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thread by: BarryA | last post Apr 4 '24 by: BarryA
What are the essential steps and strategies outlined in the Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) roadmap for aspiring data scientists? How can individuals effectively utilize this roadmap to progress in their careers within the dynamic field of data science?
thread by: Yao889956 | last post Jul 3 '23 by: Yao889956
Dijkstra’s algorithm is a method for solving the single-source shortest path problem on a graph, and can be applied in various fields such as computer networks and transportation. In the context of company monitoring software, Dijkstra’s algorithm can be used to calculate the shortest path between different nodes in the monitoring system, allowing...
thread by: Yao889956 | last post Jun 30 '23 by: Yao889956
Nine-grid algorithm is an image processing algorithm used in screen monitoring software. It divides the screen into nine equally sized grid regions and analyzes and compares the pixel values in each region to achieve precise analysis of the screen image. The analysis of the Nine-grid algorithm in screen monitoring software is as follows: ...
thread by: Yao889956 | last post Jun 29 '23 by: Yao889956
Greedy algorithm is an algorithm based on the greedy approach, which is commonly used to find the globally optimal solution by selecting the locally optimal solution at each step, considering the given constraints. The application of the greedy algorithm in computer monitoring software can include several aspects: File scanning: When...
thread by: Strawberry1876 | last post Apr 23 '23 by: Nikhilesh10
Does anyone know what the "points" an AI interviewer would be coded/programmed to look for? I've just found out my interview was done by a bloody bot! First I've come across this! Need help please, for anyone that understands this. Thanks
thread by: Adek007 | last post Feb 14 '23 by: Varsha1285
Hello i need help finding my private key to my address on blockchain and i have my public address. anyone here could be of help please?
thread by: creynoso21 | last post Feb 1 '23 by: Varsha1285
Hello. I am preparing for a coding interview and I would like to know where can I find good and reliable resources that I can practice coding questions in either Python / JavaScript / Java so I don't pay for it. I will appreciate it. Thanks, creynoso21
thread by: fra93 | last post Nov 22 '22 by: dayamafor
Given N as the number of bits, how to find N sequences of (2^N/N) numbers each such that: given an arbitrary number n, there is always one number in each sequence that has hamming distance 1 from n. As a reference hamming distance 1 means that two numbers have only one bit that is different. For example given N=4, one of the possible...
thread by: StamPap97 | last post Apr 23 '22 by: zmbd
Can someone help me with that problems?
thread by: aprens | last post Dec 1 '21 by: aprens
An example tournament has two stages, groups play + bracket play. When the groups stage ends, the x top of each group go to bracket stage. In the brackets stage there are two basics rules: a winner of a group should not be matched against a winner of another group (only against 2nd or 3rd place) no two teams that played in the same group...
thread by: PitrL | last post Nov 18 '21 by: PitrL
Is there any fast algorithm for this?: K people sit at a table. Each person holds a number (hi) which means: some of his neighbour has a cap of height (hi). I want to count the number of combinations for setting people up at the table according to their height of their cups. Example: in: 6 2 6 4 5 3 5 out: 2
thread by: Geralt96 | last post Jul 29 '21 by: cactusdata
Anyone can help me with this question? The sum of the squares of the first ten natural numbers is, 1˛ + 2˛ + ... 10˛ = 385... The square of the sum of the first ten natural numbers is, (1+2+ ... 10)˛ = 55˛ = 3025... Hence the difference between the sum of the squares of the first ten natural numbers and the square of the sum is 3025 -...
thread by: dainer | last post Feb 23 '21 by: RoseCampbell
Hello World! I would like to have a program of sorts, that would analyse rows of numbers for me bringing out the top patterns. As you might understand it is for lottery, yaay :D but it is a local lottery that is not world-wide format. Let me explain what it is and what I need, maybe my needs are very simple and one can guide me to get the...
thread by: Motoma | last post Jul 22 '20 by: Motoma
Hi folks, I'm having trouble remembering the name of an algorithm I now am trying to reproduce. The basics of the problem are as such: Given a finite set of a known length Look at the first item in the set. Choose whether to accept that value, or look at the next one Optimize for the best result, never being able to revisit prior values
thread by: dev7060 | last post Feb 19 '20 by: dev7060
Everything about the competition: https://codingcompetitions.withgoogle.com/hashcode/about Qualification round date and timings: Feb 20 2020, 17:30 (UTC) to Feb 20 2020, 21:30 (UTC) If anyone's interested in joining our team, - preferred languages: C, C++, Java, Python - not looking for beginners. Should have got some experience with...
thread by: KushShukla | last post Jan 5 '20 by: KushShukla
Pseudorandom numbers are generated using a recurrence relation $$R_i=(A×R_{i−1}+B) mod C$$ Values of A=5,B=17,C=23,$R_0$=3. What will be the value of $R_{2018}$ or $R_n$ for that matter?
thread by: MariuszJ | last post Nov 28 '19 by: MariuszJ
I need you to direct me to a free image transformation library, preferably written in delphi or at least such one that can be used with delphi and with a good manual. To start with, I need to know the image-transformation names so I can find info on them. https://photofunia.com/effects/morning-mug This one is interesting as the image was...
thread by: Little Bird | last post Oct 31 '19 by: Little Bird
Please tell me which language of LISP and Prolog is closer to the truth. Give me your reason! I beg you!
thread by: geekguy | last post Apr 7 '19 by: geekguy
Is there a well known and proven algorithm to find the limit of a set of points, which are time based metrics? I'm looking for an existing implementation, in order not to try and invent something which already exists. This is what I have in mind: Run over the numeric values of a series 1. Calculate L which is the top limit, and E, where 2*E...
thread by: ttkl2boys | last post Mar 13 '19 by: Neila
What does this mean? 5918 9 511 95 7639 1941 2689782. 9 3645 763. ♥ Hope you have a good night at work :)
thread by: pamgb1963 | last post Jan 31 '19 by: Rabbit
I wonder if a random number generator can solve the problem of predicting the lottery. Imagine if a random number generator must target all the past draws, one by one (from the very first one till the last, in succession) and for each attempt it shows how many tries it had made. Something like that: Attempting to predict draw #0001 (16, 29, 32,...
thread by: jotiger | last post Jan 16 '19 by: jotiger
I'm constructing a binary tree for a sequence of data and the tree is store in a 1-based array. So if index of parent node is idx, the left child is 2 * idx and the right is 2 * idx + 1. Every iteration, I sort current sequence based on certain criteria, select the median element as parent, tree = sequence, then do same operation on left(the...
thread by: DL33 | last post Jan 13 '19 by: DL33
How do I find a number between two given numbers (let's call them min and max), which has the greatest product of digits than any other number in that range? (If there are several such numbers, that's fine.) For example: + min = 390, max = 430 => answer is 399 + min = 400, max = 430 => answer is 429 + min = 1378, max = 1594 => answer is...
thread by: kbhavya1 | last post Nov 13 '18 by: Rabbit
Guys is there any way to find the longest subarray of 1's in log(n) time. example 1- 110011111000 then the output is 5 from pos 5 to 10 2- 1110011101 the output here is 3 but after rotation 1 the array becomes 111100111 and the output is now 4.
thread by: abdurrehman1122 | last post Mar 29 '18 by: abdurrehman1122
I am studying Artificial Intelligence at this semester. It is difficult for me to understand Algorithms. I need some resources for online help in this subject. Please tell me some websites which will helpful for my studies.

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