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thread by: raphael ambrosi | last post Aug 4 '23 by: raphael ambrosi
Hi I am trying to write a test grpc client and service in python. When I use an insecure channel, everything works stably, but if I try to establish a tls connection, an error occurs. To write code and create a chain of certificates, I used this guide https://github.com/joekottke/python-grpc-ssl.How can I make this example work? grpcio version :...
thread by: Rucha virkud | last post Aug 4 '23 by: Rucha virkud
I am getting TCLASS.LIB error on turbo c++.After compiling there is no error showing but when I try to run my code TCLASS.LIB error is showing. I searched in my hard drive TCLASS.LIB but it is not showing. What should I do?
thread by: kommanman | last post Aug 3 '23 by: kommanman
I keep getting too many arguments when I try to use ISNA. Cell F148 has "#N/A" =IF(ISBLANK(F148)," ",IF(ISBLANK(H147),"ok",IF(AND(H148="P/T",H147="F/T"),"Ok",IF(BG148>BG147,"OK",IF(BG148=BG147,"OK",if(ISNA(f148,"")),"BAD")))))
thread by: UNNAMO | last post Aug 2 '23 by: dev7060
i don't know evry time a try to assigne a letter to a char there is a problem because the char is constant even i haven't specifide. somone knows how to write non constant char? sorry for my english.
thread by: anoble1 | last post Aug 1 '23 by: Nauticalgent
I have a blank Access DB where I am adding a data source link to SharePoint. After I link I choose everything I want to bring over. However, when I do that I see all the items from the site with exception of a few columns. When I open the design of the SharePoint Table in MS Access I can see the column is there, but it is skipped when I look at...
thread by: erikbower65 | last post Aug 1 '23 by: erikbower65
Using CodiumAI's pr-agent is simple and powerful. Follow these steps: 1. Install CodiumAI CLI: Ensure Node.js is installed, then run 'npm install -g codiumai' in the terminal. 2. Connect to GitHub: Authenticate the CLI by running 'codiumai login' and follow the prompts to connect with your GitHub account. 3. Initialize pr-agent: In your...
thread by: rex1984823 | last post Aug 1 '23 by: erikbower65
hi, i'm still a newbie in programming, and just started practicing JavaScript a month ago; i tried install VS recently , i follow the set up tutorial on VS Q&A and youtube, whenever i adding a new code in the editor the output doesn't seems follow up, it felt kinda delay, please help to check if i missing something on the setting up, thanks!
thread by: justzikle | last post Jul 30 '23 by: justzikle
Is there any free of cost software that can send a SMS or email to some destination if the computer any service gets crashed?
thread by: justzikle | last post Jul 30 '23 by: justzikle
Hi all. I have an application running on windows machine. I am using Windows 10 on my desk. Wanted to configure a remote notification setup. I mean if any service or hardware encountered a problem on my application machine i get a remote notification either on email or either SMS. Can some help step by step as i am not very sharp in setting up...
thread by: Rina0 | last post Jul 28 '23 by: Rina0
Hello everyone, I recently went through a Java Interview Questions resources and encountered a couple of queries for which I'm seeking answers and suggestions. Query 1: During the interview, I was presented with the following class: java class CricketTeam{ String name; //this is the complete name (inclusive of first and last name)
thread by: mykonto | last post Jul 28 '23 by: Eliadoming
You Canít Ignore Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 In this digital world, we all are using digital marketing. We know that digital marketing is change constantly. So, why we are not trying to push up our business. You can't ignore it in 2021. Because due to 2020 unpredictable we want to give day by day new technologies in the market. So, we are...
thread by: Rina0 | last post Jul 28 '23 by: Rina0
Cybersecurity engineering is a specialized field that focuses on the design, development, and implementation of systems, processes, and technologies that protect against cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Cyber security engineers work to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems and data by implementing...
thread by: dirtysouth6975 | last post Jul 27 '23 by: mipovep
I need some help. I am getting an error of: local function definitions are illegal. What does this mean? Can anybody help me out a little? Thank you. //Specification: This program simulates a three //wheeled slot machine. Each wheel will randomly //display three numbers. When the numbers on the //wheels match the user is award points. The...
