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Disabling referential integrity

Hi, my problem is this:

I have a table called faps_key the unique identifier being key_code:

taupo=# \d faps_key
Table "faps_key"
Column | Type | Modifiers
key_code | character varying(6) | not null
date_key_issued | date |
date_key_due | date |
key_issued_by | character varying(12) |
description | character varying(20) |
comments | character varying(30) |
permit_id | integer |
status | character varying(10) |
Primary key: faps_key_key_co de_pk
Triggers: RI_ConstraintTr igger_243657,
RI_ConstraintTr igger_243665,
RI_ConstraintTr igger_243667

Problem is the users now want the old key_codes deleted, and new ones entered, some of which are the same as the old ones. So I need to disable the referential integrity constraints in order to delete the old codes and input the new ones. I've had a look through the archives and at the below link, however i'm having trouble.

Associated tables are:

\d faps_permit
Table "faps_permi t"
Column | Type | Modifiers
permit_id | integer | not null
person_id | integer | not null
date_from | date | not null
date_to | date | not null
location | character varying(30) | not null
purpose | character varying(30) | not null
subpurpose | character varying(30) | not null
vehicle_rego | character varying(6) |
vehicle_type | character varying(30) |
dogs | character varying(3) |
permit_conditio ns | character varying(300) |
other_info | character varying(300) |
issued_by | character varying(12) | not null
issue_date | date |
permit_printed | integer |
firearms_licenc e | character varying(20) |
drivers_licence | character varying(10) |
cancel_permit | character varying(10) |
Primary key: faps_permit_per mit_id_pk
Triggers: RI_ConstraintTr igger_243659,
RI_ConstraintTr igger_243661

\d archive_faps_ke y
Table "archive_faps_k ey"
Column | Type | Modifiers
key_code | character varying(6) | not null
permit_id | integer | not null
date_key_issued | date |
date_returned | date |
date_key_due | date |
status | character varying(10) |
key_issued_by | character varying(12) |
Primary key: archivefapskey_ keycode_permit_ i
Triggers: RI_ConstraintTr igger_243663

I checked out the following link, and followed the instructions


but i still can't delete rows.

As you can see from below all tgenabled fields are set to 'f'. but further below when I try to delete it still fails.
taupo=> select * from pg_trigger;
tgrelid | tgname | tgfoid | tgtype | tgenabled | tgisconstraint | tgconstrname | tgconstrrelid | tgdeferrable | tginitdeferred | tgnargs | tgattr | tgargs
1260 | pg_sync_pg_pwd | 1689 | 29 | t | f | | 0 | f | f | 0 | |
233004 | RI_ConstraintTr igger_243663 | 1644 | 21 | f | t | archivefapskey_ keycode_fk | 233001 | f | f | 6 | | archivefapskey_ keycode_fk\000a rchive_faps_key \000faps_key\00 0UNSPECIFIED\00 0key_code\000ke y_code\000
233001 | RI_ConstraintTr igger_243657 | 1644 | 21 | f | t | faps_key_permit id_fk | 232998 | f | f | 6 | | faps_key_permit id_fk\000faps_k ey\000faps_perm it\000UNSPECIFI ED\000permit_id \000permit_id\0 00
233001 | RI_ConstraintTr igger_243665 | 1654 | 9 | f | t | archivefapskey_ keycode_fk | 233004 | f | f | 6 | | archivefapskey_ keycode_fk\000a rchive_faps_key \000faps_key\00 0UNSPECIFIED\00 0key_code\000ke y_code\000
233001 | RI_ConstraintTr igger_243667 | 1655 | 17 | f | t | archivefapskey_ keycode_fk | 233004 | f | f | 6 | | archivefapskey_ keycode_fk\000a rchive_faps_key \000faps_key\00 0UNSPECIFIED\00 0key_code\000ke y_code\000
232998 | RI_ConstraintTr igger_243659 | 1654 | 9 | f | t | faps_key_permit id_fk | 233001 | f | f | 6 | | faps_key_permit id_fk\000faps_k ey\000faps_perm it\000UNSPECIFI ED\000permit_id \000permit_id\0 00
232998 | RI_ConstraintTr igger_243661 | 1655 | 17 | f | t | faps_key_permit id_fk | 233001 | f | f | 6 | | faps_key_permit id_fk\000faps_k ey\000faps_perm it\000UNSPECIFI ED\000permit_id \000permit_id\0 00
(7 rows)

taupo=> delete from faps_key where substring(key_c ode from 1 for 1) = 'B';
ERROR: archivefapskey_ keycode_fk referential integrity violation - key in faps_key still referenced from archive_faps_ke y

Any ideas about how best to go about solving my problem?

Best Regards,


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