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thread by: sc5502 | last post Feb 19 '18 by: sc5502
On a scale of 1-10 (1 low and 10 high) my Excel rating would be 3 and my VB.net rating a 6. I have an excel file (exert attached). It was created by exporting data from a Sharepoint list into Excel. I want to read the Excel and put this is in two SQL Server tables. Here's the catch, the Excel is one record and I want to write it in two...
thread by: nancyrice | last post Feb 19 '18 by: MikeTheBike
On my form (Access ver 14.0.7194.5000 from Ofc Professional 2010), when I tab from text box to text box, it selects the entire contents of the box (even the memo text box). So I hit "home" to go to the beginning of the field, but it takes me to the first field on the form. How do I get it to go to the beginning (or end!) of the field, NOT...
thread by: MelWil | last post Feb 17 '18 by: NeoPa
I'm building my first Access database and ran into a problem with auto numbering based on a criteria. I want a field that will autonumber in sequential order only if another field (yes/No) box is checked. If the box is not checked, I don't want it to assign a number, but need the next sequential number if it is checked. Any help appreciated.
thread by: ChristaPCA | last post Feb 17 '18 by: NeoPa
Good afternoon all! I am working on a database in Access 2016 in which I am collecting data about defects of a specific product. I have a 'data' table and an 'all data' query. The data table includes the following information: ID Date Emailed Order # Unit # Unit Description Material #
thread by: anandprakash5 | last post Feb 17 '18 by: Luuk
HI All Currently I am working with weather api and cosuming this web api by passing parameter Latitude and Longitude, on the basis of passed api it returns temperature of location. But sometimes code executing and returning expected output sometimes it fails. Web Service Url:...
thread by: sumedha | last post Feb 17 '18 by: Luuk
I am writing select query with IN clause and I want data in same order which I have passed in "IN" clause. I am using SQL server 2012 as database.
thread by: Dspdeepak | last post Feb 17 '18 by: Luuk
Write a program to delete duplicate elements from vector.... Plz help.. I want to code
thread by: PhilOfWalton | last post Feb 16 '18 by: NeoPa
Not actually a question, so no answers are needed, but a question was raised which I thought that a coloured Combo Box was required. I take no credit for this, just one of the hundreds of potentially useful Dbs I have accumulated over the years. Phil
thread by: PhilOfWalton | last post Feb 16 '18 by: NeoPa
Introduction Frequently with Access databases a process takes a certain amount of time to complete, such as updating a large number of records, or reading information from the internet. Panic sets in. Has the program crashed? The usual technique is to show the status bar moving on at the bottom of the screen. However, I feel that this is...
thread by: Geogreco | last post Feb 15 '18 by: PhilOfWalton
I have 2 tables and need to create a query that pulls the names that match from each name field. The problem is when i created a join of course it works when the whole name matches but need it to pull when only the first and second name matches. See example. SIMPLE MEDS SIMPLE MEDS, LLC
thread by: Josh Argent | last post Feb 15 '18 by: rajatkumar
Hi, I've recently made a mind mapping software in vb.net (http://openmindsoftware.webs.com) and I am struggling to find places to share it. I've added it to cnet and have uploaded an advert to youtube but thats it. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good places to share my work? Thanks in advance, Josh.
thread by: CD Tom | last post Feb 14 '18 by: twinnyfo
This just started Yesterday, I want to search for a variable in the complete project but the check box isn't there any more. The check boxes are not on any of those options. I also was going to remove the password while I copy some form from one program to another but the password would not let me blank it out, I keep getting the message invalid...
thread by: CD Tom | last post Feb 14 '18 by: twinnyfo
In my application I create a .zip file that I attach to an email and send it to myself. I can receive it on my iPad email and a program on the iPad will recognize it and load it into that program. I'm wondering if there is a way to send that same .zip file via a connection to the iPad. If that is possible how would I go about coding this with...
