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Build Your First App Through Microsoft Xamarin.Forms

New technologies might eat the world, but they also ease our lives and create a unique work opportunity to socialize. People are widely using mobile phones, and mobile applications are also getting used commonly.

Now advanced and high technology is the future of the world, so there are significantly fewer people who might not be aware of mobile phones.

The excessive use of mobile phones means a remarkable rise in mobile applications now, mostly every task or business can efficiently perform through mobile apps. Many entrepreneurs and companies are striking high success in the mobile app industry.

Many people have an interest in app development and want to earn money by developing an app. If you are the one who wants to develop a new app for your living and become an entrepreneur, then you need to hire an app agency. Now you might be thinking, which is the best agency with low-cost mobile app development?

Don't worry. You are on the right pitch. Here, I will introduce you to the best cross-platform UI toolkit, a mobile application framework called Microsoft Xamarin. Forms are the best mobile app agency in the mobile application Industry.

It is a community of more than 1.5 million developers. It was developed in 2011 and established the Xamarin cross-platform development tool in 2016. Since that time it has got an iconic reputation in the market.

Suppose you are still thinking about how it works and why I am preferring Xamarin. Forms then let me give you a quick introductory review of Xamarin.

Why Microsoft Xamarin.Forms?

Xamarin is the best low-cost mobile app development UI toolkit framework that allows many businesses to develop a cross-application mobile app using the C# programming language. It also allows the users or developers to share 90 percent of codes across leading platforms.

In 2016 it was integrated into the .NET platform, and afterward, it became part of the C#/.NET/Visual Studio family.

Moreover, the Xamarin framework is entirely based on the Microsoft stack. Most of all, it allows the user to develop native apps on IOs, Android, and even windows. Xamarin is based initially on the Mono project.

Besides other cross-platform and development platforms of Xamarin, many other frameworks offer cross-platform development services using various languages like HTML and JavaScript.

No doubt! It is known as the most innovative software to create native cross-platform apps.

It is so far the best app if you want to save your time and money and don't want to sacrifice the looks and productivity of your app. Yes, you can now easily earn money by developing apps.

The next question that comes to mind is, is it worth it to prefer this UI cross-platform? And if so, what are its drawbacks and the benefits of choosing this platform? So, let's dive deeper into the article and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of choosing this platform for app development.

What are the benefits of using Xamarin.Forms?

Xamarin has enormous strong points that make it one of the largest robust, exclusive, innovative, and productive app development platforms. Some of them are as follows:

Native user experience

Xamarin has full access to native APIs and toolkits for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Consequently, it can provide native (or almost native) design and performance for each application.

The result of developing Xamarin applications is the creation of applications that provide local or almost domestic experience with Xamarin.forms.

The frameworks have access to the native APIs currently used for platforms such as Android, iOS. At the same time, the originality is due to some platform-based elements found in C# and Visual Studio.


Do you know Xamarin's application development framework uses a single technological stack and reusable code? The time it takes for developers to develop a single application is significantly reduced while allowing their software to be delivered to the customer more quickly.

As the entire process occurs between C # and the Visual Studio, the organization requires only one team to work on the task, thus eliminating the additional costs needed for multiple teams. Start creating a smaller level and increase your movement.

Diversity of layouts

Like pages, Xamarin.Forms allow developers to use different layouts. In addition, they can use the layout as a container for views as well as other containers. Programmers can use stack, absolute, relative, or grid layouts depending on the application’s requirements.

For example, a stack layout allows users to place items on a single row, while a grid layout displays items in rows and columns. Similarly, absolute placement displays elements in final positions, while relative placement displays elements by constraints.

Open source and Microsoft support

As Xamarin is an open-source framework, it keeps constantly improving. In addition, the framework is supported by the world's most dominant force, Microsoft, which makes it scalable, stable, and robust.

Easy maintenance

Because frameworks allow code to be reused, an application is created with Xamarin.Forms is relatively easy to maintain. By agreeing to implement changes to the source code, other aspects can ultimately be seen, saving time and money.

In addition, the large community is always ready to support problem-solving while providing proper documentation and training.

What are the disadvantages of Xamarin.Forms?

There are some drawbacks that you need to consider while selecting this platform that is as follows:

- Platform Limitations
- Prices
- IDs locking
- UIs and graphic codes shareability
- Slow API support
- Wrong choice for game development app

So, is it worth selecting Xamarin?

The next question that comes to mind after knowing the strongest and weakest points of choosing this platform is yes. Though, it is providing you with the best services of cross-platforms apps in multi-platforms with Microsoft backing.

As a result, many companies and businesses are taking advantage of it and making innovative low-cost mobile apps.

What are the alternatives to Xamarin.Forms?

The introduction of mobile technology has made it easier for people to access the Internet. More specifically, mobile technology has created several applications for managing various activities, such as banking, booking tickets, watching live videos, connecting with people remotely, and more. Mobile applications are mainly developed for two different platforms, Android and iOS.

In case if you want to choose any other platform, then there are some alternatives that you can surely go for that are as follows:

- React Native
- Android Studio
- Flutter
- Ionic
- Android SDK
- Apache Cordova
- PhoneGap

Final words

Developing a new app is always a bit of a frustrating process. But if you got the right platform that gives you flexible working and ease code editing facilities and rapid market access.

The best-in-class application requires the perfect open-source framework for design. Xamarin, no doubt, is considered one of the best pioneers in this category, but this scenario offers many alternative options.

We have tried to bring out some of Xamarin's best alternatives for developing local mobile applications. You can try them.
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