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UPDATE and SELECT Combination

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I have two tables. Table A is the main table I need to update and table B is the update table with the new data. Table B contains only two fields- fielda (also contained in table A for the linking but also is the field that needs changed) and a second field (fieldb) which is the NEW value of fielda that I need to change in TableA. Thus I need a combination UPDATE/SELECT statement to link the two tables togeather to update table A with the new values (fieldb) from table B. I need a start on how I can do this. Thanks.
Nov 9 '09 #1
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This may help.. I am providing 2 solutions based on my understanding of your question

Declare the two tables and insert some values to them

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  1. declare @tblA table(fieldA int)
  3. declare @tblB table(fieldA int,fieldB int)
  4. insert into @tblA 
  5.     select 1 union all select 2 union all select 3 union all
  6.     select 4 union all select 5
  8. insert into @tblB 
  9.     select 1,10 union all select 2,20 union all select 10,2 union all 
  10.     select 30,30 union all select 3,30
Solution 1:

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  1. update @tblA 
  2. set fieldA  =  X.TblBFieldB
  3. from 
  4. (select t2.fieldA TblBFieldA,t2.fieldB TblBFieldB from @tblA t1 
  5. inner join  @tblB t2
  6. on t1.fieldA = t2.fieldA) X(TblBFieldA,TblBFieldB)
  7. where fieldA = X.TblBFieldA  
  8. select * from @tblA 

Solution 2:

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  1. ;with cte as
  2. (select t2.fieldA TblBFieldA,t2.fieldB TblBFieldB from @tblA t1 
  3. inner join  @tblB t2
  4. on t1.fieldA = t2.fieldA
  5. )
  6. update @tblA 
  7. set fieldA  =  cte.TblBFieldB
  8. from cte
  9. where fieldA = cte.TblBFieldA  
  10. select * from @tblA 
Let me know in case of any concern
Nov 10 '09 #2

P: 2
Perfect! Just the start I needed! Here is the working code I got to work in case anyone else should need it:

update tablea
set tablea.fielda = X.newfield from
(select t2.oldfield, t2.newfield from tablea t1
inner join tableb t2
on t1.fielda = t2.oldfield) X
where tablea.fielda = X.oldfield


Nov 10 '09 #3

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