thread by: hardness | last post Feb 14 '18 by: ameliawilson
Help! Dead computer and all the information. The computer was preinstalovat formatting (otherwise cut it). With the help of file recovery programs managed to pull out SQL database files (.mdf). But on the other computer, this file does not accept. Writing error. 've tried everything. How to recover this file? Work there for 2 years.... HELP
thread by: Frenzyy | last post Feb 14 '18 by: ameliawilson
I'm asking this question because all the answers I could find for similar problems were using MySQL whereas I'm not, just a JSON API to get the data, which I then put into arrays that I want to display as a Google graph. All I know is that I have to somehow format the arrays properly in order to get them to display but I have no idea how to do it...
thread by: IvanH | last post Feb 14 '18 by: ameliawilson
When I use SFTP to log on to an ECS Linux server, I receive this error: Received unexpected end-of-file from SFTP server.
thread by: littleloyal | last post Feb 14 '18 by: littleloyal
I would appreciate suggestions of sites that would help a non-programmer teacher learn how to change from a frame based to frameless interface. WHY: I developed several offline educational "apps" that use html. I have been trying to help kids and adults with an html interface to study with that supports one's own language. They have and will...
thread by: emitet | last post Feb 13 '18 by: dwblas
def make_square(im, min_size=0, fill_color=(206, 150, 106, 0)): x, y = im.size size = max(min_size, x, y) new_im = Image.new('RGB', (size, size), fill_color) new_im.paste(im, (float((size - x) / 2, (size - y) / 2))) return new_im then i got error : TypeError Traceback (most recent call last)...
thread by: rhanns | last post Feb 13 '18 by: rhanns
$getAddressInfo = $block_io->get_address_by_label(array('label' => $session->username)); $a = print $getAddressInfo->data->label; if ($a == $session->username) { echo "<br>SEND DOGE TO THIS ADDRESS<br>".$getAddressInfo->data->address."<br>"; } else
thread by: knellim | last post Feb 13 '18 by: anakrantau98
Hi All, I am trying to configure php with IBM-DB2 and I get the followinng when i run the configure command ./configure --with-pdo-odbc=ibm-db2,/opt/IBM/db2/V8.1/ THE OUTPUT: checking for ODBC v3 support for PDO... yes checking for PDO includes... checking for PDO includes... /home/knellim/php-5.3.1/ext
thread by: Andrea1701 | last post Feb 13 '18 by: IvanH
About secondary partitioning on Alibaba Cloud ECS system disks and data disks. How many partitions are there after I perform secondary partitioning on a data disk and perform snapshot rollback?
thread by: Coops | last post Feb 12 '18 by: Coops
Microsoft access 2016 not wanting to use VBA really. I have 1 x meter that record fuel throughput. There is a totaliser at the top of each meter. Each ltr issued increases the totaliser. EG Close of day reading 1234567 so the next day 1234567 will be the starting figure. So 2304 Ltrs issued will increment the figure to 1236871 which will...
thread by: bhaswanth | last post Feb 12 '18 by: aki33
I created a website. And the external stylesheet which I have linked to it is working perfectly on my system localhost. But when I upload it to the online server, it doesn't working. Because of this I have to add internal stylesheet which is waste of memory and execution time. I don't know what is the problem, the code is perfectly allright. I...
thread by: observant | last post Feb 12 '18 by: observant
This morning I opened the file working word and see:. "MS Office Word has encountered a problem and needs to close "We are sorry for the inconvenience, the Information you were working on might be lost MS Office Word can try to recover it . . for you."I tried to open my file several times but saw this message again. Can someone help me?
thread by: bluemoon9 | last post Feb 12 '18 by: PhilOfWalton
Hi, I am trying to write a code to copy the current record as a new record (basicly, I would like to duplicate the current record). but then when I click on the command button, it didn't do anything. Here is my code: DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSelectRecord DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdCopy DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdPaste ...

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