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  1. Converting AES Algorithm to work on strings
  2. A Better Progress Bar
  3. VBA to C Crossover
  4. Alternative Filter Method / Single Field Filtering
  5. Control External Processes using Scripts - CMD
  6. Control External Processes using Scripts - FTP
  7. Adding business days with configurable weekend days and holidays
  8. Determine if a Declared Array has been Initialised
  9. Use SQL in other application vba
  10. Fuzzy String Matching: Double Metaphone Algorithm
  11. Item Numbering Within a Group
  12. Multi-Import/Link Excel file into access with debug info and more option
  13. The VBA Rnd() Function is Bad and What to Use Instead
  14. LZW Compression Algorithm in VBScript
  15. Optimally Assigning Workers to Jobs Using the Hungarian Algorithm
  16. Using A Foreign Key's Value in a Table's OrderBy Property
  17. Importing MS Word Tables into MS Access Tables using VBA
  18. How to open Access 2010 Navigation Form in acAddMode
  19. For Fun: Blackjack Simulator
  20. Managing DSN-Less Connections
  21. Log Code and Property References
  22. Working with Front and Back-Ends
  23. How To Create User Permissions and Customized Menus in MS Access
  24. Dev Tools: Fill immediate window with Table columns
  25. When to Use Layouts: The Synergy of Layouts and Anchors in MS Access 2010
  26. Ranking Queries in MS Access SQL
  27. How to Export a Form or Report as a "Package"
  28. VBA Standard Text File I/O Statements
  29. Inactivity Detection in Access
  30. How to Close a Main Form Without Saving Changes of any Subforms
  31. Combining all parts of a name without extra spaces
  32. Using buttons to change sort order
  33. Access Progress Form
  34. How to find out which report or form a control belongs to
  35. Access: Crash Reporter / Error mailer
  36. Getting the results for all values in a combo box
  37. Risks Involved When Using Memo Fields in MS Access Databases
  38. Database Analyser
  39. Treeview in Access Part 1: Basic - Loading information into treeview
  40. How to dynamically resize a continuous Dialog form to fit / show all records
  41. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Tutorial
  42. How to Decompile an Access Application Or How to do a Full Fresh Compile
  43. Convert query, table or SQL to web forum compatible markup
  44. Search QueryDefs, Reports and Form controls for a string
  45. Steganography for VBA
  46. Exporting filtered access Datasheet to Excel spreadsheet - No truncation
  47. How To Get External IP Address via VB/VBA
  48. Aggregate Query Woes
  49. Create a shortcut for your application automatically
  50. Find users special folders (such as desktop/My documents)
  51. Create a Folder using VBA
  52. Access Application Installer with Shortcuts
  53. A Developer Front-End for Queries and Tables
  54. Expand intellisense to your custom function
  55. Database Properties
  56. Handling Optional Parameters in VBA
  57. Extracting/Updating SQL from a QueryDef
  58. Class Module to Handle Opening Forms Hierarchically
  59. Connecting to Different Databases from MS Access
  60. Select a File or Folder using the FileDialog Object
  61. Context-Sensitive Help
  62. How to Debug SQL String
  63. MS Access Calendar - OVERVIEW
  64. Video: How to use a custom function in MS Access (2003)
  65. NGram Approximate String Matching
  66. Levenshtein Approximate String Matching
  67. How to implement a multi-lingual database
  68. How to change BackEnd Database links. (Access 2003)
  69. Progress Indicator in Access
  70. SHA2 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm for VBA and VBScript
  71. Securing a Database in Access
  72. AES Encryption Algorithm for VBA and VBScript
  73. RC4 Encryption Algorithm for VBA and VBScript
  74. How to Download A File From Internet using VBA
  75. Asynchronous Query
  76. How to select Records in an Access Subform from a Combo Box
  77. Cascaded Form Filtering
  78. How to Stop Bound Forms from Updating Automatically
  79. Simulate Full Screen or Dim the Background
  80. Custom Error Messages
  81. Generate secure user passwords using the MD5 hash class module
  82. Relinking ODBC Tables using VBA
  83. Format system time to milliseconds in VBA
  84. Using msoFileDialogSaveAs in MS Access
  85. Invoking a Database From the Command Line
  86. AddAllToList With Column Headers
  87. Demo of Conditional format in subform - Unlimited colours
  88. SQL Injection Attack
  89. Code Signing
  90. Multiple Combobox Filter with Clear Option
  91. HowTo: Calculate business days - pure SQL approach.
  92. Reasons for a Query to be Non-Updatable
  93. Forms Interaction
  94. ShellWait() Function
  95. Why Values in Unbound Form Controls Don't Persist
  96. How to Dynamically set the Combo Drop Down List Width
  97. For...Next vs Do...Loop, and the Winner is?
  98. Require Variable Declaration
  99. Double-clicking to move an item between list boxes
  100. 'Spruce Up' Your Message Boxes!
