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Calculate amount student owes after payment made

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Here is what I have for the code keep getting error on

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  1. 'declare variables and assign address to object variables
  2.     Dim strId As String, strPayment As String, curPayment As Currency
  3.     Dim cnnTrip As adodb.Connection, rstPays As adodb.Recordset
  4.     Set cnnTrip = Application.CurrentProject.Connection
  5.     Set rstPays = New adodb.Recordset
  6.     'open the recordset
  7.     rstPays.Open Source:="payments", ActiveConnection:=cnnTrip, _
  8.         CursorType:=adOpenForwardOnly, LockType:=adLockPessimistic
  9.     'enter student ID and amount paid, then convert amount paid to a number
  10.     strId = InputBox(prompt:="Enter ID:", title:="Student ID")
  11.     strPayment = InputBox(prompt:="Enter payment:", title:="Payment", Default:=0)
  12.     curPayment = Val(strPayment)
  13.     'search for ID in ID field, then update the record's Paid and Updated fields
  14.     rstPays.Find criteria:="id = '" & strId & "'"
  15.     'calculate total amount paid
  16.  rstPays.Fields("paid").Value = rstPays.Fields("paid").Value - strPayment 
  17.     'assign current date
  18.     rstPays.Fields("updated").Value = Date
  19.     'save changes to record
  20.     rstPays.Update
  21.     'close the recordset
  22.     rstPays.Close
  23.     Set rstPays = Nothing   'disassociate object variable from object
May 25 '07 #1
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2 Replies

Expert 100+
P: 603
Here is what I have for the code keep getting error on

'declare variables and assign address to object variables
Dim strId As String, strPayment As String, curPayment As Currency
Dim cnnTrip As adodb.Connection, rstPays As adodb.Recordset
Set cnnTrip = Application.CurrentProject.Connection
Set rstPays = New adodb.Recordset
'open the recordset
rstPays.Open Source:="payments", ActiveConnection:=cnnTrip, _
CursorType:=adOpenForwardOnly, LockType:=adLockPessimistic
'enter student ID and amount paid, then convert amount paid to a number
strId = InputBox(prompt:="Enter ID:", title:="Student ID")
strPayment = InputBox(prompt:="Enter payment:", title:="Payment", Default:=0)
curPayment = Val(strPayment)
'search for ID in ID field, then update the record's Paid and Updated fields
rstPays.Find criteria:="id = '" & strId & "'"
'calculate total amount paid
rstPays.Fields("paid").Value = rstPays.Fields("paid").Value - strPayment
'assign current date
rstPays.Fields("updated").Value = Date
'save changes to record
'close the recordset
Set rstPays = Nothing 'disassociate object variable from object

where is it failing?
May 26 '07 #2

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,770
This is not an acceptable question Martin. We are not a code debugging service!
We can help you by answering specific questions, or we can work with you a little to help you resolve your problems. We do not do the work for you, especially when you give no indication as to what (if anything) you've tried and had trouble with.

If you would like to explain what you're trying to do and where, in the code, your efforts are failing (Error Message etc) then we can consider providing you with some help.

May 26 '07 #3

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