2|',none,''|3|' ,none,''|4|',no ne,''|5|',none, '
'|6|',none,''|7 |',none,''|8|', none,''|9|',non e,''|10|',none, ''|11|',none,'' |
12|',none,''|13 |',none,''|14|' ,none,''|15|',n one,''|16|',non e,''|17|',none, '
'|18|',none,''| 19|',none,''|20 |',none,''|21|' ,none,''|22|',n one,''|23|',non e
,''|24|',none,' '|25|',none,''| 26|',none,''|27 |',none,''|28|' ,none,''|29|',n o
ne,''|30|',none ,''|31|',none,' '|32|',none,''| 33|',none,''|34 |',none,''|35|' ,
none,''|36|',no ne,''|37|',none ,''|38|',none,' '|39|',none,''| 40|',none,''|41 |
',none,''|42|', none,''|43|',no ne,''|44|',none ,''|45|',none,' '|46|',none,''| 4
7|',none,''|48| ',none,''|49|', none,''|50|',no ne,''|51|',none ,''|52|',none,' '
|53|',none,''|5 4|',none,''|55| ',none,''|56|', none,''|57|',no ne,''|58|',none ,
''|59|',none,'' |60|',none,''|6 1|',none,''|62| ',none,''|winne r|',none,''|spr e
ad|none,none,NU LL"

' create the MM_fields and MM_columns arrays
MM_fields = Split(MM_fields Str, "|")
MM_columns = Split(MM_column sStr, "|")

' set the form values
For MM_i = LBound(MM_field s) To UBound(MM_field s) Step 2
MM_fields(MM_i+ 1) = CStr(Request.Fo rm(MM_fields(MM _i)))

' append the query string to the redirect URL
If (MM_editRedirec tUrl <> "" And Request.QuerySt ring <> "") Then
If (InStr(1, MM_editRedirect Url, "?", vbTextCompare) = 0 And
Request.QuerySt ring <> "") Then
MM_editRedirect Url = MM_editRedirect Url & "?" & Request.QuerySt ring
MM_editRedirect Url = MM_editRedirect Url & "&" & Request.QuerySt ring
End If
End If

End If
' *** Insert Record: construct a sql insert statement and execute it

Dim MM_tableValues
Dim MM_dbValues

If (CStr(Request(" MM_insert")) <> "") Then

' create the sql insert statement
MM_tableValues = ""
MM_dbValues = ""
For MM_i = LBound(MM_field s) To UBound(MM_field s) Step 2
MM_formVal = MM_fields(MM_i+ 1)
MM_typeArray = Split(MM_column s(MM_i+1),",")
MM_delim = MM_typeArray(0)
If (MM_delim = "none") Then MM_delim = ""
MM_altVal = MM_typeArray(1)
If (MM_altVal = "none") Then MM_altVal = ""
MM_emptyVal = MM_typeArray(2)
If (MM_emptyVal = "none") Then MM_emptyVal = ""
If (MM_formVal = "") Then
MM_formVal = MM_emptyVal
If (MM_altVal <> "") Then
MM_formVal = MM_altVal
ElseIf (MM_delim = "'") Then ' escape quotes
MM_formVal = "'" & Replace(MM_form Val,"'","''") & "'"
MM_formVal = MM_delim + MM_formVal + MM_delim
End If
End If
If (MM_i <> LBound(MM_field s)) Then
MM_tableValues = MM_tableValues & ","
MM_dbValues = MM_dbValues & ","
End If
MM_tableValues = MM_tableValues & MM_columns(MM_i )
MM_dbValues = MM_dbValues & MM_formVal
MM_editQuery = "insert into " & MM_editTable & " (" & MM_tableValues & ")
values (" & MM_dbValues & ")"

If (Not MM_abortEdit) Then
' execute the insert
Set MM_editCmd = Server.CreateOb ject("ADODB.Com mand")
MM_editCmd.Acti veConnection = MM_editConnecti on
MM_editCmd.Comm andText = MM_editQuery
MM_editCmd.Exec ute
MM_editCmd.Acti veConnection.Cl ose

