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MsAccess 2003 ComboBox Control with NON Dropdown List

P: 7
Hi, I've done this in subforms using Gif89.dll which can somewhat show pic conditionally - but result in a messCode. I'm trying to use textbox in subform with onfocus [button in textbox to popup desired form] with returns seleted results - The trick is I can't use native image since it requires me to hide it using txtbox (if txtbox is slow it reveals all images behind).
Its complex but hope to get favourable response form Bytes xperts.
Apr 13 '12 #1
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Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,494
Lucas, What are you talking about? Have you read this back to yourself? I hate to disappoint after a second attempt, but your question makes no sense again.

If it's complex, why do you think a question of barely a paragraph in almost text-speak English is going to yield any results.
May 26 '12 #2

P: 7
NeoPan, sorry for taking long to reply. I was angered by an expert who deleted my posting...of which I was asking 'How to add combobox next to node.label in a treeview' but was able to find solution myself, I concluded that I should resign my account if I'm to be treated like that.

For those who might need that solution of showing any control next to node.label in treeview-i donkt know where to post those two solution options.
Aug 10 '12 #3

P: 7
NeoPan(ur reply made me happy-to a point of sharing solutions with Bytes), regarding 'button in textbox in continous forms'
I have many solutions but they are ugly. So I need xpert advice to polish the best option, 1st option;
1. Having a [textbox sized to fit a zoom icon+locked+tabstop=false] - for zoom icon either locate it using chrw(number) or intall font with zoom icon(Waldo-cons): in controlsource="=IIF([SelTop]=[ctlCurrentLine],'c',Null)". Align the latter textbox to the right of the bound textbox. /GET CODE FROM (changing the background color of the current record in a continuous form
U'll have a popup button on current record + u could use variation like it to popup on focus.
Aug 10 '12 #4

P: 7
2. Is to make use of gif89.dll (requires zoom gif image + on current line gif control.filename="path")interchange blank image with zoom image
[gif89.dll - somewhat conditional format] _ what I don't like is control is not transparent.
Hope I make sense.
Aug 10 '12 #5

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,494
I hate to disappoint you Lucas, but very little of this makes any sense at all. That's why your earlier thread was deleted I suspect (It was a while ago now).

I'm sorry if expressing yourself in English is a difficulty for you. We have many members who don't speak English as their first language. It's unfortunate, but this is an English Language site and I'm afraid that's a requirement for posting.

A good tip is to make sure that at least you copy the words that are already in the thread correctly. If you don't even manage that, and I'm afraid you don't in many cases, there's little hope anyone will be able to read what it is you're trying to write. Frustrating I know, but at least that part shouldn't be too complicated whatever language you speak. It just takes a little attention to what you're doing.
Aug 11 '12 #6

P: 7
NeoPa, the problem is not my english - its my Subject Titling. I should have titled this "Ms Access 2003 - COMMAND BUTTON IN A TEXTBOX (in Continuous Subform)". In fact I'm thinking of taking this discussion there (New Subject Line - since I don't know how to change the current subject title).
Having said that - the current title "combobox with non dropdown list", I thought it will be easy 4U to pickup that I intended to use combobox button without dropdown list to launch Popup form. Maybe u might be able to change the subject line 4me - the other reason I don't like long topics, so I thought to be as brief as possible.
Aug 12 '12 #7

P: 7
When I referred to gif89 I was meaning using image to mimic command button, and when I referred to option 2 - using textbox to mimic command button...I meant inserting a magnify glass icon in a textbox to mimic most internet browsers search (magnify glass icon inside a textbox). If all this is still not making sense...then I resign my account - also assist me with that.
Aug 12 '12 #8

Expert Mod 5K+
P: 5,397
Wow... you are very hostile.
Due to the tone of your post... I almost decided to dismiss the entire thread and move on to someone that would truly appreciate the help!

Because I hope that there is some misunderstanding... I will offer you this one starting point, look at this type of control and at the on-click event related there to: if you truly insist on approaching your problem as described. (The link is for 2007; however, I've used this type of control for custom icons in in 2003; thus, the information is still valid)

Now for my little rant:

You were kindly asked to clarify your original question and only in post #7 did you explain yourself clearly enough for anyone to understand what you're after. I am a Degreed Chemist just shy of 30 years in the field including being a research/teaching assistant at University and some 2 decades in industrial labs with a background in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, and I couldn't follow what you were asking in either OP or post 4 and 5.

Let me remind you... most of the mods/experts on this website are un-paid and volunteer their time.

I do this as hobby at home and in-between my full time job as a Chemist.

If you want our FREE help, YOU need to be a tad more relaxed and respectful in the tone of your posts.

If you want our FREE help, YOU need to be a tad more patient with us too as there are only so many hours in the day.

Aug 12 '12 #9

P: 7
I'll check the link, thanks for suggestions, your points are noted...sorry for my tone I never meant to disrespect---everyone reading this threat forgive me for all my frustration. Notably BYTES is the best group...and I truly appreciate any assistance. I also enjoy browsing threats which are rich and informative).
Aug 12 '12 #10

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