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  1. Making a PHP install script
  2. DB_DataObject: configurate connection to db.
  3. gif files open in media player
  4. array_walk - userdata as array by ref
  5. Query returning array
  6. what chart component is this php site using?
  7. Want to store what keyword was used if ref from Google
  8. imagedestroy and similar
  9. From zero to dogfood widgets in one day with PHp
  10. reading in multiarray
  11. Variable passed to each() is not an array or object
  12. inserting elements within an array
  13. Ways to tell if existing setup is SAPI or Shared Object?
  14. PEAR::HTML_BBCodeParser Parser Issue
  15. writing to the middle of a file
  16. variable difference
  17. php and mysql setup on a windows 2000 server
  18. Apache2+PHP5+mySQL leads to blank screen
  19. Displaying Dollar Sign in WAP, served with PHP
  20. PHPmyadmin Configuration
  21. writing binary in php
  22. JOB: PHP Professionals - Mumbai
  23. Connection to MS SQL Server has stopped working
  24. File upload to new folder
  25. is mysqli installed?
  26. partitioning the program depending upon browser
  27. partitioning the program depending upon browser
  28. PHP Ajax file upload script problem
  29. Pytanie o kwestie prawne sprzedazy oprogramowania na allegro
  30. How could I paginate the result set?
  31. How to retrieve Float data from MYSQL within PHP
  32. One uploaded file - several different references?
  33. Carrying a value over a refreshed page
  34. need to make digital map
  35. Help. Can't connect to database
  36. Passing a form variable into a URL
  37. Getting a (non-radio) button's index number from array
  38. changing old values to new values
  39. Multi-query version of mysql_query???
  40. Change included code
  41. Calculating CIDR blocks
  42. Session Timout Help
  43. SSL curl connection not working
  44. Serial port reading using PHP.
  45. split sql script in queries
  46. If Or
  47. Mail Problem with Hebrew Language
  48. graphics libraries and php
  49. how to maintain session in PHP
  50. wanna remove numbers from the output string
  51. Junciton in PHP
  52. why a session-based program behaves different on different computers
  53. how to test string whether it contains special characters
  54. Creating TEMPORARY TABLES in mysql and accessing througth php script
  55. PHP MySQL connection problem
  56. streaming server and its cost
  57. Displaying webpages from a php page
  58. show pdf files on the web
  59. if statement
  60. Any way to use Tor with fopen()?
  61. best practices confusion between framework v.templating ?
  62. cURL not sending form entries
  63. JavaScript to Enter Date & Null
  64. Help me fix my "x minutes ago" time script please :)
  65. Mail function with username and password
  66. Adding to database Error
  67. Class to generate images
  68. OCR with PHP?
  69. upload file issue
  70. good Newsletter out there?
  71. php://stdin in PHP5?
  72. Printing Avery Labels from a web site
  73. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ... bytes exhausted
  74. PHP & MYSQL ip address check
  75. how can I keep text in text boxes when form is rewritten?
  76. Encrypt/decrypt automatically with PHP PDF document via Client CA
  77. Hiring Lead Programmer {Dynamic Imaging} Bristol, PA
  78. Woooooooooooooooooow The Best Music Search Engine
  79. Desktop Tower defense the most addictive flash game ever
  80. POST/SESSION variables and pagination
  81. PHP manual syntax
  82. problem php mysql
  83. Can't get GD2 to be recognized
  84. $_SESSION['loggedin'] not working properly
  85. CURL FTP DOWNLOAD -- Weird..........
  86. Active directory authentication via php.
  87. Can php control USB port on PC?
  88. Help understanding 3 lines of code
  89. Problem printing out numbers (currency) with commas (using Smarty or PHP)
  90. Really hardcore question about PHP needed :)
  91. How to create the formatting area which you see while composing an email ?
  92. Any framework recomendations?
  93. Is there a php function that dumps an array to a XML file?
  94. Resolving {$var} from within a string...
  95. selecting only a certain number of bits of data
  96. manually altereing figures on awstats..possible?
  97. Lack of space to communicate? Come in,please!
  98. edit text in a txt file
  99. Return Array from PHP
  100. space in username
  101. can one get the name of parameters passed to a function?
  102. can I use create_function to create enclosures?
  103. PHP, MySQL & FC6
  104. Problem with Session_start()
  105. PEAR DB.php problems
  106. help on online-shopping cart..
