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Topics on APIs for products such as Google Search, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, WIndows Live.
thread by: RonaldHiggins22 | last post Nov 6 '23 by: codiumltd
I'm afraid my knowledge may not be enough to choose the right tool for me
thread by: maripopela | last post Jun 21 '23 by: vipulguptaseo
Ive never tested an API before, so Id like to know where is the best place for me to start my journey. What tools to use, what bugs there are in different systems and what common problems are met with during testing API?
thread by: BarryA | last post Jul 4 '22 by: BarryA
Is there a recommended practice for supporting self-hosting and web-hosting simultaneously? I had a lot of issues to work through. Because of HttpContext.Current is not set and The GlobalConfiguration is not accessible in self-hosting, autofac does not work properly. Are there any other issues to be aware of?
thread by: patriciajames | last post Jun 21 '22 by: patriciajames
Can anyone recommend an API that will meet my requirements?
thread by: cyogarajmsc | last post Oct 20 '21 by: StephanieSy
Hello sir, i don't have enough space in my personal website. now i have idea to store more files in my google drive and i should publish it into my website.... My question is : 1) Is it Possible? 2) If yes means how can i do it.? give me solutions friends... Thank you all
thread by: Joshuaschist | last post Oct 27 '20 by: SwissProgrammer
How can I use my Api key from clarafai to access the models there, and how to apply them on my reactjs face recognition app.
thread by: Joshuaschist | last post Oct 25 '20 by: Joshuaschist
TypeError: Failed to fetch (anonymous function) req.end((red) => { "If (res.error) throw new Error(res.error);" // <= uncaught (in promise) Error: TyperError: Failed to fetch const movies = res.body.Search this.set state({ movies }); //console.log(res.body.Search); });
thread by: Joshuaschist | last post Oct 21 '20 by: Joshuaschist
./src/modules/movie-browser/movie-modal/movie-modal.container.js Attempted import error: 'updateMoviePictureUrls' is not exported from '../movie-browser.helper' (imported as 'movieHelpers'). movie-browser.helper.js code const TMDB_IMAGE_BASE_URL = (width = 300) => `https://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w$(width)`; const updateMoviePictureUrls =...
thread by: LauraNutt | last post Oct 16 '20 by: LauraNutt
How to use JWT with OAuth?
thread by: iceja | last post Sep 27 '20 by: SwissProgrammer
Hi! I have the following JasperReports report https://gist.github.com/iva-nova-e-katerina/e84003f7cd9ec84e8ecd8f53d91c8ffc#file-npa-xml And it generates the following result : https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/15146371/93114540-5bf41580-f6c3-11ea-9a50-66db8bc4cce6.jpg Could you tell me how to fix marked in red? PS: it is about...
thread by: jheberg | last post Aug 28 '20 by: jheberg
I am looking for tools to generate video and audio output for my own codecs, in my search I found SDL, EGL, FFmpeg and OpenAL, but it is not clear to me if these APIs serve my purpose which is simply to generate the output, if so when should I use each one?
thread by: ogn993160g | last post Aug 15 '20 by: ogn993160g
Hello! Help please! I am trying to create a user friendly database for use with our construction company. I am trying to create a form (which seems to be the most user friendly) that pulls existing records and updates fields on the table based on the record found. See below... ID - (Auto numbered - identifies the existing record) Field 1 -...
thread by: hogpig101 | last post Jul 24 '20 by: dev7060
I sure do hope that i'm not pressured to participate!..WELL I DONT know I should say?..but I dBy using this site, you agree to our updated Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Manage your Cookies Settings. Ok 458,718 Members | 1,069 Online hogpig101 edit profile inbox (2) subscriptions sign out Ask Question
thread by: aldwkah | last post Jun 6 '20 by: aldwkah
Who can make a tool that stops cases on WhatsApp?
thread by: Amol Bule | last post May 4 '20 by: Amol Bule
For one of project requirement we need web API and wcf services the business logic is common for both, so want to keep WEB API and WCF in same solution. Is this possible anyone have such type of thing Please help me in this.
thread by: sebestindragos | last post Apr 16 '20 by: sebestindragos
Most of us think of magic links when we hear "passwordless", but I'm trying out a different approach. What if we require our users to SEND an email for authenticating? I've been experimenting with this idea recently and actually got around to building a prototype. This system will work as a SaaS (similar to Auth0) aimed at developers to...
thread by: Brilstern | last post Feb 2 '20 by: Brilstern
In the function below, I am using column H to adjust the format of column F. I would like to adjust this format to an accounting format, but I am struggling to do so. Does anyone know how to convert this string, "USD":"#,##0.00", to an accounting format in the Google Script App? function onEdit(e){ var sheetName = "Debt"; //name of...
thread by: NadiaNl | last post Sep 22 '19 by: NadiaNl
Hi, I have an idea of building an API for Machine-to-machine payments. The API will enable to assign wallets to connected devices, record available amounts of something valuable, as well as all incoming and outgoing movements of value. Would love to hear back from developers who are seeking to address the issue of M2M payments. Which...
thread by: xtrogvar | last post Aug 1 '19 by: dev7060
Hi, I need advice on how to implement a Review Management System. Something like realized on mypresences.com or brightlocal.com Not all services allow you to interact with their API. Review services are productreviews, trustpilot, tripadvisor, whirlpool, wordifmouth, seek, indeed, glassdoor. Maybe you now a script or have an offer how it...
thread by: nouhack | last post Feb 9 '19 by: nouhack
hello everybody ,it's my firts question in this forums :D so my question is whay do i need web api to link between django and other js framworks for example django with angular and is it necessary to built an web api like (rest api) to link between back end and front end and thanx a lot
thread by: Anirban Haldar | last post Dec 16 '18 by: cameronhunter
I want to create a chrome extension, like pipedrive CRM. So I create a div in write sight , but I can not link a html file in this div, can you help me?
thread by: Krish93 | last post Dec 6 '18 by: Luuk
I got a web service API. I know basic knowledge web services. I am trying to test the web service through the postman. but I could not able to succeed. if any have answer please help me. I got sample code nodejs. below I gave web services API. please, anyone, see and how to handle that data. POST /api/v1/sessions Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2018...
thread by: Krish93 | last post Dec 4 '18 by: Krish93
I want to change postman date and time. how to do. My server date and time different so that I need (Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2018 06:59:47 -0000)
thread by: Mai Phuong | last post Nov 7 '18 by: Mai Phuong
hi guru, I would like to implement my custom model but do not know how to do that. In detail, I would like to use the result of PREDICT tab, which is in AutoML Vision UI, as a function namely function A. After that, I have some code in C# which will call function A to use. Following is what I tried: In Google Cloud Platform Console, at...
thread by: Daniel123 | last post Jun 21 '18 by: Daniel123
Looking for recommendations on how to collect events happening within metropolitan cities- Looked into Eventbrite API and that seems like one option. Would love to hear some ideas on how to get around Facebook closing off the FB Events API. Also, would love to hear if there are other resources that may help. Thanks!

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