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  1. Listing Methods
  2. Basic optimization of python.
  3. wxPython scrolling question.
  4. what's the reasonale of loghelper() in mathmodule.c
  5. pprint module and newer standard types
  6. Can't figure out traceback: (error_proto(-ERR EOF) line 121
  7. gen_py target directory for makepy
  8. Sorting a List of Objects by an Attribute of the ObjectsCase-Insensitively
  9. python-com and vista
  10. style question - hasattr
  11. Problems for a beginner
  12. Converting a tuple to a list
  13. file
  14. CPython VM & byte code resources wanted
  15. new user needs help!
  16. new user needs help!
  17. calling variable function name ?
  18. Is the Python for statement the same as for each in other languages?
  19. set file permission on windows
  20. Python 3.0 new integer division
  21. List open files
  22. list.sort(): heaviest item?
  23. not working
  24. Cannot understand the detailedly the following code
  25. Reproducing a web page and add own content to it.
  26. Looking for Conferences/Events on Django, Python, MySQL, etc inEurope 2008?
  27. Google App Engine
  28. Google App Engine Launched: Fully Scalable Web Application Platform
  29. Splitting strings
  30. pyAmazon
  31. Data structure recommendation?
  32. Problem with smtplib and py2exe
  33. pylirc question: clearing the queue
  34. reading dictionary's (key,value) from file
  35. Mathematical Python Library
  36. Orphaned child processes
  37. Wxpython. Is it possible to change layout in a running application?Selfmade listbox
  38. First Python project - comments welcome!
  39. ldap
  40. Help replacing os.system call with subprocess call
  41. How to create an exe-file?
  42. Tkinter, a lot of buttons, make prog shorter?
  43. Odd PyQt4 crash on exit when importing on windows
  44. traceback.print_exc() supposed to stop exception propagation.
  45. subprocess end
  46. A funnily inconsistent behavior of int and float
  47. How To Uses Modules And Plugins
  48. Tkinter, repaint?, keep size?
  49. @x.setter property implementation
  50. append to a sublist - please help
  51. A file iteration question/problem
  52. appropriate python version
  53. Presumably an import is no faster or slower than opening a file?
  54. Form sha1.hexdigest to sha1.digest
  55. Control process execution
  56. If anyone could help me!!
  57. Read_Edgelist funtion : igraph library
  58. Problems trying to hook own exception function to sys.excepthook
  59. Implementation of Crockford's Base32 Encoding?
  60. Python Data Utils
  61. httplib VERY slow
  62. sys.path and importing modules from other directories
  63. Igraph Library Tutorial
  64. Recursively Backup Directories
  65. while-loops enter the last time after condition is filled?
  66. Best way to check if string is an integer?
  67. Redirecting STDIO and STDERR to a pharser and print ERROR
  68. Transparent bitmap(image) in windows!
  69. [PyGTK] Drawing PNG
  70. Server/Client issure, developing contact server
  71. Weird scope error
  72. Problems With Py2exe Vpython And Numpy
  73. Biggles on Windows with python2.5
  74. simple deleting problem
  75. displaying pgm file in python
  76. Python2.5 and MySQLdb
  77. Is there any way to say ignore case with "in"?
  78. Tokenizer inconsistency wrt to new lines in comments
  79. *.py source file surprisingly deleted with Pydev/Eclipse. Who elseexperienced this ?
  80. A problem on testing COM object with VBA
  81. Ignoring windows registry PythonPath subkeys
  82. When does a binary extension gets the file extension '.pyd' and whenis it '.so'
  83. Unicode conversion problem (codec can't decode)
  84. RELEASED Python 2.6a2 and 3.0a4
  85. How can I combine a directory of .txt files into one AND insert their filenames
  86. regarding memoize function
  87. variable scope in list comprehensions
  88. Easy-to-install-and-use scientific graphics (plotting) package forPython 2.5.1 on Linux Ubuntu 7.1
  89. Bug in shlex??
  90. Socket flushing
  91. Nonlinear least square problem
  92. PyXMPP and GTalk
  93. MLE in Python for distributions
  94. Regular expressions using re
  95. How easy is it to install python as non-root user?
  96. Efficient way of testing for substring being one of a set?
  97. Examples using msilib to build windows installers
  98. Trying to parse a query from a fil
  99. Read excel data to program variables
  100. how to open links in a new window?
