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bash shell scripting

57 New Member
Sorry if this post is rather long but hopefully you wont get bored half way through. I have a project in hand which i have started and have a deadline of 1 week. Basically what i need to do is to create a shell script in Bash for the game Hangman. I am sure everyone is well aware of the game. The down side is that i can not use "sed" or "awk". FUN FUN

I am at my ends wit now and truley utterly lost, so any help would go a long way to stop my pulling my wife's hair out ( i ran out of my own hair a long time ago :)

The game has to have the option for 1 player or 2 player, which needs to be stated at the started, when the script is run. This is what i have done to remedy this option:

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  2. #!/bin/bash
  4. echo "Choose number of Players:"
  5. read players
  6. if [ $players -eq 1 ]
  7. then
  8. echo "The script for thsi hasnt been written."
  9. elif [ $players -eq 2 ]
  10. then
  11. echo "choose a word for player two to guess:"
  12. read player2word
  13. else
  14. echo "incorrect option.. choose again"
  15. fi
I am sure there is a better way of doing this, so if any suggestions would be great.

If a 1 player option is choosen, then the following which i havent even coded should happen:

1- A random word from a different file needs to be chosen.
2- The player should be told the word has been chosen and the display should be - - - - (number of dashes should be = to length of word.
3- player is prompted to guess a letter. If a correct letter is chosen then display the message: You have chosen <letter>, then echo the letter and place the chosen letter in correct field.

now 2 player is same as above except that player 1 has to input the word for player 2 to guess. So far i have done this:

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  2. life=10
  3. blank="......................"
  4. word=$player2word
  5. letters=$(echo $word | wc -c)
  6. letters=$(( $letters - 1 ))
  7. template="$(echo $blank | cut -c1-$letters)"
  8. remaining=$letters
  9. guessed=""
  10. guesses=0
  11. badguesses=0
  12. echo " ************** The word you are trying to guess has $letters letters **************"
  13. echo ""
  14. echo ""
  16. while [ $remaining != $word ] ; do
  18. echo -n "Word is: $template Please choose a Letter: " ;
  19. read guess
  20. guesses=$(( $guesses + 1 ))
  21. echo " you have chosen $guess"
  23. if echo $guessed | grep -i $guess > .temp1 ; then
  25. echo "You've already guessed that letter. Try again!"
  27. elif ! echo $word | grep -i $guess > .temp1 ; then
  29. echo "Sorry, the letter \"$guess\" is not in the word."
  30. guessed="$guessed$guess"
  31. badguess=$(( $badguess + 1))
  32. life=$(( $life -1 ))
  33. echo " you have $life left"
  34. else
  36. echo "Good going! The letter $guess is in the word!"
  37. echo $letter
  39. fi
  40. done
  42. echo -n "Congratulations! You guessed $word in $guesses guesses"
  44. echo " with $badguesses bad guesses"
problems with above script is as follow:

1- Not finished
2- when a letter is chosen the script excepts the fact its a correct or an incorrect letter but dosent insert it into ..... location.
3- i am sure there is more, best thing i can suggest if you can run it and see the result then you will have a better understading of it.

I know this is a tall order, but any help would be greatly appriciated and in my part main thing is to learn and understand from all you guys out there who have far more knowledge than me in shell scripting.

thank you

May 15 '07
14 4919
57 New Member
Hmm, it works fine for me ... except that I replaced $template1 by $template in my code.
mine creates a continues line as follow:

Word is: ______ Please choose a Letter:

May 17 '07 #11
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
mine creates a continues line as follow:

Word is: ______ Please choose a Letter:

Hmm, and you would like to have "_ _ _ _"? My shell does that ...

You could introduce blanks, but this will make your code somewhat more complicated. so why not staying with the dots? ;-)
May 17 '07 #12
57 New Member
Hmm, and you would like to have "_ _ _ _"? My shell does that ...

You could introduce blanks, but this will make your code somewhat more complicated. so why not staying with the dots? ;-)
hehehe in that case i play around with it and possibly leave it with dots :)

btw what is "ndx"... i cant find any reference to it


May 17 '07 #13
315 Recognized Expert Contributor
hehehe in that case i play around with it and possibly leave it with dots :)

btw what is "ndx"... i cant find any reference to it


See line 20 in my code for ndx.

The "_ _ _ _" could also easily be achieved by not echo'ing $template, but printing it letter by letter with blanks in between. Not soo complicated ...
May 17 '07 #14
57 New Member
See line 20 in my code for ndx.

The "_ _ _ _" could also easily be achieved by not echo'ing $template, but printing it letter by letter with blanks in between. Not soo complicated ...
was wondering what stands for :)


ps..i will try the to get the - - - sorted and let you know.
May 17 '07 #15

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