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Difference between and .NET

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I really confused and .NET are same or not. I'm a beginner to java and known very basic only.if u ready to clear my more project doubts in java,then msg me plse.
Dec 16 '15 #1
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P: 38 is a community website related to java technology.
Read more at:

whereas .NET is a framework created by Microsoft Corp. which supports multiple programming languages. It makes the development easy and fast also it supports multiple programming languages like C#, C, C++, F# etc.

more at:
Jan 2 '16 #2

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Hey,.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows..Net is a framework where we can develop web application, window application, and mobile application with the help of different language whereas is a Java technology related community website. It also offers a web-based source code repository for Java projects.
Jan 12 '16 #3

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It is a programming language which is platform independent and support to open source platform, means code remains the same and you can run that code on any platform, java has virtual machine which is called JVM(JAVA virtual machine). Follow OOPS concepts.

Java was Developed by Oracle corporation and Designed by Sun Microsystems and James Gosling.

Java itself is a programming language having Advantages like distributed, secure, robust and multithreaded.

If we talk about designing: in java so to creating a simple control like button also take a lot of programming for developer.

Architecture: Java support connected architecture. Since java is multiplatform so it is a set of framework classes is limited to what is available on all platforms


It is a programming language which is platform dependent but language independent i.e. application written in any programming language can be converted into another language supported by framework(supported languages are VB.NET, C#.NET, J#.NET etc.). Also follow OOPS concepts. NET has no direct support for open source platform.

.NET was Developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic application.

.net is a framework or simply a platform of presently 43 programming languages. Advantages like Consistent programming, easy deployment and maintenance of an application , direct support for security.

If we talk about designing in .NET provide more friendliness while designing any webpage or form because u can easy drag and drop the control which is not at all mind teasing process, developer can concentrate on logic and other security issues.
Architecture: .NET support disconnected architecture. .NET has a set of all the classes available on Microsoft platform.
May 27 '20 #4

P: 25
"Java was Developed by Oracle corporation and Designed by Sun Microsystems and James Gosling."

Your answer is more than acceptable.

Microsoft developed ".NET" is correct.

Look up JIT or Just In Time compiling. Microsoft .NET is designed to always send your raw code with the unusable executable. Always. If you are working only in-house and never connected to the internet in any manner, then that never used accompanying executable just takes up space and whoever (in-house) get the code is expected to re-compile what you already spent time and resources on compiling again on their own computer. If they find problems with the exe then they have the original raw code that they can look at and edit themselves. Outside of your in-house applications, you are wide open to thieves stealing the raw code. Read the history of .NET and read the history of JIT and decide for yourself if this is correct.

Those are the big differences between Oracle sourced Java and Microsoft sourced ".NET" .
Jun 5 '20 #5

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