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OMG Lightweight Log

Has anyone implemented the OMG lightweight log spec into a c++
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From: Jeffrey Cunningham <je******************@boeing.com>
Subject: PCL question about using &rest and &key parameters together
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Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 18:19:25 GMT

I was reading in Seibel's PCL the following:

You can safely combine &rest and &key parameters, but the behavior may be
a bit surprising initially. Normally the presence of either &rest or &key
in a parameter list causes all the values remaining after the required and
&optional parameters have been filled in to be processed in a particular
way--either gathered into a list for a &rest parameter or assigned to the
appropriate &key parameters based on the keywords. If both &rest and &key
appear in a parameter list, then both things happen--all the remaining
values, which include the keywords themselves, are gathered into a list
that's bound to the &rest parameter, and the appropriate values are also
bound to the &key parameters.

So I tried the following:

(defun foo (a &rest rest &key b c)
(list a rest b c))

(foo 1 2 :b 3 :c 4)

When I run it from slime, it bombs with the following error message:

Function called with odd number of keyword arguments.

0: [ABORT] Abort handling SLIME request. 1: [ABORT] Return to Top-Level.

1: (NIL 1 (2 :B 3 :C 4) 5)[:OPTIONAL] 2: (SWANK::EVAL-REGION "(foo 1 2
:b 3 :c 4)

Any idea why this doesn't work as expected? I'm using CMUCL.

--jeff cunningham
Jul 23 '05 #1
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