  101. Parsing HTML?
  102. How can i accomplish this? IF statement. fast reply.!!
  103. Problems building a binary extension
  104. Recursive function won't compile
  105. default method parameter behavior
  106. Understanding bmp image files
  107. Understanding bmp image files
  108. Need 3d graphics library in python
  109. non-terminating regex match
  110. wsdl (soap) without code generation
  111. who said python can't be obsfucated!?
  112. plpythonu+postgrs anybody using it?
  113. Storing Meta-data in python
  114. Rationale for read-only property of co_code
  115. IM status with appscript
  116. os.startfile and unknown file extension
  117. developing web spider
  118. the scaling of pics in pygame
  119. Directed Graph Traversal
  120. SQLite3 problems
  121. Decrementing of reference count of new objects?
  122. Not Sure This Can Be Done...
  123. raw input and input
  124. object-relational mappers
  125. Python Audio PAN (left or right) and channels
  126. manipulating hex values
  127. Copy Stdout to string
  128. Bizarre sizing problem in Tkinter- Need Help
  129. Stuck in a loop
  130. python persistence
  131. class super method
  132. PyQt - How to prevent a dialog being resized?
  133. Problem with mod_python/3.3.1 and apache
  134. Grouping Toplevels
  135. import multiple modules with same name
  136. Command line input
  137. How to build a body like this use SOAPPy?
  138. Is this a good time to start learning python?
  139. python scripts to standalone executable
  140. Of qooxdoo, qwt, and Python
  141. Automatically fill in forms on line
  142. need help with array
  143. SQL: Exception using variables in queries
  144. installing BLT module : python beginner
  145. CTypes, 64 bit windows, 32 bit dll
  146. Multi Threading Problem with Python + Django + PostgreSQL.
  147. Python and IP Accounting on Cisco Routers
  148. Python Module equivalent to Perl MIME::Lite
  149. Dictionaries autosorting
  150. Rubik's cube translation
  151. Dispatching functions from a dictionary
  152. socket error when loading the shell?
  153. If Statement1 is true and Statement2 is true
  154. License of Python
  155. Drag and Drop
  156. Creating and sending a packet via a socket
  157. Using QSystemTrayIcon with PyQt
  158. Where can I find :
  159. html DOM
  160. Assigning and recalling a value in hellobot
  161. cProfile for python 2.4
  162. Buffer Overflow with Python 2.5 on Vista in import site
  163. Problem with python
  164. problem with logic in reading a binary file
  165. advantages of this language
  166. What build tool do you prefer for python files?
  167. Create executable from executable with py2exe
  168. deleting a line from a file
  169. Why prefer != over <> for Python 3.0?
  170. int input
  171. Help me on function definition
  172. how to remove space
  173. case insensitive lstrip function?
  174. How to insert multiple rows in SQLite Dbase
  175. Problem with format string and unicode
  176. Python 2.5 - Build Error on Windows because of SQLite3
  177. Finding Full Path to Process EXE
  178. Installing simplejson issues
  179. Astronomy Fits format and
  180. web application-level caching
  181. threads and extension module initialization
  182. How do I reconnect a disconnected socket?
  183. base64.urlsafe_b64encode and the equal character
  184. Global variables in modules...
  185. How do I reconnect a disconnected socket?
  186. pygame handoff
  187. Eclipse and PyDev Package explorer
  188. problem with sorting
  189. Python and Highscore.
  190. Simple "Class" explaination
  191. Reading National Instruments TDM Streaming File Format
  192. python program deleted
  193. extension module initialization called twice
  194. Raw_input limit
  195. Instrumented web proxy
  196. Determine size of string in bytes
  197. csv Parser Question - Handling of Double Quotes
  198. Building a "safe" python?
  199. Set sys.stdout.encoding to utf8 in emacs/python-mode?
  200. Dynamic code problem
  201. Pystemmer 1.0.1 installation problem in Linux
  202. How to config qsub from python .psp script?
  203. the _init_ method in python
  204. Tkinter Text widget
  205. Tkinter menus made easy
  206. Psyco alternative
  207. pygtk liststore to list
  208. Move data from excel to Database
  209. do 'os.path' include 'os' for us?