If (MM_editRedirec tUrl <> "") Then
Response.Redire ct(MM_editRedir ectUrl)
End If
End If

End If

<form method=POST action="<%=MM_e ditAction%>" Name=PickEntry
onsubmit="retur n VerifyPage();">
<div align="center">
<input name="participa nt" type="text" id="participant " value="<%=
Session("MM_use rname") %>">
<input type=hidden name=HORIZLINE value="Y">
<input type=hidden name=HORIZLINES IZE value="2">
<input type=hidden name=HORIZLINEC OLOR value="#000000" >
<input type=hidden name=BRACKETSTY LE value="S">
<input type=hidden name=CONFIDENCE value="N">
<input type=hidden name=PRINTREGIO NS value="Y">
<input type=hidden name=ROUND1NAME value="1st Round">
<input type=hidden name=ROUND2NAME value="2nd Round">
<input type=hidden name=ROUND3NAME value="Sweet 16">
<input type=hidden name=ROUND4NAME value="Elite 8">
<input type=hidden name=ROUND5NAME value="Final 4">
<input type=hidden name=ROUND6NAME value="Finals">
<input type=hidden name=CHAMPIONNA ME value="Champion ">
<input type=hidden name=CELLSPACIN G value="1">
<input type=hidden name=CELLPADDIN G value="2">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM1 value="Kentucky ">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM2 value="IUPUI">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM3 value="Oregon">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM4 value="Utah">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM5 value="Wisconsi n">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM6 value="Weber St">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM7 value="Dayton">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM8 value="Tulsa">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM9 value="Missouri ">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM10 value="S. Illinois">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM11 value="Marquett e">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM12 value="Holy Cross">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM13 value="Indiana" >
<input type=hidden name=TEAM14 value="Alabama" >
<input type=hidden name=TEAM15 value="Pittsbur gh">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM16 value="Wagner">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM17 value="Arizona" >
<input type=hidden name=TEAM18 value="Vermont" >
<input type=hidden name=TEAM19 value="Cincinna ti">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM20 value="Gonzaga" >
<input type=hidden name=TEAM21 value="Notre Dame">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM22 value="Wisc-Milw">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM23 value="Illinois ">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM24 value="W. Kentucky">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM25 value="Creighto n">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM26 value="Central Mich">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM27 value="Duke">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM28 value="Colorado St">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM29 value="Memphis" >
<input type=hidden name=TEAM30 value="Arizona St">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM31 value="Kansas">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM32 value="Utah St">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM33 value="Texas">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM34 value="UNC Ashe">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM35 value="LSU">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM36 value="Purdue">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM37 value="Connecti cut">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM38 value="BYU">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM39 value="Stanford ">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM40 value="San Diego">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM41 value="Maryland ">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM42 value="UNC Wilm">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM43 value="Xavier">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM44 value="Troy State">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM45 value="Michigan St">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM46 value="Colorado ">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM47 value="Florida" >
<input type=hidden name=TEAM48 value="Sam Hstn St">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM49 value="Oklahoma ">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM50 value="S. Carolina St">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM51 value="Californ ia">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM52 value="NC State">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM53 value="Miss. St">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM54 value="Butler">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM55 value="Louisvil le">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM56 value="Austin Peay">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM57 value="Oklahoma St">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM58 value="Penn">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM59 value="Syracuse ">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM60 value="Manhatta n">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM61 value="St Josephs">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM62 value="Auburn">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM63 value="Wake Forest">
<input type=hidden name=TEAM64 value="E Tenn St">
<input type=hidden name=PICK1 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK2 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK3 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK4 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK5 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK6 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK7 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK8 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK9 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK10 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK11 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK12 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK13 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK14 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK15 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK16 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK17 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK18 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK19 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK20 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK21 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK22 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK23 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK24 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK25 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK26 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK27 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK28 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK29 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK30 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK31 