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Query with forms

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dear respected sirs,

i am in trouble as never expereince to run forms with queries based

here i am in insurance company they wanted this solutions:

1. tblRates (ID, Values1= 1000,values2=10000,Values3=100000)
2. tblInsurance ( ID, Premium, SumInsured)
3. tblCalcuations ("results")
4. tblCustomers (DAVID, MICROSOFT)
all above calculated values to save for future or past references, as
insurace rates changes always

now what i wanted sir, soon the user put the sum insured and premium,
and click next button or save button, then a query must run behalf of
NextButton, and calculate(behalf of query or sql query), and pick the
value from
tblrates.values1 * 0.25 = results
tblrates.values2 * 0.30 = results
tblrates.values3 * 0.50 = results

so results must saved in tblCalculations...

hope u got me as i could nt understand concepts of syntaxing of ms
access...above is the whole idea abt...

i do nt wanted to put on IT user can modify the
insurance rates day to day works, but he can modify rate and issue new
rates policies...

it will also look up in tables customers...if customer is microsoft
different calcualtions and if others then different...

now i wanted worked on forms and queries...

can any help me out here how to do syntaxing..any references or ideas
will be thankfull to u always

yours obediently

Nov 12 '05 #1
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4 Replies

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ms****** (MUHAMAMD SALIM SHAHZAD) wrote in message news:<5a************************** com>...

How did you ever get a job like this when you don't even know basic
relational database concepts?
Take your lazy butt to a library or a bookstore and study up!
Stop asking somebody else to do your work unless you're willing to pay
them for it!!
Nov 12 '05 #2

P: n/a
I got the job based on that you do not hve knolwsdge that is why the
silly reply u did on this group

well i knew abt relation ship, my question you could not pick up

and i am sad to know abt u people...if u knew the answer give else no
need to click reply in stupid manners

Nov 12 '05 #3

P: n/a
see mr. that i can get the job or not

INSERT INTO tblSave ( Code, Policy, [POLICY TYPE], Treatyr, Amtsr,
TotalPrem, PremStr, MitsuiSI, Mitsui, TP, TMFAC, TMFACPREM, QS, QSRET,
PCESSPREM, PCCOM, premSTRmitsui, comSTRmitsui, siSTRtm, premSTRtmfac,
comSTRtmfac )
TYPE], qryResults.TREATYR, qryResults.AMTSR, qryResults.TOTALPREM,
qryResults.premSTR, qryResults.MITSUISI, qryResults.MITSUI,
qryResults.TP, qryResults.TMFAC, qryResults.TMFACPREM, qryResults.QS,
qryResults.QSRET, qryResults.QSRETPREM, qryResults.QSWF,
qryResults.QSWFPREM, qryResults.QSWFCOM, qryResults.QSTMPREM,
qryResults.QSTMCOM, qryResults.PRIOCESS, qryResults.PCESSPREM,
qryResults.PCCOM, qryResults.premSTRmitsui, qryResults.comSTRmitsui,
qryResults.siSTRtm, qryResults.premSTRtmfac, qryResults.comSTRtmfac



((([MARINE CUSTOMER].CODE)=[qryResults].[code])


Nov 12 '05 #4

P: n/a

If I were you, I would seriously consider splurging and buying a few
good books on Access. Try the Sybex book by Alan Simpson (I think he
wrote the last one). I can't tell you how many times having a basic
book has saved my bacon. Much easier and quicker to
read/learn/experiment than just do things kind of at random. If your
time is worth ANYTHING to either yourself or your employer, it'll be
money well spent. Most serious developers in this NG own at least one
serious book on Access. ("For Dummies" books don't count!). If you
want a list, ask. Or look at amazon and read the reviews and sample
chapters. It's your money - buy something that works for you.
Nov 12 '05 #5

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