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Topics on APIs for products such as Google Search, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, WIndows Live.
thread by: abeni | last post Dec 6 '17 by: Luuk
I recently downloaded Kali Linux from Offensive Security and installed it into Virtual Box. I had specifically chosen the 64 bit version as I had assumed my Windows 7 OS with an Intel Core i3 was 64 bit, though upon configuring the General settings all the Linux operating systems listed came out as 32 bit, though I had checked earlier that I did...
thread by: ParkPrince | last post Nov 9 '17 by: ParkPrince
After you sign up for a Kik account, you find that the username is awkward and you want to change it. So you search for solution on how to change your Kik username but never get a solution. Actually it is not possible to change Kik username. If you want a cool username, you need to create another Kik account with a different email address....
thread by: akuguti | last post Jul 6 '17 by: akuguti
hi brother, How to clean variable from WinHttp api? I use codecave to call winhttp api but I want to hide the url. I have called RtlZeroMemory but the url is still visible... Can Variables be cleared with kernel32.RtlZeroMemory? Can kernel32.RtlZeroMemory be called from user mode? I have no idea to clean up memory from codecave. ...
thread by: wsdjeg | last post Jan 12 '17 by: wsdjeg
https://spacevim.org I am author of SpaceVim, and this project is new in github, two weeks, we get more than 1000 users, but a lot of them do not know how to use it. I want to post a readme here to make it easy to use. and here is the link of readme https://github.com/SpaceVim/SpaceVim/blob/dev/README.md BTW, the website of this...
thread by: hefaz | last post Jun 20 '16 by: hefaz
Hello everyone, i need to know which software is used for creating storyboard for games like covert strike, and also which is used for making tv commercials?
thread by: aunk | last post Apr 4 '16 by: aunk
How can I create a web API in PHP. Can I just use the sockets and send it to the user as a file? Should I be more involved on their end? i.e. Create a file handler that puts it right to base? I can imagine doing that. It sounds cool too :) I guess I'll try that last one with misshapen sha1() answers on either side. Thanks again!
thread by: markie700 | last post Mar 18 '16 by: markie700
I'm trying to export files to an archiving service using their plug-in for OJS which I have downloaded to our website. When I get to the EXPORT click, it shows "No issues" to choose from. Instructions say I need to download issues/files to my local computer, but the issues/files are already on my local computer, just not in the filename which...
thread by: Tapan Barik | last post Feb 9 '16 by: Tapan Barik
Hi, I am working in Banking domain.I want to learn Thunderhead. Please help me if any one is having tutorials/documents related to this. Thanks in Advance, Tapan Barik
thread by: akashpjr | last post Jan 13 '16 by: akashpjr
I have applied for "partner programs" to get the connections API. I received a mail(refer Image) from LinkedIn. Are there any hidden charges to obtain those API?
thread by: akashpjr | last post Jan 13 '16 by: akashpjr
I want to display connections in my website in the form of pie chart. How to access the connections API via my web application(application name "LLogin")? I have access to only few information(name,no of connections,location,summary). I want connection's designation,location etc. .
thread by: inspectelement | last post Nov 21 '15 by: inspectelement
Well, the original code (Dont bother reading it that's not what is important)data.push(27,740); } } window.push(); } } } , "dataFetchMethod": "custom_javascript", "id": "bluekai", "projectSettings": {}}] }; function f(b){var d="optimizely_"+b;window=function(a){window.optimizely.push();window=void 0}}...
thread by: 486magor | last post Nov 18 '15 by: inspectelement
Me and a Friend are working on a Android APP, which will need to use the Instagam API for retrieving user information. We did read the Terms of Use alreadythe but didn't seem to find any Information there. My Question is, which data is possible to get from the API? (info's in direction like how many people saw the picture or who) ...
thread by: CodeNoobster | last post Oct 14 '15 by: CodeNoobster
Hi everyone, So I would like to start experimenting with the foursquare API but I'm having trouble getting it installed. It is always being recommended with composer which I would not like to use since I just want to get a feel for it at the moment. Suggestions anyone?
thread by: tdrsam | last post Oct 12 '15 by: tdrsam
I cannot figure out why my slider won't run. I had it working fine, then I tried to make it scroll vertically rather than horizontally and now it's broken, even though I've reset all the settings to standard. This is the HTML: <div class="carousel"> <div><img src="images/slider/worlds.png" alt="" width="200" height="140"></div> <div><img...
thread by: tdrsam | last post Sep 16 '15 by: tdrsam
I'm using Ken Wheeler's Slick Slider with some videos but for some reason the first video in the cue doesn't play. It plays after the list has played through and it goes back to the first video, but I'm going to need it to play on page load as well. This is the HTML: <section class="col1"> <div><video width="1280px" height="720px"...
thread by: torresandy14 | last post Jul 14 '15 by: bergalan
I am using the ShieldUI jQuery charting component and am looking to customize the tooltip shown for each data point. For example, color formatting if the value is above a certain threshold or simply bolding and styling the text. Any suggestions are welcome.
thread by: tdrsam | last post Jun 2 '15 by: tdrsam
I'm thinking of using the 'Supermailer' plugin, specifically verion9.10. Has anyone used Supermailer and could give advice?
thread by: tdrsam | last post May 20 '15 by: tdrsam
I'm looking for an extension in chrome that will auto re-load the page I'm developing every time I save the CSS file. I tried Tincr but it stopped working for some reason. I tried LiveReload but it's too complicated, and isn't compatible with my dummy server which is Instant WordPress. Does anyone know of an extension that is compatible with...
thread by: nbiswas | last post May 12 '15 by: stephenward
We have been using many built-in R functions throughout the lessons. After you start using R more, you will reach the point when you will want to create reusable sections of statements. Functions are simply a named group of R expressions that are considered an R object of type function(). Input values or function arguments are passed to...
thread by: webdesign2015 | last post Mar 14 '15 by: Luuk
I have a very strange situation in my Google Webmasters for my site www.giftsware.nl. Somebody disallowed some bad inbound URLS for us and now I donít see any websites anymore that link to our site and also I donít see the main URL anymore that we have links that Link to the main URL. Our ranking has been dropping now for a while, does anybody...
thread by: ali786 | last post Mar 3 '15 by: ali786
suppose we have an CompanyId column which is an int type but when we has the null value means we dont have value for this and we want to loop through of each value of the reader object then it show DBnull exception how we can handle these null exception in web services using asp.net C# Please explain Thanks
thread by: phpWebDeveloper | last post Jan 29 '15 by: phpWebDeveloper
Hello I'm trying to use Google Api to get a list of youtube channels the users subscribed to using this file https://github.com/google/google-api-php-client/blob/master/examples/user-example.php and setting $client_id,$client_secret and $redirect_ur. The redirect url is another webpage that stores the code in a variable and it's the same url in...
thread by: Mudassir | last post Dec 4 '14 by: Luuk
Dear all,, i am looking for a skype api which will return the incoming call number to C# application.. plz help me out if there is any kind of api. Sample Codes will be greatly appreciated.. Regards:
thread by: nischalinn | last post Nov 5 '14 by: Luuk
Suppose I've text file where: aaa bbb sss iii uuu lds iie riowq urew How can I replace empty space between the strings using notepad ++ such the output would be like this: aaabbb sssiiiuuu ldsiieriowqurew
thread by: Diablo01 | last post Oct 15 '14 by: Diablo01
I am having problems with this program. Its in raptor. The objective is to run the program four times and record the number of hearts etc... that come up for each run. The problem is every time it runs it only adds a 1 to the first counter regardless of the number. The numbers are random 1 - 52 and do just that but will not feed down to the...

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