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How to became Junior Python Developer

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I see that the questions about what to learn, what are the requirements for the position of junior python developer, what should a novice Python programmer be able to do quite often repeat themselves.

Usually we want to learn Python we want to get a job related to this language. Of course, there are cases of people who learn hobbyistically for their own projects, but these are definitely fewer. If we look at the job offers for Python, the most common internship offers or junior positions are for web developers. Therefore the creation of web applications, properly backend web applications, it will probably be your natural first choice when it comes to searching for apprenticeship.

Knowledge of Python alone does not guarantee finding a job. You need something more and today an entry about what I think a web developer should know how to start.
Junior Python Developer Requirements

Unit tests
Web frameworks
CSS Preprocessors
JS frameworks
Tools and concepts
Dec 5 '19 #1
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P: 1
Python itself is very vast . It different projects people work with different framework and Packages. The following point about python will be based on my experience .
1. Start with Python 3.6 or 2.7 (As a new bee its better to go with Python 3.6)
2. Cover Basic things like List, Dict , Function, File i/o, Classes and Expression
3. Read about the json and CSV handling
4. Connect to a sql or nosql database based on your skillset
5. If u want to move to quant side then start reading about Panda, Numpy, Matplotlib,Scipy packages.
6. Write small code to start calculating NAV for a portfolio .and other similar projects
7. If u want to move to web dev , look into Http request, Beutiful Soup basic packages .
8. Django and Flask are the next things to start for Web development.
Apart from that python-qt and a lot of things are there. I never worked with them . So I will not comment on them. The above 8 points with basic knowledge is sufficient for a Junior Developer.

These are the great sites to keep you in shape.
Dec 8 '19 #2

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