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  1. Paloose (Cocoon without Java)
  2. Performance impact of "require"ing lots of source?
  3. Session tracking - finding a page number
  4. A little regex help?
  5. PHP adodb
  6. wiki software selection advice ?
  7. Can C++ link with PHP, ask for help!!!
  8. cURL and Loading Pages
  9. PHP on IIS Vs PHP on Apache
  10. Having trouble with left join
  11. duplicating mysql_query result
  12. Mailing list software
  13. validate button radio in form
  14. XMLHttpRequest and AJAX for PHP programmers
  15. Binary Search Tree from a string of numbers?
  16. About Cookies
  17. I got two different results in linux and windows, need help!
  18. Non-ascii email subject and header encoding
  19. image upload
  20. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or
  21. export database
  22. mysql database
  23. PHP AJAX File upload
  24. Installing SOAP
  25. preg_replace() that will not replace text inside HTML tags
  26. How to turn off case sensitivity
  27. mail() function help!
  28. Php+mssql
  29. For loop and while loop. which one is faster?
  30. Help Needed - Read Text File and Convert to XML format
  31. Files into MySQL
  32. Carry variables in the url in php??
  33. Creating empty variables for input data
  34. building an array of files
  35. combining the value of 2 alphanumberic variables in html
  36. Which software is better and more realiable
  37. PHP Classes - Passing Data
  38. frames and cookies
  39. Is there a shortcut i'm missing?
  40. do one build a database without having access to any server?
  41. ipcam to stream?
  42. PHP form with VBscript?
  43. PHP Data insert and image upload
  44. Finding and updating text between parentheses with PHP4
  45. File Upload Problem with Thumbnails
  46. PHP String concatination with html select combo box
  47. an opinion about this work - PHP/JS framework
  48. PHP String concatination with html select combo box
  49. freelance php programmers needed
  50. sha1() passwd in mysql help... (beginner)
  51. php login script in html
  52. help!
  53. Access to different database types
  54. mail() : correct me where i am wrong??
  55. Textbox validation
  56. PDF won't open using PHP
  57. download dialog box
  58. Disable save as option
  59. echo not working
  60. Tree functions
  61. Can you use PHP to dynamically change form field values like Javascript
  62. redirect to page.
  63. Adding data to a mysql database works one time only
  64. dropdown list populated from stores table in database
  65. strftime() bug?
  66. PHP - Reading Live Text Log ?
  67. read | delimited fields from record in variables
  68. I need help with this code.
  69. datetime field MSSQL and PHP
  70. php printer linking prob
  71. Computer Programmer Job Available!
  72. Scheduled AT Job reports 'The account is currently not available'
  73. multibyte string support
  74. Regex problem
  75. how to block the entry of a user to log in on a particular day
  76. explode
  77. how to decrypt the md5 encrypted password
  78. remove html syntax in xml parsing
  79. session is not working
  80. There's got to be a better way
  81. only one row in the table can have a certain value
  82. dynamicaly creating .htm pages with php
  83. creating a 'print_r'-like function
  84. word verification
  85. MySQL PDO connection problems
  86. How to calculate the running time
  87. The Old School Meet's The New School.
  88. reading subdomain
  89. Need explaination of custom ini files
  90. problem with file
  91. enableing session variables in php
  92. Checking if 'button' set with isset() (beginner)
  93. php classes calling functions using :: and ->
  94. Linking MySQL to Access cyrillic problem
  95. scope of mysql connections with multiple php snippets
  96. Execute crontab as user Joe using php...
  97. Inserting into an array...
  98. PHP Form data database insert
  99. Security - uploading images
  100. Start study in PHP?
  101. sending mail attachment in php
  102. communicating using HTTP protocols
  103. Can't seem to connect to mysql database and output results
  104. PHP GD dpi size?
  105. MS Access to MySQL
  106. Possibile bug?
  107. compress html output with php?