  107. Session_destory and Web browser back button
  108. Does PHP impose upload size limits?
  109. Add, Search, Delete Records from Database
  110. How to make smart imagecreate for text preview
  111. crypt with sha1?
  112. sending html emails with attachments
  113. fopen() - File Not Found
  114. opensource wordpress blogrolls importer
  115. opensource wordpress blogrolls importer
  116. Convert XHTML to Markdown using PHP
  117. order by file name readdir()
  118. newbie: mysql_connect problem
  119. embiding a link in a variable
  120. embiding a link in a variable
  121. array query
  122. Web Page Screenshot
  123. need help understanding IDs
  124. Trouble with login page
  125. .htaccess error
  126. Grayscaling images causes mangled image + segfault
  127. please help
  128. What are pros any cons to use eaccelerator and zend optimizer onphp5?
  129. Help. php reading before it should
  130. How can I redirect after user action
  131. google search problem
  132. php_pdo_sqlite_external.dll question
  133. running php on wamp showing error
  134. Having problems with my download script
  135. Looking for a good book to begin learning PHP
  136. PHP image Uploading along with thumbnail
  137. Remote debugging with Quanta+ on Linux
  138. cannot get a basic INSERT command to work..
  139. limit output to only php print/echo statements?
  140. Mail() Script OK?
  141. Running Multiple Version of PHP
  142. How to set bounce address without 'spoofing'
  143. logout script
  144. help encrypting field with MySQL AES_encrypt before Adodb query
  145. Using a form to write and update a XML file
  146. absolute path to brows directories
  147. Display image if variable set to true
  148. Using AJAX, how can the page get state infomation from backgroud PHP script?
  149. Search Button Bug In IE 6?
  150. Error in the commented code
  151. Yahoo! UI + PHP Array
  152. Upload from http to FTP
  153. how remove char around numbers
  154. checkbox- if statement
  155. PHP Notice: Undefined variable: array_var
  156. references
  157. Linking to Video File?
  158. Use PHP ONLY to write to database
  159. trouble with login script
  160. How to parse an external form and submit it
  161. move_uploaded_file() problem.
  162. Fill in questionaire from pull down
  163. Implement a super search engine using php
  164. Read / retrieve data from PDF files
  165. PEAR DB
  166. splitting a script over two servers
  167. Explode
  168. maintain session/cookies in wap using php
  169. Arrays always use references?
  170. Sending email and display subject, body in webpage
  171. Any OSS Webmessenger out there
  172. simple php help needed
  173. how to increment the treemenu for selecting tables
  174. Looking for a way to manage a once only download
  175. need help on passing variable from to php
  176. Looking for script to do a "controlled download"
  177. For gurus: bug in php? Recursive foreach dont work properly.
  178. Hi...can u help me how to use or explore about PHP??
  179. Storing Formated Data
  180. Return a value from perl script to php program
  181. PHP to csv file?
  182. word document is not correct after downloaded
  183. Variable variables used with _POST
  184. php + javascript
  185. PHP 4.X and 64-Bit Integers from MySQL
  186. $i = $i++
  187. Help with session vars
  188. Magpie RSS Rejects PHP generated RSS Feed
  189. || && ?
  190. cookies not setting on my computer
  191. OOP database tables <-> php interface (semi LONG)
  192. Anyone want to join me in developing
  193. Date subtraction
  194. Php Form Validation
  195. galeria zdjec - gotowce
  196. List all declared variables
  197. Single quotes in MSSQL
  198. Include and missing graphics
  199. PHP- How to get rid of the download dialog box ??
  200. Great Website don't miss it
  201. how to insert this into database n display
  202. Upload problems
  203. Grab Text Between Tags
  204. utf-16 hex to binary data (the word), how?
