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Creating RPG fight code

Can someone please help with some code? I have been making a game, but there is a problem with one scenario. When the playable character encounters an NPC and they fight, the game keeps going until the NPC is dead, even though the Playable Character is dead.
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  1. ranger_health = 10
  2. ranger_damage = 4
  3. print "You head off down some small hills that go off the path."\
  4.       "\nYou encounter a lonely Ranger sitting on a stump.  He asks you if he can join your trip.  \nBear in mind, he will not fight for you."
  6. ranger_join = raw_input("\nWill you let him?(y/n)? ")
  8. if ranger_join == "y":
  9.     print "The ranger joins you on your trip.  Yay."
  11. elif ranger_join == "n":
  12.     print "The ranger is offended and draws his sword.\n"
  13.     # attacking the ranger
  14.     weapon = raw_input("What weapon do you have? Oak Staff or Iron Sword? ")
  15.     #using the Oak Staff
  16.     if weapon == "oak staff":
  17.         attack = 3
  18.         print "\nYou draw your Oak Staff"
  19.         attack = 3
  20.         while ranger_health > 0:
  21.             ranger_health = ranger_health - attack
  22.             health = health - ranger_damage
  24.             print "You're hero takes a swing and the ranger has", ranger_health, " health remaining."\
  25.                   "But you have", health, "hit points remaining\n"
  26.             if health <= 0:
  27.                 print "You died.  Bet you wish you stayed at the inn."
  29.     # using the Iron Sword
  30.     elif weapon == "iron sword":
  31.         print "\nYou draw your Iron Sword"
  32.         attack = 5
  33.         while ranger_health > 0 or health > 0:
  34.             ranger_health = ranger_health - attack
  35.             health = health - ranger_damage
  37.             print "You're hero takes a swing and the ranger has", ranger_health, " health remaining."\
  38.                   "But you have", health, "hit points remaining\n"
  39.             if ranger_health <= 0:
  40.                 print "It sucks"
  41.                 exit
  42.             #gain an item for defeating ranger
  44.             elif health <= 0:
  45.                 print "You died.  Bet you wish you stayed at the inn.\n"
How do I stop that problem?
Oct 26 '07 #1
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6,596 Expert 4TB
looks like, on line #33, you should use and instead of or:
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  1. while ranger_health > 0 and health > 0:
Please note the use of CODE tags. You can see what the look like if you hit the Reply button. Instructions are also on the right hand side of the page when you post.

Oct 26 '07 #2

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