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What are the differences between Joomla and Wordpress?

2,459 Expert Mod 2GB
A client of mine needs a blog setup. They are stuck between choosing joomla or wordpress?

What would you suggest as a good blogging platform for a pretty novice set of users? What the differences between these two platforms?
Jan 14 '10 #1
13 10179
533 Expert 512MB
Hi kub,

For novices I recommend Wordpress. It's primarily a blogging platform but also supports content "pages" too for information.
I've used Joomla (and I've hired both Yarr and Markus to work on Joomla projects), and I think we're pretty united in the view "never again". Much as it has PHP MVC support, more often than not it's poorly implemented, the API is badly documented (from the research I did) and it's a nightmare to skin, not to mention building URL structures which are directly tied to menus on the front of the site.

IMHO avoid Joomla at all costs. Go Wordpress, or if you want something powerful on PHP, go for Drupal. Or if you can run Mono, go Umbraco :-D (sorry).

Jan 14 '10 #2
Joomla is not a blogging platform. Its a CMS that will drive you and your developer insane. Use WordPress. I have worked with both platforms. Joomla is hard to optimize for search and its back end is very confusing.

Dave Foreman
Jan 14 '10 #3
533 Expert 512MB
And a hallelujiah and amen to that, dsforeman. :-)

Jan 14 '10 #4
2,459 Expert Mod 2GB
Thanks, i am planning on recommending Wordpress because of the ease, the plugin community, and the templates offered for it. There are also many big blogs that are already set using it so it gives us an idea of how far to push it as far as scale.
Jan 15 '10 #5
9,735 Expert Mod 8TB
I've been working with Joomla recently as well and have found the that their framework is extremely frustrating. Their lack of documentation (for developers) is annoying but the worst part is that the documentation that they do have is extremely ambiguous. This leaves developers to read through source code just to figure out how to use their framework. Developing components/modules for Joomla is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Joomla is a very popular CMS but it has a lot of maturing to do before I consider using it for another project.

That being said, if you just want a quick/dirty setup and you aren't planning on implementing modules/components....and you aren't planning on doing anything extensive with templates then Joomla might not be a bad experience for you. There is tons of information on how to set up Joomla, and tons of information on how to make simple modifications to existing skins....but if you're planning to do anything beyond that I would recommend looking for something else.

Jan 15 '10 #6
Wordpress is supported by a larger community than Joolma. It will be easier to find trouble shooting support for Wordpress. Plus, there is a massive plugin library for Wordpress which is great.
Jul 26 '10 #7
Jyoti Ballabh
115 100+
WP features the ability to allow the reader to:

* leave a trackable comment (the comment can be picked up as an independent rss feed
* Permalink; offers a quick and easy way to reference an article or topic for remote commentary
* Trackback; allows readers the ability to comment on an article from a remote website. e.g. multi-threaded discussion

WordPress also offers one of the most efficient ways of incorporating SEF content structure I've found in any OSD application with their "permalink" structure and the use of template tags.

Joomla offers a far more robust Content Management solution that works best for 95% of my project needs and the needs of my clients. It's those other 5% who could really use the beneficial "extended blogging" tools found commonly in -up to date- blogging apps that I've got to answer to.
Jul 28 '10 #8
Jyoti Ballabh
115 100+
on the other hand, what's your take on the WordPress versus the B2Evolution? They both started life as the same product I think, and forked. I personally prefer B2E because of multi blog, multi user, and multi language out of the box. btw, b2evolution is also on my list to integrate, but it is also possible to expand WordPress to have multiblogging, currently working on this.
Jul 28 '10 #9
Both platforms are good but I prefer to use Wordpress. Wordpress differs from Joomla because of the following reasons:
1. Wordpress offer you a blogging option.
2. It is more user friendly and search engine friendly as compared to Joomla.
3. It has more SEO plug-ins that drives a major traffic on websites.
4. With wordpress anyone can build a website or blog, there is no tedious coding required.
5. It is easy to use, install and optimize.
Apr 23 '13 #10
HI ! Main difference is WordPress is more user-friendly then Joomla. this link will help you : http://blog.esolutionxpert.com/jooml...ss-difference/
Apr 24 '13 #11
this is an article regarding wordpress vs joomla...it has detailed description of both ,hope it helps you..
Jun 17 '13 #12
Knowing that both joomla and wordpress is a powerful CMS provider Wordpress was still the most popular.
Besides it is good for the beginners, wordpress is easy to use from installation, it's free! Whoever wants it they can use, customizable for plugins that you may include to your sites and there are a lot of tutorials for a references that you can use to handle the queries in making your websites or blog sites, similar to joomla since it is nice for creating a Commerce Sites, easier to create social networks and not to technical.

Apparently your asking between the two, and I advice you to use Wordpress, its pretty good since your going to build a blogging flatform.

:) Goodluck
Jun 17 '15 #13
I will join everybody here and simply will suggest WP. There are lts of reasons for this.
1) Wordpress is best for blogging
2) Wordpress is amazing for SEO, all sorts of it.
Oct 23 '17 #14

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