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C / C++ programming language - Get answers to questions about compilers, visual C++, templates, namespaces, classes, data structures, OOP (object-oriented programming), inheritance, data types, exceptions, Standard Template Library (STL) and the C Standard Library.
thread by: lewis123 | last post Jun 24 '22 by: dev7060
i have a problem: student.dat file 1. surname, name, patronymic (40 characters); 2. course number (1 character); 3. group number (1 character); 4. summary of the sessions: 10 sets of 5 evaluations each; 5. form of education: full-time, part-time (1 character); 6. exam: subject name (10 characters) and grade (1 character); The data in the...
thread by: Stoney L | last post Jun 24 '22 by: dev7060
Well, dudes, I'm back for another question:What deal is with this? The error is: tempCodeRunnerFile.cpp:6:12: error: comparison between pointer and integer ('char' and 'const char *') So next, there is my code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { char a; int ascii,suma,sumb,sumc; while(a!="?"){
thread by: Stoney L | last post Jun 10 '22 by: zmbd
Could anyone tell me what's happening?I wrote: #include<bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; int days,gold,silver,copper,all,sum,sumg,sums,sumc; int main(){ days<=17; cin>>days; for(int i;i<=days;i++;){ cin>>gold>>silver>>copper; sumg=gold+sumg;
thread by: Chris 87 | last post May 29 '22 by: zmbd
Can I get help with the codes of students management system with a) student information (name, country, ID) b) search student's info using his ID c) delete info using student's ID or name d) book information, borrow a book, return a book, search and exit
thread by: Chris3020 | last post May 9 '22 by: Chris3020
I'm trying to make a sort-of-dictionary (don't think "hashmap" when you see that d-word, my dictionary is just simple lists of words in a 3D array) #define MAX_WORDLENGTH 20 struct dict{ int wordcount; char **words; }; struct dict dicts; // +1 to get an index for MAX_WORDLENGTH
thread by: perto1 | last post Apr 9 '22 by: dev7060
Hi, I am a first semester student, learning the OOPs basics. I need help for a program: class Message{ public: void input(); int output(); private: long token_number;// next token to be given to client };
thread by: Alex B | last post Apr 2 '22 by: Alex B
System.DirectoryServices.dll file has been added successfully to Visual C++ MFC project through References in Solution Explorer using namespace System.DirectoryServices;//line 1268 void CClassName::MethodName(){ ... DirectorySearcher* directorySearcher = new DirectorySearcher();//line 1701 directorySearcher->Timeout = 60000;//line...
thread by: Karthik Chavan | last post Apr 1 '22 by: Alex B
We have developed a webservice client in C++ using SOAP toolkit. Different requests are sent to the web service sequentially in a loop. Problem is that if one request fails for genuine “TIMEOUT”, all successive request fails with “TIMEOUT”. We have 1,2,3,4 and 5 request in a loop. Request 3 fails for genuine TIME OUT 1,2,3,4,5 - ...
thread by: jiezy | last post Mar 26 '22 by: dev7060
illegal structure operation is my error please help guys thankyouu #include <iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<dos.h> #include<ctype.h> #include<process.h> #include<iomanip.h> #include <fstream.h> // file stream
thread by: monogeon | last post Feb 22 '22 by: wesleygunter
Hello i'm trying to make my own library. im using qt creator. I've searched online and the best way to do one would be to use nested classes. The problem is the code below works fine in single file, but i'd like to seperate it into different files example code: class A { public: class B { public:
thread by: programmingflea | last post Feb 15 '22 by: mh11111
I have a Windows text file with the following info inside it: 25 05 38 26 53 04 07 45 50 33 19 34 55 25 21 30 09 39 26 11 30 12 13 41 32 23 44 11 50 39 45 30 07 44 55 54 21 10 35 46 48 27 52 41 05 53 11 50
thread by: PiqueInterest | last post Feb 12 '22 by: zilmubufye
I have a set of C programs for data analysis that take an input of files and display desired output via the command line. How do I make these programs accessible in a web application without having to code them up again in a web programming language? Can i use the existing C code? How would i do this? Thanks
thread by: SoRa020 | last post Feb 10 '22 by: dev7060
#include<stdio.h> #define max 100 typedef struct{ char cne; char nom; float moyenne; }etudiant; void lire_etud(etudiant T, int nb) { int i;
thread by: guiromero | last post Feb 10 '22 by: james121
I'm writing a program to calculate the number of prime numbers in a sequence. There's a variable called num that is given and then the program must calculate how many prime numbers there are from 2 (the smallest prime number) to num. It should be something like that: Enter a number greater than 1: 7 There are 4 prime numbers between 2 and 7....
thread by: elpidahope | last post Jan 28 '22 by: donbock
I don't understand what's wrong. My program prints only half the output. It doesn't print the maximum number. Here's the code if you wanna check it. #include <stdio.h> int main() { int a, b, c; int max;
thread by: iScottybotty | last post Jan 4 '22 by: iScottybotty
Hi all. I am a complete noob with code and are looking for some help. I have an open source program running however, a section of the build surrounding “voice encryption” was never included in the public version. I now have all the code to enter within the voice enc element, however I need help putting all the pieces of the jigsaw together...
thread by: Sergio281 | last post Dec 27 '21 by: dev7060
Q.No.1: A company pays its employees on a weekly basis. The employees are of two types: 1. Salaried Employees 2. Hourly Employees Salaried employees are paid with a fixed weekly salary, regardless of the number of hours they worked. Fix week salary is 2000 / w Hourly employees are paid by the hour and receive overtime pay for all hours...
thread by: guiromero | last post Dec 14 '21 by: iamsteve03
Hello! I'm writing a program that calculates and shows the mean and variance of two integers. The result I'm getting is 7. But that's not the mean of 5 and 10 (num1 and num2). What can I do to show both mean and variance together on the screen? What should I put after return to get both mean and variance? Thank you. #include <stdio.h> ...
thread by: charanya123 | last post Dec 5 '21 by: kaseymiddle
how to apply the test cases in any of the language.tell them in breif explination and explain each of the test case
thread by: nastya256 | last post Nov 11 '21 by: GazMathias
There is an array of coins and bills contained in the wallet. Calculate the amount of cash. if you can write "Bubble Sort" I am just starting to penetrate into this area and have questions
thread by: iso14882 | last post Oct 22 '21 by: dev7060
How to solve this ? thanks
thread by: user9212 | last post Sep 20 '21 by: Banfa
I use Ipopt C++ project and I want to use it to solve my problem. I created a derived class from the base one and and I created a virtual function in the base class to modify it in the derived one by doing the following: using namespace Ipopt; class base : public TNLP { base(); virtual ~base(); public: //I want fisrt to apply the...
thread by: akashranjan | last post Sep 18 '21 by: dev7060
#include<bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; int main() { int n,sum; cout<<"enter the number to find the sum upto that :"; cin>>n; sum=n(n+1)/2;
thread by: minhquang0912 | last post Sep 18 '21 by: dev7060
Find the equivalent MIPS assembly code for the C program as follows: a) x = 5 y = x - 2 a = x * 4 b = y * 2 z = (x + a) - (y + b) Knowing that the variables x, y, a, b are 32-bit integers. Thanks!!!
thread by: tosiyep290 | last post Sep 13 '21 by: dev7060
Const int * my_pointer= h int * const my_pointer = h Diffrence??

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