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How to choose keywords?

We are trying to optimize our company brand in google. But the new item keywords are rare. It can be said, our new item optimization is developing a new market.
How should we do? Efficient!
Sep 30 '10 #1
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2,460 Expert Mod 2GB
Use existing market keywords to get traffic to your new service. There must be some related services and markets you can engage.

Good Luck
Jan 31 '11 #2
Hi there,

To be honest I would need more information to assist you on this but the last reply makes perfect scene. I would target keywords that your competitors are targeting for similar products or services. Then I would also target the types of customers / businesses that you are looking to connect with via facebook and twitter and create ongoing posts about what you do as this will generate instant targeted traffic to your company.
Mar 9 '11 #3
I totally agree with Darren Bowden. Focus on your keyword use google trend and this is going to help you to your company just concentrate on you local listing and you might find a result and targeted traffic.
Apr 8 '13 #4
First of all have some r&d on a particular brand. If it is a Software Development Company then you can take a keyword like Software Development Company.
Now use Google keyword tool and find some related searches for a particular type of keywords. Keyword tool provides list of keywords you can use them.
Jul 3 '13 #5
You must choose your keywords of the niche category and also check the searches of those keywords in adword keyword tool..Then the keyword with high searches can be selected and used by you for getting better rankin and traffic.
Aug 8 '13 #6
Keywords should be related to your business or name related to your website
Aug 16 '13 #7
You can use adword's keyword tool.
Aug 25 '13 #8
You should find keywords related to your new market and region.You can take help from keyword planner or other paid tools.
Oct 5 '13 #9
i agreed with Daren Bowden. moreover, you can find best keyword base on your competitor's website.there are many websites that can give you information about similar website. Now i'm using http://siterank.me to find my competitor websites because it is not only give me alexa rank of website, but also give me much more information about that websites, such as total income, bounce rate, time on site, ect...
May 23 '16 #10
The best way to find out what keywords are better to use with your business, is by working with google keyword planner tool. This method is proofed by many users and still is probably the most efficient one.
Jul 4 '16 #11
you have to choose keyword according to your niche, but always target low competition highly searched keywords in order to gain traffic to your website.
May 17 '19 #12
Try to choose keywords of your niche category. You can try Google adword keyword tool, Google trends or Serpstat tool.
Feb 13 '20 #13
62 32bit
Keywords are the most important factors in Search Engine optimization. So choosing the right keyword is essential for any website. Choose keywords as per the content of your website. You can also use the Google keyword planner tool to get an initial list of keywords for your site.
Jul 28 '20 #14
19 16bit
Undoubtedly, Keywords are the vital part of the search engine optimization. Just try to research for the already trending keywords with large volume and less competition and choose them for your website and optimize your website accordingly. And you are good to go with it.
Sep 10 '20 #15
220 128KB
FordAna and michaelsantony suggested (I think) going straight to Google as using their keyword help.

Google probably likes their own suggestions and might consider your following their guidelines as a positive.

I concur.
Sep 24 '20 #16
14 Byte
Try to use Ahrefs there you can check keywords on your site and competitors.
May 20 '22 #17
11 Byte
There are many ways to go about it. One great way is to talk to people directly. Ask your friends, family members, and current customers. You can also perform keyword research to learn more about how popular specific words and phrases are. Once you know which keywords are popular, you can plan your SEO campaign around those keywords. After all, if you want to make sales, you need to be seen by people.
May 23 '22 #18
8 Byte
have a balance of branded keywords and niche based keywords. Pick the keywords with high value volume and medium/low keyword difficulty to get started.
Sep 9 '22 #19
1 Bit
Keywords are the foundation of any SEO or online marketing strategy. Selecting the right ones is essential to ensure your website or business will be found by potential customers. Here are a few tips on how to choose effective keywords:

1. Choose keywords that accurately reflect what you do or sell.
2. Research what words people are already searching for online related to your products or services.
3. Use keyword tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Moz Keyword Explorer to find popular and relevant keywords related to your business.
4. Make sure your chosen keywords are included in the title tags and meta descriptions of your website's pages.
Sep 26 '22 #20
1 Bit
You can use adword's keyword tool.
Sep 30 '22 #21

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