  108. PHP Development Resources Directory
  109. PHP5 and PHP4 compatibility issues
  110. Best Organization of PHP Include Files?
  111. how do i send and recieve an SMS in PHP
  112. Variable Array Name in foreach
  113. postpone the sending of header information
  114. Help parsing website with curl / preg_match
  115. need help parsing website with cURL / preg_match
  116. mysql_fetch_array result type error
  117. Multiple domains and SERVER_NAME
  118. An introduction by ways of explaining my intentions.
  119. Replace extended ascii characters
  120. Template WYSIWYG php && tags
  121. Went to an interview and got f**ked ... (OT)
  122. Insert image by browsing remote site
  123. fpdf image problem
  124. Access to a POP3 mailbox
  125. PHP Classes
  126. unable to open file with zip_open
  127. problem loading php_gd2.dll php5/apache2.0+
  128. Find element name based on value match
  129. Image upload problem
  131. Anybody help for make a php Blog?
  132. Unzip and parse from XML to Html/XHTML
  133. print and preview php page
  134. fill in a form field from a link in another browser window
  135. regular expression
  136. Recordset inside a function
  137. Coding the "tag a photo" feature from facebook
  138. Failed opening required with file
  139. how to discover PHP interpreter name in a script
  140. MySql_fetch_array() error in PHP
  141. PHP saying error in mysql syntax, but written my mysql query browser!
  142. need a mailer
  143. Php.reader
  144. random rotating image banner from folder source
  145. Increment (++) question
  146. PHP code editor
  147. How to grayscale a gif using bit-swapping
  148. accessing numerical array index in foreach
  149. Link parameter problem
  150. Building on classes -- inheritance help needed
  151. file_get_contents stylee with PHP parsing
  152. displaying data to a table and calculate
  153. Php Redirects
  154. PHP Bind Web Managment
  155. Passing Post variables using fopen()
  156. php program can read /etc/passwd?
  157. what is function of mysql_query command
  158. connection with my sql via a html page
  159. have probs in download doc file
  160. Sending sensitive information to an HTTPS page
  161. Help me with PHP in Frames.
  162. how to append existing xml file using php
  163. set_time_limit not working
  164. set timezone with php4
  165. Weird fopen() problem
  166. Post error value
  167. convert .pst file to a readable format sing php
  168. How to handle PHP execution timeouts gracefully?
  169. PHP Image Upload
  170. how to trap client IP address
  171. Set timer in PHP
  172. PHP, IIS, and ISAPI
  173. imap_mail_compose
  174. How do I get the image height width when generating image from PHP (getimagesize does seem to work)
  175. Ticket System
  176. Need advice on which way is the best to pass variables
  177. Processing data from multiple multi-line textareas into a multi-dimensional array
  178. MySQL error reporting
  179. PHP email is truncated
  180. image magick install
  181. File Upload
  182. @ in front of variable
  183. Need PHP / CSS programmers immediately
  184. |Request| get_project_env() to get current URI, accessing script...
  185. Parser program
  186. curl libarary
  187. Urgent Help To A Beginner(1 Day)! Pls Help
  188. move a folder and its contents to another folder
  189. concatination & single quote
  190. Sample Site For A Shopping Cart...
  191. HELP "Cannot load mysql extension"
  192. how do i make one of the input boxes like the ones here
  193. site that displays php code prior to processing
  194. new page from template
  195. Random password for final validation! Help!
  196. How to use escape characters (particularly #) with $_GET
  197. select first fifteen words
  198. PHP, Visual Studio
  199. MySQL connect failure
  200. Ttransparent overlay watermark - on the fly?
  201. dependent drop down boxes
  202. how to pack integer into 24bits (3 bytes)?
  203. how do xml parsers detect bad characters?
  204. Progress DB
  205. Starting to use SQL
  206. Mail() not working
  207. session_write_close does not appear to be freeing the file lock.
  208. HMAC-MD5 encryption function
  209. SOAP via SSL
  210. Trapping errors fopen
  211. Referencing returned objects directly
  212. Fast/scalable way of creating a REST webservice api in PHP5?
  213. Login system - help...
  214. Display Errors is both On and Off
  215. mod_rewrite/preg_match - yes/no, is there better way?
