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Filtering text boxes from two comboxes

Hi guys,

I made a database with two tables ( tblsender, tblreceiver) with one
to many relationship.

tblsender has sender_Id (pk) sender_name, address, phone, email etc.

tblreceiver has receiver_id (pk), sender_id (fk) receiver_name,
address, phone, date, etc.
I made a form with two combo boxes ( cbosender_name &

I filter cboreceiver_name based on the value of cbosender_name.

I also filter all text filed ( sender.address, phone etc) based on the
value selected in cbosender_name and it works.
I then filter all text boxes of receiver( receiver.address, phone etc)
based on the value selected in cboreceiver_name and it works.
However, the problem is, when I select and value on cbosender_name, it
auto fills all text boxes of sender and shows the related value in
When I select a value on cboreceiver_name, it does not auto fill the
related text filed of receiver ( address, phone etc)

Can any one help me, please ?
Nov 13 '05 #1
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The free downloadable sample database at www.bullschmidt.com/access uses the
query by form concept so that on the invoices dialog one can optionally choose
a rep, a customer, and perhaps a date range, click on a button that says
"Input," and then have the invoice form open up showing all the invoices that
match the criteria.

And the Customer combo box on the search form is based on what was entered in
the Rep combo box above it.

And here is how the query by form concept can work.

On the invoices dialog there are the following controls:
InvDateMin with DefaultValue of =DateSerial(Year(Date())-1,1,1)
InvDateMax with DefaultValue of =Date()
InvRepNum with DefaultValue of *
InvCustNum with DefaultValue of *

Also on the invoices dialog there is a command button called cmdInput to open
the invoices form with the following code behind the OnClick property:
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmInv"

And of course there could be a button to open a report the same way:
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptInv", acViewPreview

The invoices form (frmInv) has RecordSource property of qryInv.

And the qryInv query's criteria for the InvDate field has:
Between [Forms]![frmInvDialog]![InvDateMin] And

And the qryInv query's criteria for the RepNum field has:
Like [Forms]![frmInvDialog]![InvRepNum]

And the qryInv query's criteria for the CustNum field has:
Like [Forms]![frmInvDialog]![CustNum]

One related point is that you probably wouldn't want to allow blanks (i.e.
Nulls) in fields that are going to be used with Like in any criteria for that
field. Otherwise the blanks wouldn't be shown.

For example (based on what is entered into a last name search field):

Like 'Smith' would show Smith records

Like '' would show no records (probably not what one would want)

Like '*' would show all records

And to counter that I like to have the search fields have a DefaultValue of *
and not allow the search fields to be blank.

Or a more complicated solution would be to create the query's SQL statement
dynamically so that the criteria on a particular field isn't used unless

For example:

' Set strSQL.
strSQL = "SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE (1=1)"
If Not IsNull(Rep) Then
strSQL = strSQL & " AND (Rep='" & Rep & "')"
End If
If Not IsNull(Customer) Then
strSQL = strSQL & " AND (Customer='" & Customer & "')"
End If

Best regards,
J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance Access and ASP Web Developer
Classic ASP Design Tips, ASP Web Database Demo, ASP Bar Chart Tool...
Nov 13 '05 #2

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