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Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary (Revised)

Patch / Bug Summary

Patches : 391 open ( +7) / 3028 closed (+12) / 3419 total (+19)
Bugs : 906 open ( -3) / 5519 closed (+19) / 6425 total (+16)
RFE : 207 open ( -1) / 197 closed ( +1) / 404 total ( +0)

New / Reopened Patches

Patch for #1371247 (2006-01-14)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1406159 opened by Peter van Kampen

Doc patch for bug #1396471 (2006-01-16)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1407021 opened by Peter van Kampen

anonymous mmap (2006-01-16)
http://python.org/sf/1407135 opened by Ralf Schmitt

ParenMatch: workaround for misinterpreting of closing parens (2006-01-16)
http://python.org/sf/1407280 opened by Tal Einat

fix bsddb test associate problems w/bsddb 4.1 (2006-01-16)
http://python.org/sf/1407992 opened by Neal Norwitz

Corrupt Berkeley DB using Modify bsddb.dbtables (2006-01-17)
http://python.org/sf/1408584 opened by jross

use computed goto's in ceval loop (2006-01-18)
http://python.org/sf/1408710 opened by Simon David Burton

Add foldr and foldl to functional module (2006-01-19)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1410119 opened by Collin Winter

Add 'surgical editing' to ConfigParser (2006-01-21)
http://python.org/sf/1410680 opened by Tony Meyer

Add notes to the manual about `is` and methods (2006-01-20)
http://python.org/sf/1410739 opened by Collin Winter

Doc patch for classmethod and staticmethod (2006-01-20)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1410783 opened by Collin Winter

Remove mention of DOS from os.py's docstring (2006-01-20)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1410998 opened by Hamish Lawson

Add DarwinPorts directories to setup.py (2006-01-21)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1411588 opened by Barry A. Warsaw

More easily extensible logging module (2006-01-22)
http://python.org/sf/1412054 opened by Daniele Varrazzo

Compile under mingw properly (2006-01-23)
http://python.org/sf/1412448 opened by Alexandre Girão Bezerra de Mene

Fill out the functional module (2006-01-22)
http://python.org/sf/1412451 opened by Collin Winter

Proper locking with asynchronous callbacks. (2006-01-23)
http://python.org/sf/1412632 opened by uiltje

zipfile: use correct system type on unixy systems (2006-01-23)
http://python.org/sf/1412872 opened by Ronald Oussoren

PyThreadState_Delete doesnt' clean autoTLSkey (2006-01-23)
http://python.org/sf/1413181 opened by Gabriel Becedillas

Patches Closed

AF_NETLINK sockets basic support (2005-01-15)
http://python.org/sf/1103116 closed by loewis

Further .vcproj cleanups (2006-01-03)
http://python.org/sf/1396093 closed by loewis

bind() for netlink sockets (2005-12-15)
http://python.org/sf/1381398 closed by loewis

Patch for #1371247 (2006-01-14)
http://python.org/sf/1406159 closed by birkenfeld

Doc patch for bug #1396471 (2006-01-16)
http://python.org/sf/1407021 closed by birkenfeld

Add foldr and foldl to functional module (2006-01-19)
http://python.org/sf/1410119 closed by collinwinter

Need warning that `dl` module can cause segfaults/crashes (2006-01-11)
http://python.org/sf/1402224 closed by birkenfeld

Doc patch for classmethod and staticmethod (2006-01-20)
http://python.org/sf/1410783 closed by birkenfeld

Make unittest.TestCase easier to subclass (2005-12-22)
http://python.org/sf/1388073 closed by birkenfeld

Remove mention of DOS from os.py's docstring (2006-01-20)
http://python.org/sf/1410998 closed by birkenfeld

fix UnixBrowswer failure when no browser running (2005-12-03)
http://python.org/sf/1372125 closed by birkenfeld

Add DarwinPorts directories to setup.py (2006-01-21)
http://python.org/sf/1411588 closed by bwarsaw