  210. subtract dates with time module
  211. Why does python behave so? (removing list items)
  212. Not understanding lamdas and scoping
  213. first interactive app
  214. PyODBC Stored proc calling
  215. How to convert latex-based docs written with Python 2.5 to 2.6 framework
  216. Daylight savings time problem
  217. Py2exe embed my modules to
  218. Problem with write binary data to OLE field in Access
  219. py2exe socket.gaierror (10093)
  220. Multi Threading Problem with Python + Django + PostgreSQL.
  221. memory allocation for Python list
  222. String manipulation(NEWBIE!)
  223. matplotlib / legend of x-axis
  224. Strange loop behavior
  225. Delete an Output
  226. last mouse movment or keyboard hit
  227. subprocess.popen function with quotes
  228. Help withselecting and returning lists
  229. urllib2.urlopen gives error 10060
  230. Filtering a Python list to uniques
  231. _tkinter fails when installing Python 2.4.4
  232. Exception handling
  233. Files, directories and imports - relative to the current directoryonly
  234. How to program RSA algorithms using python language
  235. Reading a delimited text file
  236. any good g.a.'s?
  237. sendmail should throw an exception but does not
  238. multithreading python serveur
  239. Getting out of a recursive function...
  240. Need help with OptionParser
  241. Outlook 2003 and Python
  242. Using a function from __main__ from within an imported module
  243. importing a csv file as a Numeric array
  244. passing input to sql query
  245. NameError: name 'y' is not defined is a problem i am facing?
  246. Non-buffering stdout
  247. Using urllib2 and ftplib for file sharing
  248. executing system calls
  249. Python based server Uptime
  250. PyGTK localisation on Win32
  251. USB events
  252. Python 2.2.1 and select()
  253. import
  254. FW:Reading new mail from outlook express using Python
  255. NameError: name 'zeros' is not defined
  256. New to group
  257. behavior varied between empty string '' and empty list []
  258. importing package contents from multiple places in PYTHONPATH
  259. Serving an external web site which requires authentication
  260. Is IronPython real Python?
  261. what are generators?
  262. Random numbers and alphabet mixture
  263. URL encoding
  264. Serving another web site which requires authentication
  265. Serving an external web site which requires authentication
  266. python library to manipulate PALM documents ?
  267. minidom: find what file the element was created in?
