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SMS to random people

9,735 Expert Mod 8TB
I've been experiencing something pretty strange with my phone lately, it appears that sometimes my text messages are sent to random people across the country.

I've contacted my cell phone provider about this problem because I have no idea who is going to be receiving my text messages and don't feel comfortable using the service as a result (I was harassed by one of these random people for 2 nights)

My cell phone provider sent me an email back stating that they are sorry that I've been having problems with my text messaging and gave me a list of things to check that may be involved in causing the problem.

These this list includes things like:
  • Buildings and other structures: Buildings are difficult to penetrate with radio waves and can act as a barrier to wireless signals.
  • Geographic and natural obstacles: Hills, mountains, trees and other natural obstacles can disrupt the wireless signal.
  • Interference from other radio signals: Other wireless networks and wireless transmissions, such as television and radio signals, may occasionally interfere with the mobile phone network.
  • Weather: Weather conditions can affect signal as well
  • Ensure that you are in a digital coverage area.
  • Remove the phones’ battery. Replace battery and power on phone.
  • Ensure that your message inbox is not full or close to full. You may need to delete some messages from your inbox. A full inbox can cause a delay in receiving messages.
  • Try sending a message to yourself, thus testing your ability to send and receive.

So my question is, is it possible that one of the reasons on this laundry list might be able to cause my text messages to be sent to random people?

It seems highly unlikely to me...but then again I don't know much about SMS


Sep 14 '09 #1
10 2465

I can guarantee you that none of the above reasons are the reason why you
messages arrive at the wrong place!

I work as a consultant in wireless communication and can tell you that all of the above proposed reasons can cause you cell phone to not send or receive messages, but never to have them arriving at the wrong place.

The transmission is performed through digital bits on a carrier wave, with check bits so it canít be changed to a different number.

The error must occur either at you cell phone (corrupt software) before sending or at the SMSC (Central) where they are forwarded to the wrong number. I have heard of both errors before, so itís hard to say which the case is this time.

/ Mattias
Sep 15 '09 #2
It seems like a common error could be located in the phonebook, so typing the phone number each time maybe solves the problem. (But create others! Like how to remember all the numbers!)
Sep 15 '09 #3
9,735 Expert Mod 8TB
Thanks a lot Mattias.
Sep 15 '09 #4
5,000 Expert 4TB
I would have to agree with Mattias. It seems that either the error is from the user (sorry Frin) as in a corrupt phone book or mistyped SMS phone number. Or from bad software on the phone.

Put your SIM in another phone and use it's SIM browser to check the phonebook data on it if you are using the phonebook on your SIM. Check the phonebook data on your phone to make sure that it hasn't changed. Have you recently done an update on the firmware of your phone? Are you using a downloaded application to send SMS instead of the one bundled from the manufacturer? You can try doing a factory reset of the phone after you have copied all the data off of it and see if your problem occurs again.

If it does, then tell your phone company you want a warranty repair or exchange. If you are nearing the end of your contract then you could just switch to a different carrier and get a new phone.
Sep 15 '09 #5
9,735 Expert Mod 8TB
I'm not sure how the phone book would have suddenly been corrupted.

I haven't loaded any software onto the phone.
It's set to factory settings except for the phone numbers that I've added (by hand) to my phone book when I first got the phone months ago (Feb. I think)

I don't type the numbers that I'm sending texts to. I use the numbers from the phone book.

I have never downloaded anything onto the phone. I don't use it online and don't care about fancy things like ring tones. Any images on the phone (used for backgrounds) have been taken with the phone.

I don't have a SIM card.
I cannot copy my data....I'd have to write everything down and then add it back in.

I just started with this carrier in Feb (or March...can't remember) but I don't have a contract with them (the cost of the phone is the "contract"...the cost of the phone is being paid off monthly as the phone company applies some percentage of my bill towards paying it off...to terminate service I just have to pay what's owing on the phone)

It's a "new" phone that I only use for phone and texting purposes.
Sep 15 '09 #6
5,000 Expert 4TB
Oh... well I would still double check that the phonebook that the numbers are proper.

If that is not the case, then try to reproduce the error, and then you can talk to tech support and tell them exactly what you did to get the problem to occur. Ask to talk to tier 2 or even tier 3 support.
Sep 16 '09 #7
3,503 Expert Mod 2GB
I got it, the only possible explanation outside of what Mattias already debunked. I must be a Canadian wireless thing. :) j/k
Sep 18 '09 #8
7,872 Expert 4TB
Are you ensureing proper area (and country) codes? (Not sure how things work outside the USA)
Phone companys can be very querky. My phone requires that I enter the area code for all numbers, even those in my same area code (just a smart way to do it). This confuses people who borrow my phone, who aren't used to entering an area code for a "local number"
Sep 23 '09 #9
9,735 Expert Mod 8TB
I have to enter the area code in order to make any phone calls or send any text messages. A few years ago (maybe more than a few) this became standard for areas of high population because phone numbers were being duplicated but with different area codes due to cell phones.
Sep 23 '09 #10
8,651 Expert Mod 8TB
I can confirm that to be the case for Germany in general. (despite cell phone numbers not having an area but network code)
Sep 25 '09 #11

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