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Datagrid binded to sqlceresultset

I have the following questions:

1., Can I mapping datas in a datagrid binded to a sqlceresultset? Fe.: In the database there is "1" in a field, but i would like to display "yes" instead of in the datagrid.

2., Can I color somehow datagrid rows based on the datas ( by sql where if possible )? Fe.: I want to color to red all the rows which meets the following sql criteria WHERE col1 = '1' AND col2 LIKE '%query%' ? I would like to do this dynamically and i dont want to write an sql interpreter if not neccessary.

3., Can I add a plus row to all datagrid pages dynamically to sum the above rows values?

Thanks for help.
Dec 17 '08 #1
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All the information you need on DataGridView and any other .NET controls can be found in the MSDN Library. This resource should get you pointed in the right direction....there are multiple articles on the DataGridView there. I recommend bookmarking the MSDN Library and using it as your primary resource when developing in .NET.

Please take the time to research the problem before you post your question. The experts here are more than willing to help you with a specific problem but you have to do your part to learn the basics. Please take the time to read over the posting guidelines specifically the section on Before you post your question.

Dec 18 '08 #2
First: I make you sure I spent a lot of time with googling and seaching on msdn about these things before I post and I cannot found the answers.
Second: If you would read the title you should see the "sqlceresultset" word, which means this is a .netcf application. There is no support of datagridwiev in the compact framework.
So these questions are not so trivials as you think.

Dec 19 '08 #3
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You've posted your question in the wrong forum. I've moved it to the Mobile development forum where you can get more help with your problem :)

I thought "sqlceresultset" was typo! I've never used .NETCF before so I've never seen a sqlceresultset before.

Normally when I see these types of questions the person hasn't actually looked at MSDN and so I link them to it because it's a great resource for regular .NET applications....I don't know if there's anything there about .NETCF stuff though. I should probably look into this since I'm planning on developing a mobile application in the near future.

Good Luck

Dec 19 '08 #4
9,735 Expert Mod 8TB
Bear wtih me here because I don't know much about MSDN.

According to this, the .NET Compact framework does not support the DataGridView class and its supporting types (you already know this). So you have to use a DataGrid.

The DataGrid control is a .NET control that is supported in both the regular .NET framework and the compact version of it. If you go to the MSDN information on the DataGrid and look at the top of the page you will see a number of drop down lists that let you filter what to display. Specifically, you can filter what Frameworks are displayed by unchecking the ones that are not the .NET Compact Framework.

So, MSDN does provide information for the Compact Framework as well as the regular Framework and the XNA Framework.

Anyways, I'm still looking into your questions...
Dec 19 '08 #5
Another grid for the .net compact framework: http://www.cf-technologies.net/compactgrid.php. There is a CellPaint event (to custom representation of a cell's value or to color the cell's content). Also you can set the Summary property of a column...
Sep 18 '09 #6

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