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How can I prevent viewers from copying my photos?

I saw a similar post in archive and someone said don't post what you don't want others to copy.

My purpose in wanting to post photos is hoping someone will be able to identify the indivuals. I do Family History Research and I have a ton of old photos, some going back to the 1800's.....one appears to be a Civil War Reunion. Because these are family photos I don't want a site visitor to be able to copy them, email, etc. Lord knows some of my research has already fallen prey to thieves so I'd like to protect my family pictures.

I've heard of Site Protection Rocket but don't know anything about the program or if there are other solutions available.

I could sure use someone's help on this subject.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
Sep 8 '06 #1
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I saw a similar post in archive and someone said don't post what you don't want others to copy.
They are correct. Remember once someone has viewed your site they basically have a copy of it on their computer in the browser cache.

Do not be taken in by Site Protection Rocket or any other sites offering this sort of service. It is a scam, it took me about 10 seconds to defeat their security using Firefox. The only part of what they offer that may actually work is the Anti-Leech which I have the impression is not what your interested in.

The WWW is basically public domain and anything that you put there is copiable all you can do is place messages claiming copyright (if you own it) and make sure that visitors are aware that they are notallowed to copy your site so that if it happens you may be able to get compensation through the courts (if they don't live on the other side of the world to you).

The only real way to secure things on the web is to have a password protected portion of your site (preferable on a secure server to be properly secure) so that you can control who actually has access to the files and pictures that make up your site.
Sep 8 '06 #2
BANFA....I was afraid that was the answer so thanks for posting all of your good advice and information.

I read somewhere that one way to counter the ability to save an original (hi-res) photo is to lower the resolution of the downloadable image. I don't know if that means scanning/uploading at a lower resolution or a process that somehow changes the resolution when the image is downloaded. Would you happen to know anything about that?

Thanks in advance for your reply. I appreciate the help.
Sep 9 '06 #3
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Do not waste any time on these tricks, it won't work for the determined user.

As Banfa already said:
They are correct. Remember once someone has viewed your site they basically have a copy of it on their computer in the browser cache.
I don't have to download an image to get what I see on my screen, it is already in my browser, so I can get to it.

Ronald :cool:
Sep 10 '06 #4
I come a photo background...

two recommendations... make sure that your file size is apporiate, so they couldn't used it for printing:
i.e. 500 pxl wide, 72 dpi

second you might want to change the file to have the copyright printed right in it.. you would do this in photoshop.
Example: http://www.magnumphotos.com/c/htm/CDocZ_MAG.aspx?Stat=DocThumb_DocZoom&o=&DT=ALB&E=2 K7O3RBI7ESK&Pass=&Total=101&Pic=4&SubE=2S5RYDIEUW0 A

Look at the Magnum photo logo.

I hope those two tips help.
Sep 17 '06 #5
You might be able to block their right clicks--but won't be able to stop them from copying anything if they really want to.(i.e.-I don't know how to(am just 14))

This is the code I saw in www.w3schools.com to find out which mouse button a user pressed(you could modify it a bit to block RMB Clicks).

<script type="text/javascript">
function whichButton(event)
if (event.button==1)
alert("You clicked the left mouse button!")
alert("You clicked the right mouse button!")

<body onmousedown="whichButton(event)">
<p>Click in the document. An alert box will alert which mouse button you clicked.</p>


This will surely reduce the no. of pictures copied.

Best of Luck.
Sep 27 '06 #6
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No, not really. When an image is shown on the screen, you will also find a little checkbox in the upper left corner of that image, using which you can also copy the image.

As previous people already stated: don't waste your efforts in preventing viewers from copying, but make it unattractive for them to do it with actions such as setting pixel/inch density, image sizes, copyright or other watermarks across the image.

Ronald :cool:
Sep 27 '06 #7

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