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C / C++ programming language - Get answers to questions about compilers, visual C++, templates, namespaces, classes, data structures, OOP (object-oriented programming), inheritance, data types, exceptions, Standard Template Library (STL) and the C Standard Library.
thread by: NeoPa | last post Jan 13 '13 by: NeoPa
Here are the site guidelines for posting articles/insights. Anyone posting an article/insight here is expected to have read these guidelines, and any articles/insights posted should conform to them (How to Write Insight Articles on Bytes).
thread by: AdrianH | last post Oct 29 '08 by: Banfa
Before posting in this forum please read the Posting Guidelines available in the site Help. If you are a student or if you are answering a students questions then please pay special attention to our Help on posting coursework questions and answers. Regards Banfa Administrator
thread by: Anastasiia123 | last post Apr 17 '24 by: Oralloy
I’ve recently found a very interesting collection of terrible tips for C++ developers. Yes, that's right, they are terrible! And the coolest thing is that the book is both useful and entertaining. Here are some examples from the book that made me smile: • Real developers code only in C++! • Disable compiler warnings. They distract from work...
thread by: Ashik P | last post Apr 17 '24 by: Oralloy
I am using Visual Studio 2022 IDE for coding. Currently i am facing resource error issue. I am trying compile a project solution in VS2022 which was coded in 2017 IDE. Now i am getting an error as "Error CVT1100 duplicate resource. type:ICON, name:1, language:0x0409". The project contains 8 resource files. And i thoroughly checked all...
thread by: Oralloy | last post Apr 17 '24 by: Oralloy
Hello folks, I am unable to find appropriate documentation on the type promotion of bit-fields when using the generalised comparison operator "<=>". The problem is that using the GNU compilers, it seems that the internal comparison operator "<=>" tries to promote arguments from unsigned to signed. This is as boiled down as I can make it. ...
thread by: Sonnysonu | last post Apr 12 '24 by: dev7060
This is the data of csv file 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 2 3 2 3 3 the lengths should be different i have to store the data by column-wise with in the specific length. suppose the i have to get the output like
thread by: heiro1 | last post Aug 28 '23 by: ChristianHansen
Hi Guys! So, I am using the modulus and a rand as part of a function I am writing. Now, I understand that: rand() % 6 + 1; gives me a random number between one and six in this situation. However, I also know that rand(); gives me a random value from 0 - 32767 and srand; changes the sequence but I thought...
thread by: CraigA | last post Aug 26 '23 by: CraigA
Hi I want to use VCG Library (http://www.vcglib.net/index.html) in my C++ OpenGL code in Linux. According to the installation instructions for VCGLib one simply clones the repository and includes the header files. There are numerous header sub-directories and *.h files. One of the header files (dirent.h) #includes <windows.h>. I have...
thread by: UNNAMO | last post Aug 2 '23 by: dev7060
i don't know evry time a try to assigne a letter to a char there is a problem because the char is constant even i haven't specifide. somone knows how to write non constant char? sorry for my english.
thread by: dirtysouth6975 | last post Jul 27 '23 by: mipovep
I need some help. I am getting an error of: local function definitions are illegal. What does this mean? Can anybody help me out a little? Thank you. //Specification: This program simulates a three //wheeled slot machine. Each wheel will randomly //display three numbers. When the numbers on the //wheels match the user is award points. The...
thread by: jack2019x | last post Jun 7 '23 by: jack2019x
hello, Is there code or static lib for hook swapchain present? I wanna hook dxgi swapchain present for dx11 and dx9.
