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Discussions and articles about Microsoft Excel spreadsheet product.
thread by: ryjfgjl | last post Mar 29 '24 by: ryjfgjl
In our work, we often need to import Excel data into databases (such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle) for data analysis and processing. Usually, we use database tools like Navicat or the Excel import feature in database-specific editors for manual importing. However, whether you are a professional or non-professional data handler, correctly...
thread by: Vimpel783 | last post Mar 4 '24 by: Vimpel783
Hello! Guys, I found this code on the Internet, but I need to modify it a little. It works well, the problem is this: Data is sent from only one cell, in this case B5, but it is necessary that data can be sent from cells, for example C2:H5, and the recipient receives a letter with the rows arranged like this: how they are located and at the...
thread by: SueHopson | last post Nov 23 '23 by: SueHopson
Date Detail Summary Ref 1 Ref 2 Ref 3 Ref 4 Ref 5 24-Nov RMC XX Other Sue B Martin Khanyiso Sue L 25-Nov RMC Sue B XX Other Martin Conrad Charles 25-Nov OVA Sue B 26-Nov OVA 29-Nov STMARY Catholic Cup Dianne Conrad 1-Dec NDSS Sr Girls Amanda Dale Ted Debbie Hi everyone,
thread by: jalbright99669 | last post Jan 13 '23 by: jalbright99669
Am in a bit of a strait. Looking for a non-VBA excel formula to work with rental rates in our workbook. I am hoping there is a simpler Excel method to use other than nested IF statements. The rental rates for equipment is billed by the day, week and month and breaks out as follows: 1 - 2 days is by the day. 3 - 10 consecutive days is by the...
thread by: Sachine223 | last post Oct 22 '22 by: Hacon
I have a WordPress website that have affiliate products on Amazon. I want to integrate my website with Excel Sheet to get all my customers data those have visited my website, clicks on it and also purchased products from Amazon.
thread by: jackhack | last post Jun 26 '22 by: jackhack
Dear experts I have data set which is for validation of error on both sheet build A and B, i need vba code to list validation so minimize by pick unique values Page,Testcase,Testid i want shown values of testid once done unique validation of textbox3 from both sheet A and B for e.g "if i select page = ASIA In Listbox1 then listbox2 show...
thread by: SkydiverMike | last post May 20 '22 by: zmbd
I have inherited an issue trying to get Excel Workbooks to load data from an ASPx page to a backend SQL Database. It works fine in Explorer, but not at all in Edge or Chrome. It works fine in Explorer, because explorer authenticates the user before doing the QueryTables.Add. There is nothing in the code to prompt it to do it, but the...
thread by: ryjfgjl | last post Apr 24 '22 by: ryjfgjl
# ExcelToDatabase ## Bref: A tool which can batch import multiple excel files into mysql/oracle database automatically. ## Pictures: https://github.com/ryjfgjl/ExcelToDatabase ## Features: Batch Automation: Import multiple excel files under directory one time One-Click: Do not need to do anything until all excel files are imported. High...
thread by: FredNurk | last post Mar 31 '22 by: Mia White
Hi all. I've been doing a bit of searching, but I'm not sure how to even word the query. I have a pretty big Excel workbook to which I add a few more rows each day. Each row includes a little data, and a bunch of information that Excel derives from it including various statistical info which is included in numerous charts. Due to the amount...
thread by: mahmoud elsayed | last post Mar 28 '22 by: mahmoud elsayed
i make a userform it help me to exporting records from ms access db records will be between 2 date and 2 criteria for like : i want to export records from 1 of march to 15 of march with criteria1: category and criteria 2: employee so i make an adodb connection between 2 date and it successful working but it cannot use my criteria in...
thread by: mahmoud elsayed | last post Mar 28 '22 by: mahmoud elsayed
i have a problem with my code i want to connect excel userform to access and that done my problem : i want to make a search in a table in ms access db between 2 dates and records belongs to 2 criteria (me.combobox1) and (me.combobox2) so i make a connection and it export only records between 2 date and not use my criteria .please help
thread by: SioSio | last post Aug 18 '21 by: SioSio
The control array is not implemented in vba. Class modules are used to achieve this artificially. The example below shows a form with three text boxes that allow you to enter numbers only, three text boxes that allow you to enter only uppercase letters, and three text boxes that allow you to enter numbers and uppercase letters. 1. Place 9...
