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Impossible LoadLibrary(Pythondll) Failed

Hi there, i have one problem in my computer every time i start my computer i have one short message saying - Impossible to locate the specified module.Impossible LoadLibrary(Pythondll) Failed.

Please can you help me? what (and how) should i do to fix it?
Sep 14 '10 #1
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Hi, I have the same problem as Fernando each time i open my computer there are 2 errors saying ...
error...load libray pythondll
error... uni blue registry booster python 26.dll

plus i have another issue 'if I zip a folder' why can't i send via e-mail?

can anyone help please?
Sep 28 '10 #2
Expert Mod 8TB
So some program that is running at start-up is expecting you to have Python available so I guess relevant questions are
  • Do you have Python installed?
  • Did you recently delete python from your machine?
  • Are you aware of installing any programs that require Python?
  • Have you run a virus scan recently?
  • Have you checked your Startup menu for unexpected items?
  • Have you run msconfig and checked the Startup programs there?
  • Have you tried temporarily removing start-up programs until you have found the one that causes the problem? (You need to exercise caution when doing this)
Sep 28 '10 #3
Hi Banfa

Thank you so much for replying, that is very nice of you.

My answers to your suggestions:-

No, i didn't delete python,i don't even understand what the python program is used for??

No, i haven't installed any new programs.

Yes, virus scan & updates are installed auto.

No, to your last suggestion, I would'nt be game to 'go there'
Sep 29 '10 #4
Expert Mod 8TB
OK Python is programming or scripting language, it would not be surprising for a program to run a small Python script as it starts and to do so it would need to load the Python scripting language DLL. This is what I think is happening.

So what you need to do is work out which program that is running is trying to load Python.

If you are not happy about altering your own start-up then you will need to find (or hire) someone local to you to help.
Sep 29 '10 #5
Hi Banfa

Thank you once again for replying to my query, I appreciate your helpfulness & professionalism.

Question: - do you know where I can download off the internet this program called 'load library phthondll' a free version? I have tried but can't find this particular one.

Thank you in anticipation
Sep 30 '10 #6
Expert Mod 8TB
LoadLibrary is part of Windows and already on your system. It is not a program but rather an API call (a function provided by the Windows OS).

I would assume that pythondll is part of Python, you can download an Windows installer for Python from http://www.python.org/download/. Make sure you choose the right one (probably version 2.7) especially if you are using a 64 bit version of Windows.
Sep 30 '10 #7
You have been most helpful in answering my query. I have now installed python version 2.7

Im one of the many, age in my mid twenties where computers came into the world, like anything if you know what youre doing as yourself its simple however to me once Im shown I think gosh is that all I had to do I shall store your contact info for further queries, if that is ok with you.

I sincerely thank you for your time & patience.

Oct 1 '10 #8
Expert Mod 8TB
My please and you may certainly record my contact info from my profile. I don't put anything there that I am not happy with people having but thank you for asking.
Oct 1 '10 #9
thanks so much! :)
Mar 1 '12 #10

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