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Can some one tell me how i can add a progressbar to my project. Because right know i am using a animation picture. the progressbar i want to add has labels that tells how long it will take to finish and elapsed time.

Sep 5 '08 #1
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I think first of all add a progress bar control to your project then calculate the total time to be taken to complete the required job and set it to maximum value of the progress bar. Now calculate elapsed time from start time as system time at start and (current system time - start time) as elapsed time which will be the current value of the progress bar. So elapsed time and remaining time will be displayed on progress bar.
If you have any other query please post the code to understand the problem exactly and give solution.

Always Believe in God.
Sep 5 '08 #2
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Ok I want to stick the code in this button if you can figure out how let me know

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  1. Private Sub cmdCopy_Click()
  2. On Error Resume Next
  3. Animation1.Open "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Graphics\Videos\filecopy.avi"
  4. Animation1.Play
  5. Dim fso As New Scripting.FileSystemObject
  6. Dim fld As Folder
  7. Set fld = fso.GetFolder(txtSourceOfFolder)
  8. fld.Copy (txtDestinationOfFile)
  9. Animation1.Stop
  10. Animation1.Visible = False
  11. MsgBox "Transfer Completed!", , "Transfer Is Completed"
  12. Me.Refresh
  13. cmdExit.Enabled = True
  14. txtSourceOfFolder.Text = ""
  15. txtDestinationOfFile.Text = ""
  16. txtNameOfFolder.SetFocus
  17. End Sub
i have made this program and i don't know where or how i can stick a progressbar in it

Sep 5 '08 #3
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How Can I stick A For..Next in this like

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  1. For P = 1 to 100
  2.        Progressbar1.value = P
  3.               For x = 1 to 100               
  4.        Next x
  5. Next P
or something like that.

where do i stick the code, i have never worked with "for...next" before don't know how it works..just seen on a web page.

Sep 8 '08 #4
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How to add Animation is not known to me. However I will try to find out and add progressbar to it. The code for progress bar u have written will only increase the value of progressbar irrespetive of file size or time to be taken.
Sep 25 '08 #5
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I think soon I am going to post solution.
Sep 27 '08 #6
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Dear lee
Please see my submission at Planet-source-code named CopyFolder_PBar with following URL:


Certainly it will give you idea about using Progress Bar in your project.
Sep 30 '08 #7
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Dear lee
I think u must have placed ProgressBar in ur project with the help of my code at PSC. If it helped u please do vote my submission at PSC (by scrolling that window see voting... Excellent,etc.). Also do paste ur completed code here.
Oct 1 '08 #8

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