  205. deleting a line
  206. Variable Behavior
  207. how to make a button disappear after it is clicked once
  208. CGI Error - Header Problem
  209. upload script with set file path
  210. new paragraphs in php mysql
  211. PDO Question
  212. How to send values from a form to PHP script and return answer
  213. sha1 entry disparity
  214. Help Needed: OOP
  215. is_file under windows
  216. reading and decoding email attachments
  217. Problem with a script
  218. Problem with Script
  219. uptime script for openbsd
  220. Error Sending E-mail To Hotmail :: Help
  221. PHP + IIS + Visual Studio.NET 2005 and Apache
  222. mysql_affected_rows() alternative
  223. Guarding against multiple postbacks
  224. rotate text
  225. Help with PHP/SQL to change order of fields in table
  226. Multiple Product Options
  227. HTML table parsing, capturing with back referencing problem.
  228. how to search a string in an array
  229. reading the correct line sequence from a txt file
  230. PHP Portal System
  231. Mouse Programming in PHP
  232. How to send mutiple rows dataset to PHP(mySql) from javascript
  233. Find Programming Job?
  234. calculate in PHP
  235. Updating a single field for record
  236. question about imagettftext (and flash)
  237. Generate XML files with PHP and MySQL
  238. Launching a program with exec & pstools/psexec.exe
  239. DIssapearing/reappearing Session variables
  240. Can anyone see a problem with this email script?
  241. Which script should contain the server-side validation code?
  242. php mysql query returning empty set
  243. SimpleMyAdmin (MySQL Database Management)
  244. Problem configuring Apache with php support to run scripts on browser.
  245. action="page.php" in my form opens in new window, why?
  246. PRADO 3.1.0 beta is released
  247. php string to date conversion?
  248. seeking php/mysql mentor as close to huntsville,alabama as possible-can pay
  249. Excel PHP
  250. File Upload Craziness
  251. Debian PHP jabber client deamon
  252. Funny session behavior
  253. If Statements in PHP Mail's HTML Messages?
  254. Character encoding
  255. writing to a txt file from a form
  256. Multi language site with PHP, mysql and cookies - how about search engines?
  257. How to store data from one db in hidden fields and enter in a second db
  258. Retrieve data from PDF files
  260. Session ID changed everytime go to new page or reload.
  261. connectivity of php to asp
  262. How to Create Multiple Excel sheet in php ?
  263. php form submit
  264. PHP channels
  265. send email using php through SMTP server
  266. Multiple Radio Button Groups - Please Help! :)
  267. AVI dimensions via PHP
  268. convert 16-byte hex "string" to dec in php
  269. Can only run 2 windows at a time?
  270. mail() - very slow (sory for previous post)
  271. gd library - Content-type: image/png - set name of image
  272. mail() - bardzo wolna
  273. VAriable not initialized in new version of PHP
  274. No Easter without Eggs!
  275. How to retrieve data from database in different machine?
  276. PHP mailer with multi-form support
  277. Submit Two Forms w/ One Button??
  278. Deleting multiple Rows Using Checkbox
  279. PHP Magazine's (UK)
  280. Extracting unique values ??
  281. drop down menu in php
  282. php on a Mainframe
  283. Restrictions using "rename"
  284. not displaying Submit button
  285. readfile for url produces wrong results.
  286. "Modular site" mod writers name vars or use ident supplied by app
  287. Help for php
  288. integrate my design in redqueen
  289. Question about readfile
  290. Consume Google Newsgroup feed
  291. READ FIRST: Turn On PHP Debugging Messages
  292. session in Dreamweaver and PHP
  293. mysql auto increment
  294. PHP trouble with inserting images at regular intervals throughout text from database
  295. Angle brackets cause string to truncate
  296. no echo after include?
  297. What is apps/pbcs.dll ???
  298. Form Validation
  299. Timezone confusion
  300. Select values to array???
  301. parsing website with a "searching...." page
  302. Changing disk drive in php under windows(XP) and apache(2.2)
  303. Simple Blog software to modify
  304. Dynamic Radio Buttons
  305. not a valid MySQL result resource
  306. Pear: Mail_Queue problem, Cannot redeclare class mail_queue_container:mail_queue_container_db
  307. Uploading Files
  308. Fantastico Script Library
  309. Problem getting POST body in PHP
  310. How do I use a variable to fill a form with MySQL record data?
  311. Can't overwrite Return-path
  312. organizing my website
  313. Form Validation
  314. question about using "global" on one page then using the variable on another page
  315. Handling GET parameters in new Zend Framework 0.9.1
  316. Header( "Location:" );
  317. Unfamiliar sessions error
  318. Uploading a website
  319. subtmiting the dropdown option selected to the database
  320. How can I check the number of values in an array and echo them in my PHP script?
  321. How to make multilingual website?
  322. email hacking
  323. Installation Question
  324. HELP...!!! Been trying to get this working --- am new to php
  325. Windows to Unix text doc parsing problem
  326. how do i create split vertical
  327. PHP, Apache, SQL Server 2005 Express - on Vista
  328. Getting value from Drop down menu
  329. authentication problem
  330. Youtube killer made in PHP
  331. Need a string algorithm.
  332. Inserting Data into a MS SQL Database from a PHP form
  333. accessing auto increment in database through code
  334. Is PHP the best way to read an xml feed?
  335. Zend Framework & calendars
  336. I can't used chmod in my php upload. Please Help Me!!!!
  337. Dynamic Form
  338. Building a "modular" PHP site
  339. Populate HTML Form from DB
  340. php ta indicator calculator
  341. how to detect page request is from mobile or PC?