  101. Access QueryDefs Mis-save Subquery SQL
  102. Retrieving Data From an ADO Recordset Using GetRows()
  103. Retrieving Data From a DAO Recordset Using GetRows()
  104. Finding Jet SQL Help
  105. Publishing Access Data on the Web
  106. Excel in Access (Part 1)
  107. Windows Script Host Object library
  108. Microsoft Scripting Runtime #4
  109. Microsoft Scripting Runtime #3
  110. Microsoft Scripting Runtime #2
  111. Microsoft Scripting Runtime #1
  112. Using "&" and "+" in WHERE Clause
  113. The BLOB (not the movie!)
  114. Generate Statistics With the OpenSchema Method
  115. The ISAMStats Method
  116. How to Create a Data Link File
  117. Queries in Access using SQL View
  118. Indexes in Microsoft Access
  119. Access Built-in Functions
  120. VBA - Event Driven Programming
  121. Macro's or VBA ?
  122. How to Programmatically Create a Hyperlink on a Form
  123. Printer and Printing Tips
  124. Front-End / Back-End (FE/BE)
  125. Using ParamArray()
  126. How to Use Named Arguments
  127. Does a File Exist?
  128. Access 2007 Linked Table Manager not working correct...
  129. How to Use Excel Functions in Access
  130. The Supports Method of an ADO Recordset Object
  131. Excel Functions in Access
  132. In Arrays, For Each...Next vs For...Next
  133. What is Null?
  134. Cache Object References
  135. The Partition() Function
  136. How to Unsecure a Secure Access Database
  137. Methods of Connecting to SQL Server
  138. Create Dynamic Report using VBA
  139. How to Declare a Default Property in a Class Module
  140. ADO Events [Advanced Content]
  141. Early vs Late Binding
  142. How to Generate a User List
  143. Passive Shutdown
  144. ADO Transaction Processing
  145. ANSI Standards in String Comparisons
  146. MS Access Calculated List
  147. DAO Transaction Processing - What is it?
  148. Scroll Wheel Support in VBA Window
  149. Finding a Specific Record Programmatically
  150. Automatic Error Handling in Access
  151. Use IsCharAlphaNumeric() Rather Than ASCII Values
  152. Meet the ADO Cursors
  153. User-defined class for SQL Select expressions
  154. Reserved Words in Access, Especially Date and Time
  155. Variable Scope in VBA for MS Access
  156. Stored Query vs SQL Statement
  157. Function to return Username (NT Login) of current user
  158. 'Persisting' a Recordset
  159. Running code asynchronously
  160. Debugging in VBA - 3) General Tips
  161. Debugging in VBA - 2G) The Watch Pane
  162. Debugging in VBA - 2F) The Locals Pane
  163. Debugging in VBA - 2E) The Object Browser Pane (F2)
  164. Debugging in VBA - 2D) The Immediate Pane (Ctrl-G)
  165. Debugging in VBA - 2C) The Properties Pane (F4)
  166. Debugging in VBA - 2B) The Project Explorer Pane (Ctrl-R)
  167. Debugging in VBA - 2A) The Code Pane (F7)
  168. Obtain Access Information/State of an Object
  169. Debugging in VBA - 1) Overview
  170. Debugging in VBA
  171. Using the MouseMove Property
  172. How to Use a Progress Meter in Access
  173. A 6-Pack of Good Programming Style Hints
  174. Producing a List from Multiple Records
  175. How to Play Sounds in Access
  176. Accessing Field Values in Recordsets
  177. Testing for an Empty Recordset
  178. How to Optimize Queries and Recordsets
  179. DAO or ADO - Why Not Both?
  180. Custom Error Messages
  181. Hide/Display SubMenu Buttons
  182. Control Object Reference (Me!)
  183. timeGetTime() vs Timer()
  184. Cascading Forms.
  185. Module to Read from the Windows Registry
  186. Accessing Tabs on a Tab Control
  187. Avoid IIf(), Switch(), and Choose() in VBA code
  188. To create an mde file
  189. SQL JOINs
  190. What's Your Function Flavor?
  191. Cascading Combo/List Boxes
  192. Microsoft Access Specifications
  193. VBA Data Types
  194. Application Automation
  195. Referring to Items on a Sub-Form
  196. Converting numbers to Words
  197. Memo Field Angst
  198. Memo Fields in Access
  199. Using Tabbed Pages on a Form
  200. Subqueries in SQL
  201. Input Masks
  202. Function to Move (Forwards or Backwards) Through Weekdays
  203. Example Filtering on a Form.
  204. Retrieve Values from a Multi-Select ListBox
  205. Basic SQL Syntax for Access Queries
  206. Import csv (Comma Separated Value) File
  207. Database Normalization and Table Structures
  208. Access VBA DAO recordset loop using two recordsets
  209. Literal DateTimes and Their Delimiters (#).
  210. Quotes (') and Double-Quotes (") - Where and When to use them