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The Breakthrough of Quantum Computing with Artificial Intelligence

Major milestones will be achieved through quantum computing that a normal classical computer cannot, claims Sundar Pichai, Alphabet CEO. Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2020, Sundar said the world needs to assemble and work under a common regulatory framework for artificial intelligence (AI). As such, to extol the benefits of new technologies.

By 2024, the overall quantum computing will grow to USD 283 million at a CAGR of 24.9% from USD 93 million in 2019.

Today, we’re off limits of processing the power of data traditional computers produce, and the data produced daily is ginormous. According to Moore’s law, the numbers of transistors on integrated circuits predict to be doubled every two years resulting to be resilient ever since it was coined in 1965; those transistors, however, are much smaller even if we wish to make them with the existing technology.
Feb 6 '20 #1
6 2608
There is noting promotional in the link. I don'r know why they are being removed. Without the link how can a reader can learn more about this topic.
Feb 11 '20 #2
5,390 Expert Mod 4TB
... how can a reader can learn more about this topic ...
write a proper article then instead of just linking another one here. You cannot tell me that this is not plain sitepromotion to throw out a few keywords and then place a link to a site where people should see an offer to get certificates and whatnot (thats why you probably even posted it in this career section). if you want to advertise here - check: https://bytes.com/mediakit.html
Feb 11 '20 #3
Yes, there is a banner but it doesn't mean that we are asking you to click on it. You will be visiting so many websites in a day and google shows you some products based on your interest to buy, can you say that google is promoting the specific products so we should not visit this site.

If anything mentioned in the specific content then it is promotional and I accept it to be removed. But the content is purely information based and the side banners are static. If a specific person want to checkout the certification he will check the details and the rest can just read the article.

What's so objectionable in it.
Feb 11 '20 #4
5,390 Expert Mod 4TB
no need to discuss it here - we all know how SEO works and placing backlinks in forums is a well known technique which i consider to be advertising - nothing more. If you want to publish an article here - then by any means write an article and dont just lure readers onto your site with links.
Feb 11 '20 #5
Some times just for communities we can't write such a content right. For making our content and information to reach more audience we share links on different platforms.It doesn't mean everything is for SEO.

Thanks for suggestion.
Feb 11 '20 #6
69 64KB
Wow. I am seeing a pattern here.
  1. I see an interesting title to a post.
  2. I go there and start to read.
  3. I stop reading and scroll down the page to see if gits removed any spam url links from it. If so then I generally do not want to read the post.
  4. I read what gits says about the post to see if I will like the post.

Well done gits. That is the job of a senior editor.

"and placing backlinks in forums is a well known technique which i consider to be advertising - nothing more."

Before I read the post I read that.

Next post.

Ok, wait, I had to go back and make certain that I was not over simplifying this; now that I read more I see gits as a (I do not know how many there are) protector of this realm herein fighting against spammers that want to rape the site.

I would have probably deleted the post upon reading it. No discussions.
Feb 14 '20 #7

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