  268. scope of procedures in python
  269. Installing Mutagen Package On Windows
  270. Shortcutting the function call stack
  271. problems with harvestman on ubuntu 7.10 gusty gibbon
  272. problem with harvestman on ubuntu7.10 gusty
  273. Multiline CSV export to Excel produces unrecognized characters?
  274. python + olap
  275. PyTuple_Check and other type check functions didn't check the NULLpointer
  276. On copying arrays
  277. pydoc
  278. Testing for an empty dictionary in Python
  279. Regular expressions and Python
  280. Know Your Python-Devs!
  281. how to ask questions
  282. Sockets and IP's
  283. Django gets Wired
  284. Do any of you recommend Python as a first programming language?
  285. NameError: name 'guess' is not defined
  286. New Instance of script
  287. [RFC] How to implement command line tool integrating parsing engine
  288. How to subtract/add from/to a value found using the RE module?
  289. function-class frustration
  290. List question
  291. How can I make a function equal to 0?
  292. Child Processes of Child Processes
  293. Zoom in, s60 image
  294. How to inser (anyting I print) to the textbox (TKinter) ?try but it hang? pleas help
  295. Problem: Pickle and collections.defaultdict with default_factory set do not work
  296. Python circular class inclusion
  297. Kid templating
  298. Is this doable
  299. seek into file-like for ipc
  300. pure python based XML parsing
  301. An Application Program to Play a CD
  302. How do I change the font size for the default coordinates inmatplotlib?
  303. Can't import datetime, random...and other some modules when run script on board
  304. Distributing Python Apps on Linux\BSD
  305. CDF python
  306. try to browsing directory using TKinter but give error please help
  307. Code folder with Emacs
  308. How can I start?
  309. putting text through pager
  310. httplib timeout specification
  311. Sending commands to PIC using Pyserial
  312. How to brows and select a directory of file by using python TKinter
  313. OS.remove and threads
  314. Can I run a python program from within emacs?
  315. Problem with PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR
  316. wxFormBuilder
  317. Change user on UNIX
  318. Strange behavior of the Eclipse embedded console
  319. A question about a metacharacter
  320. backslash in reading bytes
  321. Removal of tkinter from python 3.0? [was: Fate of the repr module inPy3.0]
  322. dividing tuple elements with an int or float
  323. slicing a list but in downward fashion
  324. removing all instances of a certain value from a list
  325. Is this valid ?
  326. Fate of the repr module in Py3.0
  327. Calling Mac programs from Python instead of from AppleScript
  328. modules devoted to manipulationg .reg files
  329. csv dictreader
  330. Tkinter.Text widget - how to get text cursor position?
  331. Python to C/C++
  332. Latest updates inSQL server and other programming laguages likeC++/Java
  333. url validator in python
  334. how to remove suffix from filename
  335. How to get an XML DOM while offline?
  336. Acceessing attribute from diffrent classes &diffrent modules
  337. Speaking Text
  338. Script Request...
  339. PSF Community Awards
  340. Trying to add locations to the PATH
  341. How to solve a three-element equation set?
  342. need a function to create eigenface image
  343. ftp recursively
  344. keyboard "interrupt"
  345. os.path.getsize() on Windows
  346. how to ingrate my code to read txt file in dirctory(folder)and subdirectory? PLZ help
  347. globals() using For Loop against Generator
  348. lock access to serial port
  349. Need Help Starting Out
  350. Problems building zlib module on RHEL
  351. Merging a patch/diff generated by difflib?
  352. Export data to .csv format in Internet Explorer?
  353. Set Excel cell to a value using Python
  354. msn client/serveur python
  355. detect current timezone set by kde
  356. finding items that occur more than once in a list
  357. Decode email subjects into unicode
  358. Can't get bsddb working on Solaris 8
  359. Too long of a process to save .py scripts
  360. Py in Counter Strike
  361. PyCon video editing
  362. Fast 2D Raster Rendering with GUI
  363. How to hide the prompt windows when running a simple tkinter gui program?
  364. Tkinter right-to-left windows
  365. Help with Printing Matrix Grid
  366. Convert binary file
  367. How to read from parent directory(folder) files AND how to read non enlish NEED HELP
  368. Basic Python Validation
  369. php/python webkit2png issue
  370. win32: emulating select() on pipes
  371. Sharing code between server, client, and web
  372. struct unpack
  373. placing a Python com object into Excel
  374. Question on using distutils.core.run_setup
  375. Help with Appending Number Matrix
  376. Floating point operations
  377. python-list Metaquestion
  378. I WANT YOU
  379. Variable
  380. SAXReaderNotAvaiable after switching Python
  381. lists v. tuples
  382. Anomaly in time.clock()
  383. Image capture from Alacron FastFrame-CB
  384. Europython fees (was PyCon Disappointment)
  385. String To List
  386. Recipe for those who are in diet
  387. finding euclidean distance,better code?
  388. About reading Python code
  389. File system in TreeWidget
  390. Change Tkinter form title
  391. need help implementing a "continue or quit" prompt in this script
  392. Strange problem with structs Linux vs. Mac
  393. Why doesn't xmlrpclib.dumps just dump an empty value instead of<nil/>?
  394. _except_handler4_common could not be located in the dynamic link
  395. String Intersection
  396. os.path.isdir question
  397. how can pulldom save to xml file?
  398. Convert int to float
  399. Convert int to float
  400. replace string in a file
  401. Python Generators
  402. Code to send RSS news by Sendmail
  403. Python and 3D
  404. Concept Map
  405. Cannot install SOAPpy
  406. Need help streamlining this code
  407. Getting started with OS X Leopard
  408. string literal or NoneType
  409. I found affordable health insurance.
  410. Python for Palm OS
  411. ImportError while Embedding python in C
  412. Nim game for python
  413. help me change a for loop within a for loop to a list of tuples
  414. Need help making an error message work in a Python script
  415. Refresh a Tkinter Canvas
  416. How to get number of compressed bytes from GzipFile
  417. Installing Python2.4 on RHEL4?
  418. ghost chars in Tkinter.Entry
  419. RIP: Joseph Weizenbaum
  420. "Open with IDLE" Missing
  421. Thousand Seperator
  422. find string in file
  423. Help Me With A Game, Please!
  424. The best computer solutions
  425. anydbm and sync'ing
  426. Huge problem gettng MySQLdb to work on my mac mini running Macosx10.5 Leopard
  427. Monitoring SSHd and web servers?
  428. Need Script For read multiple files(.txt) from a folder
  429. How do I iterate over items in a dict grouped by N number ofelements?
  430. Help, determining if an input value is prime?
  431. EuroPython 2008: A Call for Theme and Talk Suggestions
  432. Advantage of the array module over lists?
  433. Problem with exec
  434. Update pytz timezone definitions
  435. Invoking overloaded Stored Procedures
  436. Ping and ARP on both Win and Linux in Python
  437. getattr/setattr still ASCII-only, not Unicode - blows up SGMLlibfrom BeautifulSoup
  438. wx and pil conversion
  439. Else error
  440. Python and DOM
  441. Diary of a Stripper.
  442. Passing the module as an argument
  443. subprocess.Popen pipeline bug?
