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help needed with reports

P: 3
please help, i have used an access template (invoicing) and ripped it all apart to create a simple proposal system for my home business (or at least a business i am trying to start up !)

when you print an invoice you get the screen where you are prompted to put in description etc. so far this is all working lovely.


i have added 6 checkboxes for additional information which i want to compile onto the same report as the invoice (on additional pages).

i have created the reports individually (some are more than one page) which generally do not have many database items in them but would like to know how i would add these as additional pages to the current invoice, is this possible ? and also how do i ensure only the ones with the check boxes checked are the ones which get added to my existing invoice report.

thank you !
Feb 6 '07 #1
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Expert Mod 10K+
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You can insert a page break in a report.

And for checkboxes in reports, refer to the following:
Checkboxes in reports
Feb 6 '07 #2

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,494
If Rabbit's answer doesn't give you all you need, then consider explaining the question again as it's a little unclear what you do want.
If there are items you need to include in the solution, then they should be explained here clearly. I quick reference to 'Checkboxes' doesn't give much indication of what you really want and is not easy to work from.

Feb 6 '07 #3

P: 3
Thanks for your response, basically i have a report which is working fine. the report, for example is 1 page in length..

when you press the print invoice button (before the print preview screen) you have a form load up called 'print invoice' (this was using the wizard) where it confirms a few details before going into the printable report.

on this form i have placed checkboxes which correspond to optional literature if required, if you dont check any boxes, you will just have the printable invoice screen. the help i need is when you have checked for example 2 checkboxes (out of 6) - how do i get these reports added to the pages after the invoice report?? so for argument sake if 1 extra literature = 1 page, and 2 checkboxes are selected i will then have the invoice on 1 page (this always stays the same), then the literature that checkbox1 contains, then the literature that checkbox2 contains. so 3 pages allthogether.

how do i check what checboxes are ticked and how would i place the relevant literature into 1 continuous report ready for printing ?

hoping this makes more sense !
Feb 12 '07 #4

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,494
I don't think that you can do what you're trying to in that way.
This would complicate your report no-end. Think about creating separate reports and running them conditionally.
Feb 13 '07 #5

P: 3
I don't think that you can do what you're trying to in that way.
This would complicate your report no-end. Think about creating separate reports and running them conditionally.
ok, so i make a report for each piece of additional literature, any idea how i would go about running them conditionally (and what does this mean !???)

thank you so much for your help so far !
Feb 14 '07 #6

Expert Mod 15k+
P: 31,494
I was under the impression that the extra bits were required in some circumstances but not in all. If that's the case then you need (your code needs) to determine whether or not your conditions are met before running the report.
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub cmdReports_Click()
  2.     Dim strReport As String
  3.     'Dim varWhere As Variant
  5.     strReport = "rptMain"
  6.     Call DoCmd.OpenReport(strReport, acViewPreview)
  7.     'Or if a Filter is required for the report use following instead
  8.     'varWhere = "Whatever you want to filter on"
  9.     'Call DoCmd.OpenReport(strReport, acViewPreview, , varWhere)
  10.     If Me!chkExtra1 Then
  11.         strReport = "rptExtra1"
  12.         Call DoCmd.OpenReport(strReport, acViewPreview)
  13.     End If
  14.     If Me!chkExtra2 Then
  15.         strReport = "rptExtra2"
  16.         Call DoCmd.OpenReport(strReport, acViewPreview)
  17.     End If
  18. 'Et Cetera
  19. End Sub
Feb 14 '07 #7

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