  216. Designed package installation
  217. Determine path to FTP base directory?
  218. i want to open a file with ms word
  219. Please help me im bignners
  220. Discussion blog Database Structure
  221. redirecting xls output to a directory
  222. How to mirror MySQL database on two servers with PHP?
  223. PHP --> MS Acess
  224. PHP Sending HTML Formatted Emails
  225. Detect Upper case characters in a string and separate them with a space
  226. Php :(
  227. Mysql: Order by Replace ()
  228. PHP/MySQL... I need to add up multiple rows!
  229. Getting ID from a presented table
  230. writing long numbers with delimiters
  231. Hi all
  232. Retrieving MySQL server's port value with PHP
  233. Paypal button click
  234. basic question about documentation for different versions of PHP
  235. PHP ZOPE Combination
  236. How do i know if my server supports PHP?
  237. Populating mysql database using flash form and PHP
  238. Kind of projects to develop in php.
  239. Id's being muddeled up!
  240. Help with my login script
  241. Split and divide a string searching a bbcode
  242. Sending Sms Through Http
  243. apache and http_keep_alive
  244. read out data from $_GET - but no name
  245. How to format text from HTML textarea?
  246. php/dynamic form problem
  247. Seeking freeware like RegExpBuddy
  248. Hosting and web page problems, ask for help!!!
  249. regarding refresh code in PHP
  250. php and shoutcast
  251. how to compare the distribution of whitespace between two text area?
  252. Place drop down menu selection into a variable to be used in an sql query
  253. Problems sending email via smtp
  254. Swap 2007-03-15 to 15-03-2007
  255. preg_match/replace to fix a search query
  256. How to pass value of a nachor tag
  257. problem with excel
  258. XML/DOM sorting
  259. User permissions problem with created folder.
  260. Need Help About Xdebug
  261. php display tag
  262. Access protection -how to
  263. Reading XML with PHP
  264. Read text file
  265. Change the bgcolor of a Dynamic <TD>
  266. Problems on smarty installation....
  267. what's wrong?
  268. unclear on memcached ?
  269. default home page under Xampp.
  270. Search Engine Optimisation ?
  271. hitting enter on a form instead of clicking the button
  272. Need assistance in configuring Komodo for debugger support.
  273. Newsletter application
  274. php/sql problem
  275. alert popup box
  276. isset($variable) gives undefined veriable error
  277. Warning! PHP is not configured for debugging - in Komodo
  278. server object persistence with xml rpc?
  279. folder and file permissions to read and write images
  280. Writing data to a html textarea via php
  281. save as dialog to save the file getting from ftp_get More options
  282. Calling a custom Oracle function via PDO
  283. How to keep global strings in another file?
  284. on/off midi file by using radio buttons
  285. Can't Create Tables on phpmyadmin
  286. Download Header Error Trapping
  287. a very basic thing that i dont know
  288. using Emacs/Debian: what mode for PHP?
  289. File download Ajax/PHP
  290. Limit access with referrer/htaccess?
  291. PHP & COM with MS Office
  292. I want to Remove "\n\r" from the Column as its creating Problem in Excel Export
  293. PHP Shopping cart
  294. my_real_escape_string problem
  295. my_real_escape_string problem
  296. Post variables after java sort are lost
  297. action in same page
  298. čT
  299. Seekign BNF (lex / yacc) for serialized files
  300. Oracle connection problem: PHP, IIS, and OCI8
  301. Perl DBI/XML processing versus PHP ?
  302. Help! GD, PHP, Fonts and Linux
  303. POST $_FILES
  304. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument
  305. I solve my problemm
  306. newbie path question
  307. php & mysql puzzle
  308. prev page
  309. delete statement not working
  310. Fetching Images via PHP question.
  311. Deleting rows in a database using select lists.
  312. Help with 'failed to open stream: No such file or directory in ...'
  313. images are not showing and links are not working when i uploaded my files on server
  314. Guidance needed for Report Generation using php.
  315. File download dialog box
  316. Ping user
  317. unable to fetch value?
  318. How to authenticate when using SimpleXML
  319. What stupid mistake have I done now?
  320. Create dynamic random password (lenght and no of password)
  321. Phoundry Editor Issue
  322. Prbolem Showing Images
  323. time based emails?
  324. PHP install core dump "make install" PEAR on solaris 9
  325. execution to the end?
  326. PHP Time Problem, Need Help Fast
  327. Cake php error
  328. checkboxes help needed
  329. Query inconsistency (MySQL vs PHP) -> DATE_FORMAT
  330. using $_GET[] locally?
  331. Allah
  332. Can anybody share me the Canadian PostCode Database
  333. How often do I need to connect to MySQL database?
  334. Problem with png image
  335. How to Install a PHP Application?
  336. require_once DB.php Help.