thread by: Rand0mstu | last post May 31 '23 by: Oralloy
#include <stdio.h> #include <getopt.h> #include <string.h> int main() { // Menu dictionary int menu_size = 4; struct MenuItem menu;
thread by: 13632573036 | last post May 15 '23 by: 13632573036
I want to know how to switch “.lib” into “C++”,thanks
thread by: ufm123 | last post May 1 '23 by: ufm123
How to plot text in color? This option of Python is missing in matplotlibcpp within Visual Studio -> works only in b/w ! Who has a solution to solve the problem? UFM
thread by: Edoks | last post Apr 30 '23 by: momo1014
So basically I want to convert a birth date, set to integers, and I want to convert it into a string. I recently got into object programming and created a method that would convert the date of birth into a string to print it User.h #pragma once #include <string> #include <iostream> using std::cout; using std::string; class User {
thread by: ilqar200 | last post Apr 3 '23 by: ilqar200
Hello. I apologize in advance if I created the topic in the wrong place, because I think that my task is directly or indirectly related to WinApi. I will describe the task: I am programming an imitation of manual work in applications for working on financial markets (Metatrader 4 and 5). I use AutoIt for this. I need to read the text of the...
thread by: Sagar27 | last post Mar 31 '23 by: zack23
what is the call by value in function??
thread by: ashishkumardass | last post Mar 23 '23 by: vipulguptaseo
#include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { double x,i; cout<<"Enter the value of the number\n"; cin>>x; for(i=0;i<x;i=i+0.1) { cout<<"value of i"<<i<<endl; double l=i*i;
thread by: Chris3020 | last post Mar 12 '23 by: Chris3020
I have some code that will (frequently) generate S sets of C count of relatively large integers N. I need the set with the lowest product. int S ranges 7 .. 15 (run-time constant defined at startup). int C ranges 2 .. 13 (defined by caller for each call). int N ranges 0 .. 2000 (values cannot be predicted by caller). …any N==0 in a...
thread by: mcarthybn | last post Feb 26 '23 by: fatalfeel
hi , I am working on huge C programming project.I am doin debugging only by printf measn i dont have any dubugger .So it is very difficult know who is actually calling a function and i am stuck in a problem that , i have seen that one fucntion is get called by from some 160 postions. and i need to solve some problem and it is very probmatic to...
thread by: SwissProgrammer | last post Feb 19 '23 by: SwissProgrammer
How do I show and control a cube in this opengl example? Hello. I have the following that works with XP 32 bit and CodeBlocks 17.12 and minGW. In the following, where it says, "OpenGL animation code goes here", how do I place a cube there that I can zoom in and out and move up, down, left, right via my program code and via the keyboard? ...
thread by: nima1234 | last post Feb 17 '23 by: nima1234
Hi, all PLEASE HELP!!! I wrote a code for one application and add a pthread also. Now I want to add queue with polling for alert part if some info is comming or not ! But problem is I don't have any idea about queue with polling. Please suggest something where to start ! or any pseudo code. Thankyou.
thread by: DANILIN | last post Feb 6 '23 by: DANILIN
Knapsack 0-1 C++ binary & WE Classic Knapsack problem is solved in many ways My newest program synthesizes all ciphers from 0 & 1 adding an extra register and 0 remain on left in cipher Feature of algorithm: converts whole into a string and converts string into a whole
thread by: manjuks | last post Feb 1 '23 by: Riya Bajpai
Hi All, I wants to know what is the difference between sprintf and snprintf? Thanks, Manjunath
thread by: markleo | last post Jan 28 '23 by: pritikumari
See my snapshow below, this is my C++ project, in my main file `UploadVideo.cpp`, it `#include "vod_sdk/upload.h"` and in `#include "vod_sdk/upload.h"` it includes many files of `vod_sdk/`. https://static.daniweb.com/attachments/4/21e853b0b726c1bec469c7840b1b2ba2.png ...
thread by: Alex T | last post Jan 15 '23 by: fecalTransplant
This is my code: #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <fstream> #include <string> using namespace std;
thread by: mariabiz | last post Jan 13 '23 by: sara999898x
Below code outputs garbage value. any idea why so? unsigned variable1=1; int variable2=-4; printf("%u",variable1+variable2);

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