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Python code to search a folder(not file) inside another folder

Hi, I am new to python. I have to devlope a small for code for getting the path of a particular folder, that is given as input to the code, in the other folder. Basically i have to search a folder, not file, inside another folder. I work on windows platform. Can anybody help me.
Aug 24 '08 #1
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I'm not sure what you're trying to do. It sounds like some of the functions in the os.path module might be useful for this.
Aug 24 '08 #2
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The following returns a list of the folders named "dir_name" found under "head_dir". The folder and its subfolders are recursively searched.
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  1. import os
  3. def dir_list_folder(head_dir, dir_name):
  4.     """Return a list of the full paths of the subdirectories
  5.     under directory 'head_dir' named 'dir_name'"""
  6.     dirList = []
  7.     for fn in os.listdir(head_dir):
  8.         dirfile = os.path.join(head_dir, fn)
  9.         if os.path.isdir(dirfile):
  10.             if fn.upper() == dir_name.upper():
  11.                 dirList.append(dirfile)
  12.             else:
  13.                 # print "Accessing directory %s" % dirfile
  14.                 dirList += dir_list_folder(dirfile, dir_name)
  15.     return dirList
  17. if __name__ == '__main__':
  18.     for item in dir_list_folder(r'D:\SDS2_7.1C', 'mem'):
  19.         print item
Example output:
>>> D:\SDS2_7.1C\jobs\610_CC4_71\mem

The following does the same thing, but uses os.walk():
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  1. import os
  3. def dir_list_folder(head_dir, dir_name):
  4.     outputList = []
  5.     for root, dirs, files in os.walk(head_dir):
  6.         for d in dirs:
  7.             if d.upper() == dir_name.upper():
  8.                 outputList.append(os.path.join(root, d))
  9.     return outputList
  11. print '\n'.join(dir_list_folder(r'D:\SDS2_7.1C\jobs', 'mem'))
Aug 24 '08 #3
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  1. def dir_list_folder(head_dir, dir_name):
  2.    dir_list = []
  3.    cmd = "cd " + head_dir + " && find . -type d -name " + dir_name + " > /tmp/temp.txt && cd - "
  4.    (status, output)  =  commands.getstatusoutput(cmd)
  5.    if status != 0:
  6.       print "Error : Failed to execute cmd : " + cmd 
  7.    fp = open("/tmp/temp.txt")
  8.    lines = fp.readlines()
  9.    fp.close()
  10.    for line in lines:
  11.       dir_list.append(line])
  12.    return dir_list
Aug 24 '10 #4

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