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How to get more followers on Twitter

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Some Twitter accounts have thousands of followers while others have only a dozen. Is there any way to get more followers if you are not already a famous person and thus attract followers? Yes, it is absolutely possible to increase the number of followers and tips on this come here.

Follow others and some of these will follow you

Probably the simplest method of gaining more followers is to follow others. It may sound unconstructive, but the thing is that many tend to follow those who follow oneself. By following another account, your account will be visible to followers on the other account. With very little effort, you have increased the exposure of your Twitter account.

In addition to the fact that some people happen to see your account and may follow it with interest, some of those you follow will choose to follow back as a kind of gesture of gratitude. There are reciprocal dependencies on a platform like Twitter. The accounts with the most followers depend on others following them. Sometimes it's about giving something to get something back.

Then there is the question of how studied you want to use this method. It is possible to follow hundreds or thousands of other accounts and in that way get several of the following accounts. Of course, many of those who follow you are reciprocal (ie they follow you because you follow them and to reduce the risk of you stopping following them) are not followers who are in fact particularly interested in your tweets. It's more a matter of gathering followers.

Chasing followers without discernment will almost certainly result in some following you being cured. Many accounts are fake and according to a study, between 9 and 15 percent of all Twitter accounts were estimated to be cures. You can learn more about the phenomenon in this article .

One more thing when it comes to this method is to thin out those who have not tweeted in a long time. The chance is of course small that a user who has not published a tweet for a year or more will log in and choose to follow you.

Re-tweet other tweet

The method has similarities to the tip above. Here, too, it is about interacting and exposing one's own Twitter account. If you re-tweet others, the chances increase that these will re-tweet your tweets and this in turn creates more attention for your Twitter account.

So either it can lead to some of those whose tweet you re-tweet starting to follow you or others doing what finds your account via someone else's re-tweet.

Niche you

That "nisha sig" is common in many areas and can also be on Twitter, especially if you want many followers. If you write about this and that, it is more difficult for you to know who to target and follow in order for them to follow back. However, it will be much easier if you tweet about a topic and follow others who also tweet within that topic. They will see that there is someone else who tweets and shares things that they themselves are interested in and there is of course a greater chance that they follow a Twitter account that is about their own interest.

This leads to the realization that sometimes you can use multiple accounts and depending on which topic you tweet about do so from the account that is most relevant to the topic. This is not a strategy that you have to use, sometimes it is better to put all your energy into one account. It depends a bit on the circumstances.

Tweet often and regularly

Twitter is a steady stream of unmanageable information. No matter what you do, your tweets will almost certainly drown out the crowd, but at best they can be seen for a while by a number of other users. It therefore becomes obvious that those who tweet are often seen the most (if other factors that affect visibility are disregarded).

It can be difficult to constantly get new ideas for tweets. Some solve this with the "recycle method", ie they publish a previous tweet again. When it comes to this method, it is probably better to recycle posts with links than to recycle an identical text.

Tweet about something other than yourself

Twitter is a social network and thus not the same as a blog. Sometimes the terms meformers and Informers about two kinds of users. The first group, meformers, posts tweets about themselves while the second posts tweets about everything. If you are not the person people generally want to know things about, you will probably create more interest with your tweets if its content is universal.

Sponsored Tweets

This last tip is not for everyone. But it should be mentioned that it is also possible to pay for even tweets to be visible in the flow of x number of users. This will of course increase the amount of followers.

As stated, it is important to be active, the followers do not always come by themselves. It can be stated that it is important to be a little presumptuous if you want to increase the number of followers on Twitter. Do you have more tips? Feel free to share in the comments field.
Nov 12 '21 #1
2 14238
24 Expert 16bit
Good tips.

Tweeting about a specific topic is a good tip. In my case programming has helped me create a nice community of developers I can lean on.
Use twitter like a community you are part of, don't as a marketing vehicle.
Nov 20 '21 #2
12 Byte
Are there any effective ways to post a tweet that will go viral?
Mar 15 '22 #3

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