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Combo Box not working

418 Contributor
Hello all:

I could not get a combo box to display a list in a Search Form. My object is to select an artist's name and have his/her CDs listed on the subform through a qry. But I couldn't do it. When I tried to type an artist's name, I get an error message telling me the name does not exist in the list. I was successful in getting data by typing a CD title but couldn't get the Combo box for the Artist's search to work. Can someone please help?

Details follow:

Table 1: tblArtists
ArtistID - Auto (PK)
ArtistName- Text

Table2: tblCDDetails
RecordID - Auto (PK)
RecordingTitle - Text
ArtistID - FK

Table 3: tblzNull
ItemID - Auto (PK)
ItemName - Text

Query 1: qryCD

Main Form 1: frmFIND
Text box 1 = txtCDTitle (Unbound)
Combo Box 1 = cboArtist (Unbound) but has this code under Row Source

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  2. SELECT 0 as ArtistID, "<ALL>" as ArtitstName FROM tblzNull UNION ALL SELECT tblArtists.ArtistID, tblArtists.ArtistName FROM tblArtists
  3. ORDER BYArtistName;
Sub Form 1 - sfrmCD

Command Button 1: cmdFIND

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  2. Private Sub cmdFIND_Click()
  3.   ' Update the record source
  4.     Me.sfrmCD.Form.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM qryCD " & BuildFilter
  6.     ' Requery the subform
  7.     Me.sfrmCD.Requery
  8. End Sub
  10. Private Sub Form_Load()
  12.     ' Clear the search form
  13.     cmdCLEAR_Click
  15. End Sub
  17. Private Function BuildFilter() As Variant
  18.     Dim varWhere As Variant
  19.     Dim varItem As Variant
  20.     Dim intIndex As Integer
  22.     varWhere = Null  ' Main filter
  25.     ' Check for LIKE CD Title
  26.     If Me.txtCDTitle > "" Then
  27.         varWhere = varWhere & "[RecordingTitle] LIKE """ & Me.txtCDTitle & "*"" AND "
  28.     End If
  30.     ' Check for ArtistID
  31.     If Me.cboArtist > 0 Then
  32.         varWhere = varWhere & "[ArtistName] = " & Me.cboArtist & " AND "
  33.     End If
  36.     ' Check if there is a filter to return...
  37.     If IsNull(varWhere) Then
  38.         varWhere = ""
  39.     Else
  40.         varWhere = "WHERE " & varWhere
  42.         ' strip off last "AND" in the filter
  43.         If Right(varWhere, 5) = " AND " Then
  44.             varWhere = Left(varWhere, Len(varWhere) - 5)
  45.         End If
  46.     End If
  48.     BuildFilter = varWhere
  50. End Function
Sorry for the long note. But felt that details may help you understand my problem better. Many thanks.
Aug 28 '08 #1
10 2575
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Have a look at Example Filtering on a Form and see if you can do it after that.

If not, please come back and let us know in here. We will expect you to be familiar with what's in that thread though.

Welcome to Bytes!
Aug 28 '08 #2
418 Contributor
I read the instructions you sent CH 1 -7 plus the article by RABBIT. Thanks.

I still need help.

My Combo Box on the main form is called cboArtist

Column Count = 2
Bound Column = 1

Control Source = Unbound
Row Source Type = Table/Query
Row Source:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. SELECT 0 as ArtistID,
  2.        "<ALL>" as ArtitstName
  4. FROM tblzNull
  7.                  ArtistName
  9. FROM tblArtists
  11. ORDER BY ArtistName;
It does not display any Artist’s name. When I try to execute the FIND button, I get this error message:

The ORDER BY expression (ArtistName) includes fields that are not selected by the query. Only those fields requested in the first query can be included in an ORDER BY expression.

I am not at all GOOD with SQL commands and am learning as I go. My query name is qryCD lists ArtistName to be sorted. Why do I get this message then?

So I edited the SQL to read it as
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. SELECT 0 as ArtistID,
  2.        "<ALL>" as ArtitstName
  4. FROM tblzNull
  7.                  ArtistName
  9. FROM tblArtists;
This allows me to see the list of Artists’ Names. But when I select one name and Click on FIND button I get this weird error message which I don’t understand at all.

Run-Time Error ‘2001’:
You canceled the previous operation

I chose DEBUG which takes me to the VBA page and Line 3 (below) is highlighted in yellow.
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub cmdFIND_Click()
  2.   ' Update the record source
  3.   Me.sfrmCD.Form.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM qryCD " & BuildFilter
  5.   ' Requery the subform
  6.   Me.sfrmCD.Requery
  7. End Sub
PLEASE HELP. Is it possible to attach a smaller version of my Database here?

I appreciate your time. Thanks.
Aug 28 '08 #3
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I took the liberty, while I was editing your post to include the [ CODE ] tags, of reformatting your SQL code too (just for visual display - not to change the effect).

You will notice more easily now that the field [ArtitstName] on line #2 of each is misspelled.

In a UNION query, the field name is ALWAYS determined by the first query, so the subsequent query that's UNIONed with it, doesn't matter - even though it is spelt correctly there.

For your code breaking (at line #3 shown) I can't help too much as most of the information is not available to me. I have no info about qryCD or BuildFilter.

What I can say though, is that rather than changing the .RecordSource, it's probably easier simply to set the .Filter itself and call a .ReQuery. The .ReQuery you have on line #6 seems wrong to me too. It is the form that needs to be requeried and not the subform control (which can contain a subform).
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Me.sfrmCD.Form.Requery
As to attaching a database, it is possible, but personally I would not do it unless requested. I see it as shorthand for "I don't want to go to the effort of explaining my problem clearly. I'd prefer if you spent you time trying to work it out instead".

Some experts do request it and that's absolutely fine, but if not requested then it's better not to in my view.
Aug 28 '08 #4
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
To get this, simply, when you have selected DEBUG, do the following :
  1. Type Ctrl-G to open and select the Immediate Pane
  2. Type in ?BuildFilter
  3. Copy the results displayed in with your next post
It may be clear and simple from whatever it displays, but we may need to know a bit more about [qryCD] if it's not.
Aug 28 '08 #5
418 Contributor
Thank you for taking the time to explain things to me. I sincerely appreciate. I am happy to report that I was able to fix this problem. All I needed is to add the column number to the SQL under ArtistID. In the event someone else could benefit from it, here is the revised code:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. ' Check for RecordingArtistID
  2.     If Me.cboArtist > 0 Then
  3.         varWhere = varWhere & "[RecordingArtistName] = '" & Me.cboArtist.Column(1) & "' AND "
  4.     End If
Many thanks for your help. I am still struggling with the problem of creating a text box to automatically populate with running numbers.
Aug 30 '08 #6
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Thank you for posting your answer. That always helps.

I'm not sure from your last what, if anything, you still want help with.

If there is still something you need perhaps you could explain it again to save me trying to determine by rereading everything from scratch.
Aug 30 '08 #7
418 Contributor
Thank you and my apologies for not being clear.

I was able to solve the problem that you tried to help. I was referring to another problem I am still struggling with.
Sep 2 '08 #8
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
So where is this other problem explained? If you drop in a link I will have a look.
Sep 2 '08 #9
418 Contributor
Here is the link.

1. Please help with Running Count
Sep 3 '08 #10

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