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK32 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK33 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK34 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK35 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK36 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK37 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK38 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK39 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK40 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK41 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK42 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK43 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK44 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK45 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK46 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK47 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK48 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK49 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK50 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK51 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK52 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK53 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK54 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK55 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK56 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK57 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK58 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK59 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK60 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK61 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK62 value=64>
<input type=hidden name=PICK63 value=64>
<table width="700" align="center" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="1"
class="datatabl e">
<tr valign="middle" >
<th width="2%" nowrap>&nbsp;</th>
<th width="11%" nowrap>1st Round</th>
<th width="7%" nowrap>2nd Round</th>
<th width="7%" nowrap>Sweet 16</th>
<th width="7%" nowrap>Elite 8</th>
<th width="7%" nowrap>Final 4</th>
<th width="7%" nowrap>Finals</th>
<th width="7%" nowrap>Champion </th>
<input type=hidden name=TIEBREAKSF LAG value="Tie Breaks:">
<input type=hidden name=TIEBREAKST YLE value=".tiebrea k {FONT-SIZE:
11px;COLOR: #000000;FONT-FAMILY: Arial, Arial, Verdana, Helvetica,
sans-serif;FONT-WEIGHT: normal;FONT-STYLE: normal;TEXT-ALIGN: left;}">
<input type=hidden name=TIEBREAK1 value="Total pts in Final Game">
<input type=hidden name=TIEBREAK2 value="">
<input type=hidden name=TIEBREAK3 value="">
<input type=hidden name=TIEBREAKER LABEL value="Final Game">
<input type=hidden name=SCORINGFLA G value="Scoring: ">
<input type=hidden name=SCORINGTYP E1 value="Standard by Round (R1=1,
R2=2, R3=4, R4=8, R5=16, R6=32)">
<input type=hidden name=SCORINGTYP E2 value="">
<input type=hidden name=SCORINGTYP E3 value="">
<input type=hidden name=SCORINGTYP E4 value="">
<input type=hidden name=SCORINGSTY LE value=".scoring {FONT-SIZE:
11px;COLOR: #000000;FONT-FAMILY: Arial, Arial, Verdana, Helvetica,
sans-serif;FONT-WEIGHT: normal;FONT-STYLE: normal;TEXT-ALIGN: left;}">
<input type=hidden name=COMMENTS value="Y">
<input type=hidden name=COMMENTS1 value="Your entry has been processed.">
<input type=hidden name=COMMENTS2 value="">
<input type=hidden name=COMMENTS3 value="Don't forget to save or print
the page as a record of your picks.">
<input type=hidden name=COMMENTSST YLE value=".comment s {FONT-SIZE:
11px;COLOR: #000000;FONT-FAMILY: Arial, Arial, Verdana, Helvetica,
sans-serif;FONT-WEIGHT: normal;FONT-STYLE: normal;TEXT-ALIGN:
left;BORDER-STYLE: solid;BORDER-WIDTH: 1;BORDER-COLOR: #000000;}">
<input type=hidden name=BACKGROUND IMAGE value="">
<input type=hidden name=BACKGROUND COLOR value="">
<input type=hidden name=REDIRECTTY PE value="N">
<input type=hidden name=REDIRECTUR L value="">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS1 value="(1) Kentucky (29-3)<br> (16) IUPUI
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS2 value="(8) Oregon (23-9)<br> (9) Utah
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS3 value="(5) Wisconsin (22-7)<br> (12)
Weber St (26-5)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS4 value="(4) Dayton (24-5)<br> (13) Tulsa
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS5 value="(6) Missouri (21-10)<br> (11) S.
Illinois (24-6)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS6 value="(3) Marquette (23-5)<br> (14) Holy
Cross (26-4)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS7 value="(7) Indiana (20-12)<br> (10)
Alabama (17-11)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS8 value="(2) Pittsburgh (26-4)<br> (15)
Wagner (21-10)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS9 value="(1) Arizona (25-3)<br> (16)
Vermont (21-11)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS10 value="(8) Cincinnati (17-11)<br> (9)
Gonzaga (23-8)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS11 value="(5) Notre Dame (22-10)<br> (12)
Wisc-Milw (24-7)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS12 value="(4) Illinois (24-6)<br> (13) W.
Kentucky (24-8)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS13 value="(6) Creighton (29-4)<br> (11)
Central Mich (24-6)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS14 value="(3) Duke (24-6)<br> (14) Colorado
St (19-13)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS15 value="(7) Memphis (23-6)<br> (10)
Arizona St (19-11)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS16 value="(2) Kansas (25-7)<br> (15) Utah
St (24-8)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS17 value="(1) Texas (22-6)<br> (16) UNC
Ashe (14-16)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS18 value="(8) LSU (21-10)<br> (9) Purdue
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS19 value="(5) Connecticut (21-9)<br> (12)
BYU (23-8)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS20 value="(4) Stanford (23-8)<br> (13) San
Diego (18-11)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS21 value="(6) Maryland (19-9)<br> (11) UNC
Wilm (24-6)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS22 value="(3) Xavier (25-5)<br> (14) Troy
State (26-5)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS23 value="(7) Michigan St (19-12)<br> (10)
Colorado (20-11)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS24 value="(2) Florida (24-7)<br> (15) Sam
Hstn St (23-6)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS25 value="(1) Oklahoma (24-6)<br> (16) S.
Carolina St (20-10)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS26 value="(8) California (21-8)<br> (9) NC
State (18-12)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS27 value="(5) Miss. St (21-9)<br> (12)
Butler (25-5)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS28 value="(4) Louisville (24-6)<br> (13)
Austin Peay (23-7)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS29 value="(6) Oklahoma St (21-9)<br> (11)
Penn (22-5)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS30 value="(3) Syracuse (24-5)<br> (14)
Manhattan (23-6)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS31 value="(7) St Josephs (23-6)<br> (10)
Auburn (21-11)">
<input type=hidden name=VERSUS32 value="(2) Wake Forest (24-5)<br> (15) E
Tenn St (20-10)">