  444. How to send a var to stdin of an external software
  445. mysql-python error "AttributeError: cursor"
  446. List mutation method gotcha - How well known?
  447. Python on board with OS uclinux
  448. Help Only one instance should be open of a chm file...
  449. Python Installer
  450. copying all data(tags and values) after a particular XML tag
  451. Dispatch("Excel.Application") failed
  452. Generator woes
  453. Socket Performance
  454. help please, splitter windows like in maya or 3ds max
  455. How to port Python code into C++ code automatically?
  456. escape string to store in a database?
  457. Problem with exec
  458. Access function name from within a function
  459. How to parse this timestamp?
  460. Subprocesses
  461. no more comparisons
  462. Music Meta Data
  463. Is there Python equivalent to Perl BEGIN{} block?
  464. Simple graphics in python assignment
  465. Trivia Game
  466. Cobyla help needed
  467. Get cgi script to begin execution of another script...
  468. Does __import__ require a module to have a .py suffix?
  469. C extensions question
  470. agg (effbot)
  471. List Combinations
  472. problem with Python 2.5.2 and gcc 4.3
  473. ImportError: No module named
  474. a Roguelike in Python
  475. computer shows
  476. To download Eclipse, select a package below or choose one
  477. frequency count or number of occurences of a number in an array
  478. How to create csv file format using the list of dictionaries
  479. Neep help for the logic to stimulate virtual users
  480. Newbie question: casting problem
  481. how to connect python with java?
  482. python cygwin
  483. wxtimer...I need to close a dialog after a particular time...
  484. best way to have enum-like identifiers?
  485. Python - CGI - XML - XSD
  486. Why no string return?
  487. Open a file with default handler app?
  488. app runs fine with interpreter, but not under py2exe
  489. Max File Size
  490. catching object
  491. another beginner game question
  492. How to import a module that must override a standard one
  493. SOAP access to SharePoint
  494. int(line) does not give expected results...
  495. Distributing Python Programs
  496. How to make a Tkinter widget always visible?
  497. How to create a list of dictionaries?
  498. Exctract GIF comment from image
  499. Help taking output from a python script and putting it into a txt file
  500. mulithreaded server
  501. ZSI and attachments
  502. how to theme/skin pyGtk apps
  503. difference b/t dictionary{} and anydbm - they seem the same
  504. How to I automatcially fill out a 'textarea' in a webpage in python?
  505. rmdir problem
  506. Why does my compiler say invalid syntax then highlight...?
  507. TextWrapper keepking line breaks?
  508. pickle an instance of a custom class
  509. Python Sockets Help
  510. wxPython: some help with Drag&Drop
  511. building arbitrary files with distutils?
  512. execute python script question
  513. lowercase u before string in "python for windows"
  514. adding Tcl support to an existing install of Python
  515. parsing directory for certain filetypes
  516. Quality assurance in Python projects containing C modules
  517. panel in panel
  518. RE:Python 2.4 installation
  519. Problem with zipfile and newlines
  520. py2exe problem
  521. What is the Difference Between Python 2.3 and Python 2.4
  522. image matching algorithms
  523. tcp client socket bind problem
  524. How to factor using Python?
  525. dot() and tensordot()
  526. Import - interpreter works but .py import does not
  527. Python 2.5 segmentation faulting importing random
  528. python-2.5.2 src rpm
  529. any chance regular expressions are cached?
  530. Electrostatic simulation
  531. python, pyserial, & zombies (beginner)
  532. WxPython, on show() complete frame is selected
  533. Problems installing Python Imaging Library
  534. pure python hyphenator
  535. Returning values from function to Python shell/IPython
  536. unable to install gdal
  537. Uninstalling Eggs
  538. Recognition of unknown image format
  539. gc question
  540. pyQt - beginner
  541. Python installation problem
  542. Arbitrary precision integer arithmetic: ceiling?
  543. Parse specific text in email body to CSV file
  544. off topic: 2 videos on source control and open source development
  545. Python PostgreSQL API for BYTEA
  546. identifying and parsing string in text file
  547. Image Libraries
  548. passing argument to python exexutable
  549. extract multiple ranges from a list
  550. List as FIFO in for loop