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Topics on APIs for products such as Google Search, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, WIndows Live.
thread by: Karthik Eswaran | last post Oct 28 '11 by: johny10151981
Hi, My aim is to use a LAN site written in PHP in order to share stuff with my friends. I used XAMPP to set up a basic web server on my system. The setup process went through smoothly and I was able to access the site using http://localhost . But when I try accessing the site using my local IP which is, I can't get through. I'm only...
thread by: tyagithehacker | last post Oct 28 '11 by: johny10151981
Is it right to say that protocol plays the same role in networking context as API plays in context of kernel of a standalone computer? As both of them defines the way to access the intended services; over the network in case of “network server” and on standalone computer in case of “Standalone Computer”.
thread by: 3wconsultant | last post Sep 4 '11 by: 3wconsultant
As i need to setup a online mobile recharge portal, any can let me know the reliable & leading mobile recharge api provider in india? aks
thread by: Gilberto Gil | last post Jul 5 '11 by: Gilberto Gil
Hello...I've a problems trying to move the pointer forward.. I'm trying to read my flash memory as array of bytes... Using SetFilePointerEx API function I've already did it, but, the problems is that it always read begening at 0 byte, I can't begin with offset of 512 bytes for example... why is this.....Note: it works pretty well seeking a file...
thread by: ddtpmyra | last post Apr 13 '11 by: ddtpmyra
I have this footer section that get the sum of numbers of the columns. Now I wanted to add addtional column or text object on the detail section where I wanted the row sum divide by the total sum on the footer how can i do that? everytime i make it inside the formula workshop it always giving me error that says 'it should be boolean' what does...
thread by: Guy Shepherd | last post Apr 2 '11 by: Guy Shepherd
I recall having a bunch of large .cs files that had all function declarations, structures and constant values in them, Listed in a very convenient way for C#, I can't find any of them right now. Can anyone link me to those files or offer a convenient alternative?
thread by: MichaelQ | last post Feb 23 '11 by: MichaelQ
Hello everybody, I am using this ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server Software http://activexperts.com/mmserver/ And I see that there are a lot of Case Studies, most of them are in VBScript, but I see that there are also projects in C#.NET. Does anybody know how to implement a Csharp project? Does anybody know any other SMS Server which I can...
thread by: Bergen | last post Feb 13 '11 by: Bergen
Does anyone know where I can get more information about the DSM12/14+ format that is used by sites like autotrader,edmunds etc for importing stock automatically? I can't seem to find anything about it on the web other than references. Thanks in advance Mystified
thread by: Milan Radosavlj | last post Feb 3 '11 by: Milan Radosavlj
when makning a requst to paypal with a script or a button and using notiry_url variable (notory_url=https://mysite.com/myscript.php) does pay pal return any values?
thread by: Vikram Raman | last post Jan 28 '11 by: Vikram Raman
Hi I want to remove all overlays from the google map. I removed all markers but i am not able to remove polylines. Can anyone give me example to remove the polyline from the map? I am using google map API V3.
thread by: tyagithehacker | last post Jan 13 '11 by: tyagithehacker
i want to develop an application which can enable video communication between two remote systems over a network. can any one please suggest me which programming language would be suitable for that? thanks in advance.
thread by: Bobby Deol | last post Dec 28 '10 by: David Gluth
I need to display hierarchical data in a grid format with additional columns containing more information about a particular node. These are some of the third party controls I have found online. 1) Xceed Grid for .NET 2) DevExpress XtraTreeList 3) Infragistics WinGrid 4) Infralution VirtualTree 5) 9Rays.Net Flygrid what are your...
thread by: Deepak Shenoy | last post Dec 9 '10 by: Deepak Shenoy
Hi...My Question is Does Digitak Persona SDK has support for Windows Finger Print Reader..????Pls help..Urgent
thread by: Vigneshwaran P | last post Nov 3 '10 by: Vigneshwaran P
hi, I am creating a small application using Xulrunner with python through pythonext. My xulrunner version 1.9.1 My OS Ubuntu 10.10 I am able to set python as default in XUL and can access xpcom from python. And inline python code also works well in non-dynamic elements. My problem is, when i dynamically add elements to Xulrunner using...
thread by: Anes | last post Oct 24 '10 by: Anes
Hi Friends, I have a serious problem really Worried me. I use Windows XP in which I install wamp for work with php. I also install SVN tortoise for svn and PHP Eclipse IDE (Version: Helios Release). I don't know how to setup a repository in my localhost to Work along with IDE . Please give a solution for this problem ASAP. Regards Anes P.A
thread by: serdar | last post Oct 9 '10 by: Sujoy Pal
I have no Facebook API experience, but I plan to add "Facebook Connect" in one of my sites. I do not want to use Javascript based login that Connect has by default. Is Javascript required for Facebook integration? Isn't it possible to implement it with PHP scripting?
thread by: Airslash | last post Oct 6 '10 by: Airslash
Hello, not really sure if this will lead to something, but I just want to have a small discussion about the Berkley Sockets API. Recently i've been working on TCP Client/Server architectures, and while these lovely Sockets do the things they're supposed to do, I often find myself struggling with the API or inner workings of the Sockets. An...
thread by: Jasicamikayani | last post Mar 23 '10 by: Annalyzer
Can any one help me to find out a shopping cart systems that work with Authorize.Net?
thread by: gayatri prasanna | last post Nov 23 '09 by: tlhintoq
Hi, I need information on adwords integration with yahoo and Msn.Do these providers provide API to integrate with our application.If so what is the amount they charge.Please some one let me know the information at earliest. Thanks in advance

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