Thanks for reading

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by: Hystou | last post by:
Overview: Windows 11 and 10 have less user interface control over operating system update behaviour than previous versions of Windows. In Windows 11 and 10, there is no way to turn off the Windows Update option using the Control Panel or Settings app; it automatically checks for updates and installs any it finds, whether you like it or not. For most users, this new feature is actually very convenient. If you want to control the update process,...
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Let's talk about the concept of autonomous AI software engineers and no-code agents. These AIs are designed to manage the entire lifecycle of a software development project—planning, coding, testing, and deployment—without human intervention. Imagine an AI that can take a project description, break it down, write the code, debug it, and then launch it, all on its own.... Now, this would greatly impact the work of software developers. The idea...
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The next Access Europe User Group meeting will be on Wednesday 1 May 2024 starting at 18:00 UK time (6PM UTC+1) and finishing by 19:30 (7.30PM). In this session, we are pleased to welcome a new presenter, Adolph Dupré who will be discussing some powerful techniques for using class modules. He will explain when you may want to use classes instead of User Defined Types (UDT). For example, to manage the data in unbound forms. Adolph will...
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I have .net C# application in which I am extracting data from word file and save it in database particularly. To store word all data as it is I am converting the whole word file firstly in HTML and then checking html paragraph one by one. At the time of converting from word file to html my equations which are in the word document file was convert into image. Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActiveDocument.Select();...
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Hello I'm a network technician in training and I need your help. I am currently learning how to create and manage the different types of VPNs and I have a question about LAN-to-LAN VPNs. The last exercise I practiced was to create a LAN-to-LAN VPN between two Pfsense firewalls, by using IPSEC protocols. I succeeded, with both firewalls in the same network. But I'm wondering if it's possible to do the same thing, with 2 Pfsense firewalls...
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How can i add a mobile payment intergratation into php mysql website.

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