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Cyber Security Career Advice Please

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Iím interested in a career change.
My current job involves a lot of logic problems, though not IT related. With some research it appears cyber security and ethical hacking might be a career path for me to pursue.
Are there any free online courses or topics suggested I search on YouTube, etc, that would help me learn about cyber security so I can better understand if I have enough interest and intellect to fully continue down this career path?
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Making one attempt to bump this
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"viewed: 987" and no one even replied a "hello."

Most books and college classes and on-line courses on security and computer security and hacking and variations of hacking (as they relate to computers and computer systems), I have found to be much worse than a waste of time.

Do a Google search on +"security" +"bytes.com" and read what has been said here, all of it by everyone that has posted here since this site began. Then read all of what those posters have said in their other posts. This, as I see it, is an industrial site frequented by people that actually make a living from what they talk about. You should study here first.

Then, after you have read all of that, do a Google search on just +"security". But, it has been my experience that commonly the actual best results on Google for this type of search are at least 10 or maybe 50 listings from the top.

You, YOU, just you, have to study. You HAVE TO study.
Mar 12 '21 #3
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This was worth the 987 non hello posts.

Thank you for your information. Iíll be searching this site for more information. I plan to spend much time studying, but want to make sure I study the correct areas of focus and donít want to waste my time. For that reason, thank you again for this post.

Iíve seen both cyber security and ethical hacking in most of my research up up this point. How do these two careers differ?
Mar 13 '21 #4
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SwissProgrammer has provided good information and guidance.

Cyber security is such a broad topic. Everything from application security, data storage, data access, network access, authentication and identity services can fall into the scope of cyber security. That's just a few of the areas, there's many more.

Ethical hacking seems like a proactive approach to cyber security. It has taken off in recent times as an acceptable form of a career path in cyber security. There seem to be good practices available on the internet on how to contribute to the community and the overall health of the internet while at the same time developing skills.

Recently I ran into OpenBugBounty.org and it seems like an interesting approach to ethical hacking. They provide a way to learn about various vulnerabilities as they surface across the internet and also provide details on how to deal with them and how other's dealt with them if they did.

Here are some resources:
Hope that helps!
Mar 14 '21 #5
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There are many resources available online that can help you learn about cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Here are a few options for online courses and resources that you can use to explore this career path:

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Cybersecurity Essentials: This is a free online course that covers the basics of cybersecurity and is designed for individuals with little or no cybersecurity background.

SANS Cyber Aces Online: This is a free online course that covers the fundamentals of cybersecurity, including network security, cryptography, and incident response.

edX Cybersecurity MicroMasters: This is a series of five online courses that cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity, including network security, cryptography, and incident response.

Hack the Box: This is a platform that offers a variety of cybersecurity challenges that can help you learn about different types of security vulnerabilities.

YouTube: There are many cybersecurity experts who share their knowledge through video tutorials on YouTube. Search for specific topics of interest like "ethical hacking", "penetration testing", "network security" and you'll find many informative and educational videos.

Cybersecurity Ventures: This is a website that provides free resources for cybersecurity professionals, including a cybersecurity career guide, news and articles, and a list of cybersecurity events.

Cybersecurity Challenge UK: This website offers a variety of challenges, competitions and training to help individuals develop their cyber security skills and knowledge.There are many resources available online that can help you learn about cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Here are a few options for free online courses and resources that you can use to explore this career path:

It's important to note that while these resources can be a great starting point, they may not cover all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a professional in cybersecurity. Therefore, it's important to continue learning and developing your skills through formal education, certifications, and hands-on experience.
Jan 28 '23 #6
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Yes, cyber security is in high demand. It is the most effective method for choosing a career in cyber security. The cybersecurity field involves protecting computer networks and data from unauthorized access, use, or destruction.
Feb 9 '23 #7
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Cyber Security is the broader term covering many areas of security. When talking about Ethical hacking you can then delve into Penetration Testing (which is basically 'teaming' to test a companies systems (network and web) to see how secure they are. By teaming, I mean red, blue or purple teams (you can google those for more information, but red is the attack team, blue is defensive team and purple act as an intermediary between red and blue. But I diverse.

There is also Bug Bounty, which is hunting for bugs in company systems that have bug bounty programs.

In all, I would recommend you finding a high level cyber security course on youtube and watch it. It will give you a better idea of the plethora of areas that exist and examples of each. You can then explore each to gauge your interest.
Jul 14 '23 #8
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Thank you for your information.
Jul 15 '23 #9
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Switching to cyber security sounds exciting! To get started, search for free online courses on platforms like Coursera, edX, and YouTube. Look into basic concepts like network security, cryptography, and ethical hacking. You might also want to explore hrd corp claimable courses for more structured learning. Best of luck on your journey!
Sep 25 '23 #10
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Here are some tips for you.
Obtain relevant education and certifications in Cyber security
Stay updated on the latest security threats and trends
Learn about network security, cryptography, and secure coding
Practice ethical hacking and penetration testing
Build a professional network in the cybersecurity community
Consider specializing in areas like cloud security, IoT, or Blockchain
Read Online Tutorials and eBooks
Gain practical experience through internships
Keep learning and practicing
Oct 4 '23 #11

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