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What your program is doing / line by line / you can know

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Years ago I asked what my code was doing while it was running.

Smooth running or crashing or locking up. What did it do?

Am I sending data and values correctly?

Are my calculations actually working as I want them to work?

Are my returned values what I want them to be?

When I type this or that and then run the program, what is happening? Line by line, what is happening?

OK. So years ago, in VB6 (sp5, not sp6) I wrote a report process that I can incorporate into my VB6 code. It is not a simple error reporter. It is not a simple warning system. It is a full report.

It reports in rtf format. rtf is Rich Text Format which in Microsoft Windows is Unicode. Therefore if I want to see any character in any of it's Unicode capacity to output, I can put that into the report.

Here is an example of a full report that I think I was getting while writing a VB6 sp5 program that subclassed Firefox and controlled Firefox's individual tabs one at a time separate from all of the rest of the Firefox tabs.

Look at it. Get some ideas for yourself.

You are NOT limited to compiler responses. You can go far beyond that. did not allow the Report_Example.rtf to be uploaded because it has the ".rtf" extension, so I opened up the report in Word Pad and then saved it as a .txt file. You can open the .txt file in Note Pad and see the Rich Text Formatting. Word Pad and Note Pad are both available as 32 bit Microsoft programs, but Word Pad is much faster to edit in and can more easily handle very large files. If you want the report in rtf format then open up the .txt file with Word Pad and save it as a .rtf file.

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