  342. having problems getting mysqli installed on PHP 5.2.1
  343. new php and mysql stop playing together
  344. PHP 4 en 5
  345. linking a html page which is Index.html to php page
  346. Tracking clicked links on a Web page how ???
  347. kindly help me ...
  348. Executing php script at regular intervals
  349. php script behaves differently when it run in command line
  350. getting cookies and SSL in PHP
  351. is php better for frameset or html?
  352. Need to record when someone clicks on download link
  353. Copying a CSV file and changing a column of data
  354. Send SMS
  355. Running PHP 4 & PHP 5 together as modules
  356. php and xml DomDocument
  357. "value" field passes value too literally!
  358. PHP/HTML question
  359. Inserting Data into a Database from a form using PHP
  360. dynamic variable names for objects
  361. Build RPM PHP with oci8 on Oracle 10g Database - RHEL4
  362. help on php form processing : list menu that are related in a single table in SQL
  363. displaying html code using the echo command?
  364. Simple questionnaire validation problem
  365. ezpdf header on all pages
  366. Integration to Bank
  367. PHP source code for reading data from scanner for database handelling
  368. Static Drop down menu variable for mysql
  369. Multidimensional Array ?
  370. PHP form to log in via .htaccess?
  371. Calling PHP email program from a Perl Script
  372. Not Recognizing the $mail Value
  373. Remote PHP
  374. how to install PHP with crypt() functionality?
  375. Syntax Highlighting libraries
  376. Array comparison question
  377. Convert date to timestamp
  378. Monitor Services on Windows 2003 with PHP
  379. pear bugs list
  380. Status page
  381. Access private props through ancestor
  382. MySQL error stops page rendering
  383. Best Practice - Constant Page Layouts
  384. Stored procedures, MySQL, and PHP
  385. php scripts no longer working after upgrade
  386. PRADO 3.0.7 is released
  387. programs taking too long to exit
  388. Problem getting started with PHP after installing Apache and PHP
  389. Can I overrule an internal bookmark eg script.php#middle in case of error?
  390. Problem echoing \r\n
  391. PHP with asterisk
  392. smarty
  393. many choices
  394. Objects and Arrays
  395. upload problem
  396. Objects and Arrays
  397. Chinese, Japanese font issues with mail
  398. Max_upload
  399. Page Refresh problem
  400. createing dynamic new pages
  401. what is wrong with my PHP script for MySQL updating?
  402. Repeating old data in a while statement
  403. Learn MySQL with Trailfire
  404. OpenPNE translate in english,can anyone help
  405. XML/PHP Web Service for Flight Information
  406. XML/PHP Web Service for Flight Information
  407. Php/Java justifcation please help
  408. $_GET variables into <a href> tags
  409. University PHP Survey
  410. phpMyAdmin -disabled browse
  411. Uploading the audio/video file in PHP
  412. Choosing a host based on their PHP "security" measures
  413. file()
  414. include problem.
  415. Get cell and textbox values from a html table when the textboxes have same names
  416. html output for a MySQL query without result
  417. php.ini => date.default_longitude, +ve east or west?
  418. Grabbing Arbitrary Amount of Function Arguments by Reference
  419. Unlimited Categories Depth in Practical Use
  420. session value and radio button
  421. use anchorlinks to get data from the database
  422. retrieve .txt file from mysql table to temp folder
  423. field names in for loop
  424. Trouble incrementing data with HTML_Table
  425. .htaccess of PHP
  426. Sub Domain
  427. Creating Subdomain in PHP in Mojavi platform
  428. PHP5 not running.
  429. read and display content from URL
  430. Memory usage by class files
  431. Adding a new field to a table with php
  432. Yet Another "session_start() Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent" Question
  433. Redirecting a page using PHP
  434. array needed to compare to other values
  435. Text offsetWidth server-side
  436. Php / Java grids .NET grids
  437. Welche Funktion zur Speicherung von Passwörtern verwenden?
  438. PHP directory contents displayer
  439. Different frameworks
  440. where can ini_set('include_path','.:..'); see?