  337. Returning a file instead of some HTML
  338. string in array
  339. 100% CPU load : how to investigate?
  340. Script Error but all looks right
  341. urgent help needed....
  342. help to build intranet search functionality
  343. how to draw Graphs in PHP
  344. FRONT PAGE + PHP (simple)???
  345. gd: imagecreatefrom how to check
  346. PHPMYADMIN Setup and config
  347. Unit Testin Help
  348. Insert multiple random password into mysql
  349. IIS7 Vista ISAPI,CGI mysql , session, variable big prolem
  350. add quantities for system inventory
  351. Reading Comment Lines(<!-- 2007 -->) from XML File using PHP
  352. frames and php
  353. Extracting HTML Select tag values using PHP, specifically the value 0
  354. php/mysqlclient compile problems.
  355. sessions and security
  356. open_basedir is commneted out in my php.ini file, yet I still get the error messages
  357. mail with file attachment
  358. checking version of GD
  359. Packaging browser based applications for Windows
  360. Date conversions ( date, mktime )
  361. merging pdfs
  362. session in application WEB
  363. daylight saving time problem
  364. curl problems
  365. passing values from php to javascript
  366. cURL Alternative?
  367. "header()"function related question
  368. How to find whether a substring is present in the big string or Not
  369. How to count lines from a form?
  370. classes and require ?
  371. where to set Maximum inactive interval time in php
  372. PHP/MySQL Row ID's & Num_Rows
  373. a question about zend framework's speed
  374. a question about zend framework's speed
  375. How to Test A Function that interacts with database and returns Some Data
  376. Seeeking Windows PHP IDE for USB Stick
  377. Hoq to Test The Fucntions that ouputs HTML
  378. how to validate date using php?
  379. Challenging Arrays
  380. Writing the output of a function to another file
  381. Logging Page
  382. Editable grid object?
  383. GD2 Problems? This may help...
  384. Problems with duplicate fields
  385. Truth Seeker
  386. Which one is best?
  387. retrieve array subset in random order
  388. ODBC driver for BLOBs
  389. Passing Entered Variable Values
  390. Help with array
  391. Dynamic Number of Parameters for sprintf
  392. How to detect whether human or robot visitor?
  393. Regex - How to test for pattern NOT between tags?
  394. open_basedir restrictions are set to off in php.ini yet I still get the warnings
  395. Session fixation idea
  396. what does backported mean
  397. South Florida Software Symposium - May 18 - 20, 2007
  398. rather noob trouble w/ tree expanding
  399. passing array checkbox value and update the database
  400. cURL Redirect with Changing URL
  401. Recommend a PHP newsletter script?
  402. Sending output a bit at a time
  403. Advice on a PHP form submission/error msg solution I created
  404. Downloaded word document not correct
  405. Javascript:window.print()
  406. Long time to finish a program
  407. What's wrong with this simple line of code?
  408. Placing Errors On The Page
  409. CodeIgniter with Wordpress ?
  410. Problem with a $this statement not working
  411. Time stuff calculating with time
  412. max upload size in php.ini
  413. Fork problems
  414. how to securely store a record index when editing a mysql record
  415. Outputting variables in javascript confusion
  416. Need expert help with cURL & SSL on IIS
  417. ajax session php
  418. PHP 5.2.1: cli does load php_mysql.dll while the same script executed by apache 2.2 fails Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
  419. Large File Not Being Sent To Client
  420. Php MySQL_query and echo conflict
  421. Delete the particular fields in table(HTML)
  422. PHP binary files
  423. date calculation functions
  424. how can image be uploaded
  425. how to download PHPunit with manual
  426. Export Table to .csv (tab delimited)
  427. Is there a Timer class in PHP5?
  428. Beyond Smarty
  429. Where can I find coding PHP guidelines
  430. convert php output to pdf files
  431. PHP problem with nume1(files) in matlab
  432. How to collect download user's details & email validation?
  433. PHP - EXPECT vs SSH Modules
  434. Problem loading page
  435. inserting values in a database using php and html
  436. 0also photos
  437. Two simultaneous write accesses to a text file
  438. better to open/close PHP or echo HTML?