thread by: juney | last post Jul 27 '23 by: juney
What is the reason for the unsuccessful packaging of the apple base Appid: UNI34D3D09 Command line invocation: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin/xcodebuild archive -sdk iphoneos15.2 -project /HBuilder.xcodeproj -archivePath /XArchive/HBuilder.xcarchive -scheme HBuilder -configuration Debug User defaults from command line:...
thread by: antdb | last post Jul 27 '23 by: antdb
Overview The node types of AntDB cluster are gtmcoord (master and slave), coordinator, datanode (master and slave). ADBMGR is the cluster management node of AntDB, users can use this node to finish the cluster installation and deployment after installing and deploying ADBMGR. There are mainly five major steps. ēadd host is to add all the host...
thread by: BobBerner28 | last post Jul 25 '23 by: BobBerner28
Hi, This is my first post and need help with an unexpected problem. I am an experienced C language programmer but don't have much experience with VB6.0, please excuse me. I will try to describe the problem in detail and as short as possible. We bought a chinese thermal printer 55 mm paper width. I need to print barcode labels for marking and...
thread by: BarryA | last post Jul 25 '23 by: BarryA
Hello everyone, I'm hoping you can help me with a difficulty I'm having with my Sentiment Analysis project. I've been attempting to apply a simple sentiment analysis model to a dataset of movie reviews, but I'm getting some surprising results. Here's the pertinent section of my code: import pandas as pd from sklearn.model_selection import...
thread by: prasad joshi | last post Jul 25 '23 by: erikbower65
can anybody tell me what is coldfusion
thread by: pablohashcobar | last post Jul 21 '23 by: gcnyezmet
I'm following a tutorial from the following link https://www.howtogeek.com/440752/protect-your-home-minecraft-server-from-ddos-attacks-with-aws/ to setup a proxy server to defend my home network from attacks. I'm wondering how to setup my router to only allow connections from the proxy server. the proxy server is being run off of AWS Ec2...
thread by: mmezzeld | last post Jul 20 '23 by: mmezzeld
My transaction table has tran code SSN, and an amount, followed by another Tran code for same SSN, and the Amount is -ve. I habe to create report that has SSN and amount (= psitive - negative) how ?
thread by: dev7060 | last post Jul 20 '23 by: NeoPa
Is there a way to quote or copy the post along with the tags/markups/BB code included? Preferably using a single click; so one doesn't have to remake the entire post using several tags to format it exactly.
thread by: isladogs | last post Jul 18 '23 by: isladogs
The next Access Europe meeting will be on Wednesday 5 July 2023 starting at 18:00 UK time (6PM UTC+1) and finishing at about 19:15 (7.15PM) The start time is equivalent to 19:00 (7PM) in Central Europe and 10AM in Seattle / PST Please note that the UK is now on Summer Time (UTC+1). For local times, please check...
thread by: mysteriousmonk | last post Jul 18 '23 by: vipulguptaseo
Hello, I am looking for a new IDE. I am currently using netbeans to develop a website in php/mysql. I like a lot of things about netbeans, but I don't like that it doesn't come with built in compilers/debuggers. You have to manually go and add/link them on a language-by-language basis. This isn't too bad in theory, but sometimes it doesn't work...
thread by: Rina0 | last post Jul 18 '23 by: Rina0
I'm using Gin Gonic with a HTML template file. My template file contains (multi line) HTML comments of the kind <!-- my comment goes here-->. I want that the HTML content is preserved in the output which is returned by c.HTML(http.StatusOK, "static/templates/mytemplate.html", gin.H{ "name": "World", }) where c is a *gin.Context.
thread by: WisdomUfot | last post Jul 18 '23 by: cloudgo
It's an interesting question you've got about how Gmail hides the HTTP referrer when a link in an email is clicked. While I don't have the specific technical details, Gmail likely implements measures to protect user privacy and prevent the referrer information from being shared.

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