New / Reopened Bugs

bz2module with no long long type support (2006-01-16)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1407069 opened by kbob_ru

urlparse does not know about sftp: urls (2006-01-17)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1407902 opened by Stuart Bishop

email.Message should supress warning from uu.decode (2006-01-18)
http://python.org/sf/1409403 opened by Mark Sapiro

frame->f_lasti not always correct (2006-01-18)
http://python.org/sf/1409443 opened by John Ehresman

email.Message.set_payload followed by bad result get_payload (2006-01-18)
http://python.org/sf/1409455 opened by Mark Sapiro

email.Utils.parseaddr() gives arcane result (2006-01-18)
http://python.org/sf/1409460 opened by Mark Sapiro

email.Charset.py CODEC_MAP no longer requires 'japanese' (2006-01-19)
http://python.org/sf/1409538 opened by Tokio Kikuchi

urllib2.urlopen() hangs due to use of socket._fileobject? (2006-01-20)
http://python.org/sf/1411097 opened by John J Lee

"print statement" in libref index broken (2006-01-21)
http://python.org/sf/1411674 opened by Skip Montanaro

XML.sax.saxutils.escape -- always escapes <, >, &, (2006-01-21)
http://python.org/sf/1411695 opened by Mark Sandler

minor doc issues in os (2006-01-22)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1412227 opened by tiissa

locale.format gives wrong exception on some erroneous input (2006-01-23)
http://python.org/sf/1412580 opened by Tim Diggins

__self - Watcom compiler reserved word (2006-01-23)
http://python.org/sf/1412837 opened by kbob_ru

function usage not in #ifdef WITH_THREAD #endif (2006-01-23)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1412845 opened by kbob_ru

bsddb: segfault on db.associate call with Txn and large data (2006-01-23)
http://python.org/sf/1413192 opened by Alex Roitman

Bugs Closed

segfault when using mmap(-1,...) [+PATCH] (2006-01-10)
http://python.org/sf/1402308 closed by nnorwitz

2.3.5 RPM provides incompatibility (2006-01-11)
http://python.org/sf/1403225 closed by jafo

locale.windows_locale (2005-12-01)
http://python.org/sf/1371247 closed by birkenfeld

file.tell() returns illegal value on Windows (2006-01-04)
http://python.org/sf/1396471 closed by birkenfeld

bz2module with no long long type support (2006-01-15)
http://python.org/sf/1407069 closed by nnorwitz

TimedRotatingFileHandler at midnight rolls over at 01:00 (2006-01-03)
http://python.org/sf/1396030 closed by vsajip

TimedRotatingFileHandler does not recover from open error (2006-01-03)
http://python.org/sf/1396040 closed by vsajip

urllib2 should be more robust for sloppy proxy URLs (2004-02-22)
http://python.org/sf/902075 closed by birkenfeld

urlparse does not know about sftp: urls (2006-01-17)
http://python.org/sf/1407902 closed by birkenfeld

in email can't get attachments' filenames using get_filename (2006-01-11)
http://python.org/sf/1403349 closed by bwarsaw

email.Generators does not separates headers with "\r\n" (2005-11-05)
http://python.org/sf/1349106 closed by bwarsaw

FeedParser does not comply with RFC2822 (2005-11-03)
http://python.org/sf/1347874 closed by bwarsaw

Odd warning behaviors (2004-02-03)
http://python.org/sf/890010 closed by birkenfeld

Doc error on super(cls,self) (2004-06-16)
http://python.org/sf/973579 closed by birkenfeld

CVS webbrowser.py (1.40) bugs (2005-10-27)
http://python.org/sf/1338995 closed by birkenfeld

urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHandler fails on non-default port (2005-12-12)
http://python.org/sf/1378679 closed by birkenfeld

minor doc issues in os (2006-01-22)
http://python.org/sf/1412227 closed by birkenfeld

function usage not in #ifdef WITH_THREAD #endif (2006-01-23)
http://python.org/sf/1412845 closed by mwh

RFE Closed

python.org - add RFE tracker (2006-01-05)
http://python.org/sf/1397806 closed by kbk

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