  439. mysql and php with form
  440. weird backslash escape character occurs
  441. Automatic querying a website
  442. Writing to files that are not public
  443. RSS to HTML parsing program with formatting
  444. serving an image
  445. script execution is mysteriously stopping without error
  446. Need to get the System IP address in PHP
  447. PHP search script
  448. ajax not executing php
  449. "slash arguments" don't work in 5.2.1
  450. division by zero after PHP-Upgrade
  451. How to activate local mail in xampp
  452. submits all fields instead of checked ones only
  453. php oracle problem
  454. Passing complex object types (java server/ PHP client)
  455. How to execute shell file by using PHP web page
  456. how to retrieve mails & attachment from mbox
  457. auto-removing slashes on data from mySQL database
  458. session_start and __autoload()
  459. PHP MySQL Query
  460. My GPL Open Source BBS written in PHP 5 -- Project Babel
  461. Exporting From MySQL to .csv using PHP
  462. c-sharp
  463. directory access and file locations
  464. Filling a text box when radio button is clicked
  465. PHP Auth
  466. Mail sent to everyone instead of a few!
  467. PHP Includes w/ Multiple Servers / File Structures
  468. geiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  469. passing javascript variable to php ?
  470. Daylight Savings Time Question
  471. How to view headers that are sent php4
  472. Send Dynamic form Values to PHP
  473. Colour Code Display Page Using Regular Expressions?
  474. money_format(); [Error]
  475. Upgarding php4 to php5 leads to: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function ...
  476. Populating a list box from a MySQL Database and Creating a Query page
  477. On refresh web page updated content will set to 0
  478. problem with time script
  479. Some quick PHP questions
  480. PHP dynamic redirect page
  481. img script works great but almost duplicate of the code does not
  482. PHP Chat
  483. Zend Framework: Question about images and Zend_Service_Amazon
  484. Ubuntu/Apache/PHP5.2.1 - cannot use dynamic extensions
  485. comapring two variables of strings
  486. refreshing drop down menu
  487. Quiz using php little problem
  488. Undefined index. script works, why is this error occuring?
  489. [CfP] Dynamic Languages Symposium 2007
  490. problem with php 5 and MySQL?
  491. Escaping backslashes...
  492. php/access
  493. How To user sessions in php5 & iis 6.0
  494. alert function
  495. php 5 extension concurrency
  496. help : apostrophe/single quotation mark
  497. The delete does not want to work.
  498. exec hide dos box
  499. decode mime type
  500. how can we access an HTML variable in the same page?
  501. test
  502. Fill tables
  503. stored procedure results Question
  504. how to send info from a php script to a server running javascript
  505. Data grid
  506. non breaking space in php
  507. DB classes in PHP 4: include file hell
  508. php and MySQL error
  509. I can't insert a blob value in MySQL
  510. Lost connection with stored procedures and PHP
  511. Selects coming across
  512. passing php variables to the google map api
  513. php email form not showing content
  514. my code works perfectly for one input box but not the other
  515. Cookie will never work on a PHP page no matter what I do!
  516. Problem in deploying PHP-Java-Bridge v3.1.8 in win server 2003
  517. Cache Problem
  518. help with regex
  519. Cant process subdirs named with numbers??
  520. First 10 files
  521. exec quatation problem
  522. image upload and display as thumbnail
  523. difference from dates
  524. drop down box problem
  525. how to post value of a combo box to a text field
  526. Problem with quotes
  527. Combo selected item
  528. PHP + IE Embed problem
  529. PHP code cross referencer (phpxref)
  530. load data in to combobox from database
  531. how to use ssl facilities for php pages
  532. image changes
  533. Fatal error: session_start(): Failed to initialize storage module: user
  534. how to delete database
  535. PHP Scripting
  536. Where is mysql_connect()?
  537. Little script error
  538. is session_register able to handle objects?
  539. separate file from its extension
  540. Session Variables dissapears...
  541. Single sign on
  542. Fill web form from text file
  543. Add/Delete/Update records to MySQL tables Via PHP
  544. Create browse box
  545. Form Processing
  546. PLEASE HELP - Very odd problem
  547. Watch online TV and listen radio programes
  548. How to use associative array in WHERE clause
  549. candidate search, blanks page, problem...
  550. List Fails on some computers - www missing in url