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best windows mobile device for programming

3 New Member
Which Windows mobile devices are better for programming. We are currently using HP iPAQ 910 running Windows Mobile 6.1 professional.

Our applications mainly deal with ad Wi Fi communication between mobile devices. We are mainly developing in .Net - C# Our applications will have simple GUIs.

So are there any devices better from network configuration point of view.
Dec 3 '08 #1
11 3324
648 Recognized Expert Contributor
As long as your device is running WM and has WiFi it shouldn't really matter as you will be using .Net libraries to handle most of the hard work.
Dec 3 '08 #2
3 New Member
Thanks a lot for replying...

I am curious though, which WM 6.0/6.1 professional devices are popular among windows mobile developers. Cost is not an issue. Any pocket PC devices with unlocked phone around $ 500 would do.

Any devices which have less bugs and are tried & tested by developers? So that I wouldn't have to spend much time in handling device specific quirks.

Thanks again.
Dec 3 '08 #3
648 Recognized Expert Contributor
Well it depends on the application... will the user be typing a lot? then a slide out qwerty keyboard might be desirable then the HTC Tytn is a good phone, if they need a fast small device, HTC Touch could be good. If they need a more robus device, I think the MC35 might support WM6 (not sure though, contact symbol on that one)
Dec 3 '08 #4
3 New Member
Thanks a lot for quick reply!

I currently use HP iPAQ 910 & Dell Axim 51v. We are in process of buying 3-4 new devices. So, we wanted expert's opinion before going ahead.

Main criteria are:
1. Very good wi fi connectivity
2. Unlocked phone
3. Longer battery life

Apart from that, good bluetooth connectivity, a good display, camera, probably a number of sensors like light, accelerometer, proximity sensors (like iPhone or HTC touch diamond), would be 'nice to have' features.

Keyboard type is not much of an issue,(slide out keyboard will be an overkill). Our application is meant to be autonomous and it will interact with surrounding devices with minimal user intervention, so 'reliable communication over longer period' is major criterion.

Also, I would like to know your thought about HP iPAQ 910.

Thanks in anticipation.
Dec 3 '08 #5
648 Recognized Expert Contributor
That's a very nice phone, does it run WM Smartphone or WM PPC (i.e. the one with touch-screen support) It does seem to have all the features you want, except the accelerometer. Although you can usually get extended batteries and nice easy to use docks for the iPaqs so if you are using a lot of WiFI you will need as much battery/charge you can get.
Dec 4 '08 #6
7,872 Recognized Expert Expert
I am thinking of getting the Samsung Omnia (win mobile 6), its new and sure to be full of bugs, but I have liked samsung products in the past. Plenty of features.
The big problem is, that I will be getting it as my PHONE phone, from verizon....so I'm not even sure I can develope for it without them being very angry at me.
Dec 4 '08 #7
Curtis Rutland
3,256 Recognized Expert Specialist
Verizon loves to cripple their phones with their own crap roms. But I don't think that they stop you from installing your own programs on there.
Dec 4 '08 #8
648 Recognized Expert Contributor
What are the policies over there in USA for rippoing off their crappy ROMs and putting your own on?
Dec 4 '08 #9
Curtis Rutland
3,256 Recognized Expert Specialist
Well, they probably won't let you return it without flashing it back to the original, but I don't think that there's anything wrong with doing it.
Dec 4 '08 #10

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