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flock trouble

I'm trying to implement a file server using the code below. However
the locking doesn't work. I can delete while put'ing a file.

Anyone got an idea about why?

best regards,

#! /usr/bin/env python

import Pyro.core, Pyro.naming
from Pyro.errors import PyroError, NamingError
import sys
import urllib
import os
import fcntl

class fileServer(Pyro.core.ObjBase):
basePath = "/home/snot/diku/dist/opg2/files_to_serve"

def __init__(self):
self.basePath = self.basePath.strip("..")
if not os.path.isdir(self.basePath) or
raise "invalid path"

def get(self, uri):
f = open(self.basePath + uri, 'r+')
fcntl.flock(f, fcntl.LOCK_SH)
data = f.read()
fcntl.flock(f, fcntl.LOCK_UN)
return data

def put(self, uri, payload):
f = open(self.basePath + urllib.unquote_plus(uri), 'w')
fcntl.flock(f, fcntl.LOCK_EX)
fcntl.flock(f, fcntl.LOCK_UN)

def delete(self, uri):
f = open(self.basePath + urllib.unquote_plus(uri), 'w')
fcntl.flock(f, fcntl.LOCK_EX)
os.unlink(self.basePath + uri)
fcntl.flock(f, fcntl.LOCK_UN)

daemon = Pyro.core.Daemon()
locator = Pyro.naming.NameServerLocator()
print 'Searching for Name Server...'
ns = locator.getNS()
except Pyro.errors.PyroError, message:
print message


except NamingError:

uri = daemon.connect(fileServer(), "fileServer")

print "The daemon runs on port:", daemon.port
print "The object's uri is:", uri

except KeyboardInterrupt:
print "ctrl + c pressed"

Sep 8 '08 #1
1 1731
On 2008-09-08, Seb <se******************@gmail.comwrote:
I'm trying to implement a file server using the code below. However
the locking doesn't work. I can delete while put'ing a file.

Anyone got an idea about why?
[code snipped]

As far as I understand you are writing some kind of server. What isn't clear
is whether the daemon is using threading or forking to handle multiple requests.

If I remember correctly, flock doesn't work well with multiple threads.

Antoon Pardon
Sep 26 '08 #2

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