  441. PHP Configuration
  442. Bizarre Partial Source Code Output without Echo
  443. I have a vision for dynamic C++ driven websites!
  444. drop down box --> php ??
  445. a can anybody help me on how to make dynamic popup menu
  446. Extract form field names when they're not known in advance
  447. Extract form field names when they're not known in advance
  448. variable issue.
  449. MySQL Query (Fantastic?)
  450. Encoding/characterset/font family confusion
  451. Retrieving columns of data and displaying them in a menu list in a form
  452. Calculating week range from specific date - Any functions?
  453. start with php
  454. searching within an array
  455. What is the learning curve for PHP?
  456. sending a post to another php script
  457. Storing XML in MySQL with SimpleXML:problem?
  458. Video upload and playback
  459. The Davinci Code
  460. In case you need it....
  461. nooB PhP login using MySQL
  462. need help with this
  463. PHP scope in Future
  464. drop menu box
  465. Any "consumer review generators" available?
  466. FTP- Check valid upload
  467. SQLite - total rows with limit and offset
  468. automated upload with PHP
  469. Help for php installing
  470. Reboot Linux Service with PHP
  471. PHP, Md5, and password retreival forms..
  472. Using checkboxes to update multiple database entries
  473. File Permissions
  474. PHP SimpleXML Special Characters
  475. PHP manual (site) and __methods?
  476. session with time limit
  477. Array And Post In Php
  478. Array And Post In Php
  479. Setting up file uploads with php
  480. Unable to connect to mysql database
  481. How intigred Paypal Pro with PHP??
  482. minimalist Q&A type open source forum package needed
  483. Default
  484. submit button
  485. subtract time from a date
  486. Java calculation on changeMe used in a for loop
  487. best FTP client for coding PHP
  488. Delete With CheckBox POST
  489. Help for php out stream
  490. Compiling PHP with mysql
  491. GD Library w/o reinstalling PHP on Linux?
  492. search a offline website
  493. trouble moving existing site that has "self-contained" Pear packages defined within own directories
  494. problem with $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST'
  495. Session tracking/authentication
  496. Adding stuff to a mysql databases from an html form?
  497. Passing a php variable to a perl script
  498. Creating an Online Appointment Page
  499. Whats wrong with this security script?
  500. Email with PHP problem.....
  501. Updating the SQL key value
  502. dba_open undefined
  503. Calling SQL 2005 Soap Endpoint from PHP
  504. Accessing arrays returned from functions
  505. new kid is looking for help...>>>about image host site
  506. Two strange problems
  507. session id on every page
  508. history files in php
  509. PHP and mp3 track length
  510. upload file from localhost to web hosting, ftp error?
  511. problem executing command line scripts on Win2003 IIS6 PHP4 box
  512. Litle Problem . . . . Help Plz . . . :D
  513. Loading a Dll into PHP
  514. mail() sends as "nobody", causing server error
  515. Copy a file to all sub-directories with PHP
  516. array_multisort()
  517. Ming/Flash: Using the swf?querystring
  518. Problem Downloading files from Database
  519. Save file as attachment
  520. redirecting with php
  521. Paloose (Cocoon without Java)
  522. Performance impact of "require"ing lots of source?
  523. Session tracking - finding a page number
  524. A little regex help?
  525. PHP adodb
  526. wiki software selection advice ?
  527. Can C++ link with PHP, ask for help!!!
  528. cURL and Loading Pages
  529. PHP on IIS Vs PHP on Apache
  530. Having trouble with left join
  531. duplicating mysql_query result
  532. Mailing list software
  533. validate button radio in form
  534. XMLHttpRequest and AJAX for PHP programmers
  535. Binary Search Tree from a string of numbers?
  536. About Cookies
  537. I got two different results in linux and windows, need help!
  538. Non-ascii email subject and header encoding
  539. image upload
  540. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or
  541. export database
  542. mysql database
  543. PHP AJAX File upload
  544. Installing SOAP
  545. preg_replace() that will not replace text inside HTML tags
  546. How to turn off case sensitivity
  547. mail() function help!
  548. Php+mssql
  549. For loop and while loop. which one is faster?
  550. Help Needed - Read Text File and Convert to XML format