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How do I reset the Option Group back to Null after opening new form?

P: 260
I am using a set of options groups with some code that puts the text (rather than the typical 1,2,3, etc) into the table. I got the directions from this post:

Here is MY code:
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  1. Private Sub FrameSeries1_AfterUpdate()
  3.  Select Case Me![FrameSeries1]
  4.     Case 1
  5.       Me![txtSeries1] = "Odd"
  6.     Case 2
  7.       Me![txtSeries1] = "Even"
  8.     Case 3
  9.       Me![txtSeries1] = "All"
  10.     End Select
  11.   End Sub
  13. Private Sub FrameSeries2_AfterUpdate()
  15.  Select Case Me![FrameSeries2]
  16.     Case 1
  17.       Me![txtSeries2] = "Odd"
  18.     Case 2
  19.       Me![txtSeries2] = "Even"
  20.     Case 3
  21.       Me![txtSeries2] = "All"
  23.   End Select
  25. End Sub
  27. Private Sub FrameSeries3_AfterUpdate()
  29.  Select Case Me![FrameSeries3]
  30.     Case 1
  31.       Me![txtSeries3] = "Odd"
  32.     Case 2
  33.       Me![txtSeries3] = "Even"
  34.     Case 3
  35.       Me![txtSeries3] = "All"
  37.   End Select
  38. End Sub
  40. Private Sub FrameSeries4_AfterUpdate()
  42.  Select Case Me![FrameSeries4]
  43.     Case 1
  44.       Me![txtSeries4] = "Odd"
  45.     Case 2
  46.       Me![txtSeries4] = "Even"
  47.     Case 3
  48.       Me![txtSeries4] = "All"
  50.   End Select
  51. End Sub
However, when I open the form and select options on the first entry, those options follow me around (remained clicked) when I go to the next form (either already with data OR a new form).

To be clear, as I scroll through I would want the forms already filled out to remain with the options that were selected at their time of entry. I would want the options on new forms returned to null. I already have the default of both my options groups AND my text boxes (txtSeriesX) set to Null. This doesn't seem to work.

Can anyone offer any advice?

**Update: I wanted to report that I made my text boxes visible and the input data IS staying with the appropriate records. However when the database goes live the textboxes won't be visible (as this would confuse the user). So keeping the radio buttons to align with the text boxes that are storing the text value of the radio button would be helpful. And the problem of them not defaulting to Null on a new record still exists.

Thanks, Danica
Apr 9 '14 #1
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3 Replies

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,768
Don't store the text value. Display it as text when you must, but always store the numeric value only.

If I understand you correctly (and I'm not positive I do) then that should resolve your problems.
Apr 10 '14 #2

P: 260
NeoPa, I took your advice here and stored the numeric value only. And it did solve my problem.

As you know, I scrounge around the web to find ways do all my "tricks" in Access. This has created a new question that I think is simple, but I have looked for 8 hours on the internet still with no solution. Time to "Ask a(nother) Question" on Bytes!! :-)
One day, I hope I Rest in Peace. hahaha
Apr 17 '14 #3

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,768
"One day, I hope I Rest in Peace. hahaha" - Danica.

I sincerely hope that day doesn't come too soon Danica. We'd all miss you.
Apr 17 '14 #4

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