thread by: SioSio | last post Mar 31 '21 by: SwissProgrammer
VBA code that replaces any numeric value with alphabet (Excel column). Function Convert_Number_to_Aplha(ByVal num As Long) As String Dim buf As String buf = Cells(1, num).Address(True, False) Convert_Number_to_Aplha = Left(buf, InStr(buf, "$") - 1) End Function Example Sub sample1()
thread by: Matrix2021 | last post Aug 2 '20 by: Matrix2021
Hello. I am not sure if you can help me. I just don't know... I would love to know, how to make comparison chart to display two varying sets of data. I have two workbooks. One of the workbook have 181 worksheets. "Each worksheet name after a country and have its own data.
thread by: Wade | last post Mar 2 '20 by: lewish95
Greetings, I have a routine that iterates through many worksheets and Autofilters (using criteria filterStart and filterEnd) a range of data (A8:H200) using (field:=1). The code works well for that. What I want to do is filter using field:=1 unless field:=1 is empty, then I want to filter by another field. I have no idea how to accomplish this....
thread by: Bruce927 | last post Dec 27 '19 by: SioSio
I have created a chart with present and future dates. In this chart I use a vlookup formula to look up information from a pivot table. I have also added error handling so that if a date is not in the pivot table that is on the chart if leaves the cell blank. This works great for all future dates. However when I have created a graph from the...
thread by: brunoff | last post Dec 27 '19 by: SioSio
I already created an account and verified my email adress, but when i tried to post my first doubt on ask a question. it displays a message that my post couldn't be submitted. I tried to post the following below: Im trying a code for visual basic/ excel to calculate the exact difference of three numbers (triples) in a extremely large sample,...
thread by: BikeToWork | last post Dec 24 '19 by: SioSio
I have a spreadsheet of 75,000 rows that is sorted and grouped by AcctNum. There are several records for each AcctNum. The user wants to be able to collapse records so that only the first record for that AcctNum displays and the other records for that AcctNum are hidden. Then when the user clicks anywhere in that first AcctNum record, all of the...
thread by: ERG1982 | last post Dec 24 '19 by: SioSio
Hi all, I need to combine the action of a command button to be dependent on the selection in the Combo Box in order to fill the cell with the selection that the combo box refers to. For instance, if I have three A columns, A2: Shoes A3: Socks A4: Gloves
thread by: LarryWalker | last post Dec 24 '19 by: SioSio
Hi there, I often have problems finding things on the desktop. So I do the Sort By -> Name which organizes them by name.But the next time I login it seems to go back to a random order, and I can't figure out why or how to keep it from doing this. Has anyone else had this problem? Please help. I did not find the right solution from the...
thread by: ramola0911 | last post Dec 24 '19 by: SioSio
I have used following code and run successfully. Sub mcopy() a = Worksheets("CRM").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row Dim myModule As String myModule = Application.InputBox("Enter a Module") For i = 2 To a
thread by: abhivishak | last post Dec 23 '19 by: twinnyfo
Hi, I am creating a macro in Excel to extract some information from Master excel. In Master sheet, have some data with the column- 'Target dates' (list of Dates) in it. I want to compare Target dates with the current date and if the Target dates already breached the current date, then should be highlighted in red. If Target date has...
thread by: Big Daryl | last post Dec 23 '19 by: SioSio
I am trying to create a macro that copies the active worksheet to a new worksheet and paste values only. For instance, Sheet1 is the active sheet. I want to make Sheet1(2) with values only. Additionally, I evaluate each row of the Sheet1(2) to look for a value of X in a cell in each row. If there is an X, then the row is deleted. My...
thread by: gnawoncents | last post Jul 18 '19 by: gnawoncents
I seem to be missing an unstated rule here and am looking for some insight. I am running Excel 2016 on Windows 10 Enterprise and am getting an error when I try to set the value or formatting of a cell (or cells). The error itself (Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error) doesn't tell me much. Key notes: - I get...
thread by: badalchand | last post May 17 '19 by: zmbd
I have created a button on Excel which I would like, when clicked, to attach the completed workbook to an email and be sent directly to a mail recipient. How do I do this? The button has been created and is clickable I just need the process of embedding the/a code to it and what that code is! Many thanks

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