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Python programming language - Ask questions about python interpreter, control flow, data structures, modules errors, classes, standard library, gui, databases, unit testing, object oriented, structured programming and more.
thread by: Sreevalli | last post Aug 16 '19 by: Sreevalli
File "C:\Python27\lib\lib-tk\Tkinter.py", line 1547, in __call__ return self.func(*args) File "C:\Program Files (x86)\RT4Tracker\pkgs\tracker_args.py", line 215, in fileOpen self.d2 = pygsmedia.open(self.filename) File "C:\Program Files (x86)\RT4Tracker\pkgs\pygsmedia.py", line 423, in open return Decoder(fname) File...
thread by: jcardozo | last post Aug 7 '19 by: jcardozo
I have the following code in a module that I want to call from any other application module. The code I have also displays the debug message on the console when I invoke it like this: def main(): logger = custom_logger('test1', 'log', 'test.log', False) logger.debug('log to file only') Not sure how to turn off the console. Any...
thread by: Aniket Mathare | last post Aug 5 '19 by: Aniket Mathare
I tried to scrap the data available in behind the graph on webpage. I don't found storage data in source code(html page). I tried to found data in html page but it not found. Then i tried to another way -goto inspect --> then Network --> click on XHR -->then reload page from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import urllib.request import _csv...
thread by: krajeevk10 | last post Aug 2 '19 by: krajeevk10
file contain below text server = abc tapeserver = 123 filer = 456 server = def
thread by: mak705 | last post Jul 29 '19 by: mak705
I wrote one program which help inrementing the digit in the file. Able to copy only first line if I am using writelines and for f.write I am getting f.write(new_line ) if lines.strip().endswith(':') else f.write() TypeError: write() argument must be str, not list file.txt Django 2.1:0 djangoAPI My Code import re
thread by: swaroop11 | last post Jul 18 '19 by: Rabbit
I just started with python. I tried to write a small code for guessing a number. I wondered if we can get out of the function only, not the whole program. def user_guess(num): if(num==rand_num): print "hurrey! you guessed it right.\n" another_try=raw_input("would you like to guess another number??\n") if(another_try == "y" or...
thread by: nathanM | last post Jul 18 '19 by: swaroop11
Hi, I have a function, looks a bit like this: def function(): if condition: do stuff, including a few recursive calls (to function()), this 'stuff' also changes the state of 'condition'. 'condition' is a global list.
thread by: prashanthrd | last post Jul 15 '19 by: prashanthrd
I am given n data points in the form of list of tuples like S= and a point P=(p,q) My task is to find 5 closest points in S from P. We have to use cosine distance. Example: S= P= (3,-4) Output: (6,-7) (1,-1)
thread by: boby | last post Jul 11 '19 by: Arahayu
#from tkinter.scrolledtext import ScrolledText from tkinter import * import tkinter as tk import tkinter.filedialog from tkinter.filedialog import askopenfilename Title_font = ("Comic Sans MS",20,"bold") Sub_font =("Comic Sans MS",15,"bold") Nor_font = ("Calibri",15)
thread by: miniquinox | last post Jul 9 '19 by: miniquinox
Hello guys, i have a 6 bit word, in which the first and second byte are supposed to be 0, and the last 4 bytes contain information. How do you make these last four bytes in big endian? Here is my output at the moment, i just have to add another line with the endian done (total of 48 bits). This is not an int i have selected. It is the result of...
thread by: Hypermesher | last post Jul 5 '19 by: Hypermesher
Hello, I have a question about GUI libraries. I am working on an automation program. I use coordinate info of a command (for example, file -> open or about -> help) via pyautogui. However, according to screen resolution or program window location, this commandís coordinate can be changed. To fix this problem, I want to move without coordinate....
thread by: centella | last post Jun 27 '19 by: centella
hi there,when learning flask,i have confronted a question,which is "BuildError: Could not build url for endpoint 'login'. Did you mean 'index' instead?",my code is below. __author__ = 'Administrator' from app import app,db,lm,oid from flask import render_template,flash,redirect,session,url_for,request,g from flask.ext.login import...
thread by: Davies | last post Jun 20 '19 by: dwblas
import tkinter as tk from tkinter import * from PIL import Image, ImageTk from tkinter import filedialog from tkinter import ttk import sqlite3 as sq import base64 window= tk.Tk() window.geometry('70x70')
thread by: omarasimd005 | last post Jun 11 '19 by: omarasimd005
Hello People, I have used xlwt and python to create a workbook and four sheets in it. I'm done with editing the first sheet, Now I would like to open the sheet 2 that I have created in beginning and would like to edit it. I'm taking an input from user in beginning to choose which sheet he wants to open if he enters 2, sheet 2 should open and...
thread by: zoemjohnson | last post Jun 11 '19 by: zmbd
HELP! Keep getting invalid syntex message from tkinter import * class MyFrame(Frame): def__init__(self): Frame.__init__(self) self.myCanvas = Canvas(width=300, height=200, bg="blue") self.myCanvas.grid()
thread by: sersha | last post Jun 11 '19 by: s0up1
My problem statement is the following: Use NumPy and Matplotlib to draw a scatterplot of uniform random (x, y) values all drawn from the interval. The following is what I have tried: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np import random
thread by: shernel07 | last post Jun 10 '19 by: shernel07
0 I have a list of data in .xlsx The data is in column W the data includes 1. ACCEPTABLE 2. UNACCEPTABLE I want to count the number of ACCEPTABLE and total of both ( ACC and UNACC ) and the formula would be ACCEPTABLE divide by number of ACCEPTABLE + UNACCEPTABLE * 100
thread by: 4yush | last post Jun 10 '19 by: Luuk
I need to extract the domain for example: (http: //www.example.com/example-page, http ://test.com/test-page) from a list of websites in an excel sheet and modify that domain to give its url (example.com, test.com). I have got the code part figured put but i still need to get these commands to work on excel sheet cells in a column automatically. ...
thread by: 4yush | last post Jun 7 '19 by: gits
I've tried inurl:http but it takes forever to get even a bunch of sites right and I have to think of new keywords everytime to get the sites. Is there kind of a directory or a script i could use to filter the http from all the sites on the web. Or some sort of software?
thread by: ysordo | last post Jun 3 '19 by: Rabbit
I am creating a python application to encrypt / decrypt the executable code of a file, at the decrypted time that at the time of deciphering I do not know how to send this code without saving it in a file before, that is, I need to perform the step directly to give the system the executable code to start using it and lift the application.
thread by: Python2019A | last post May 28 '19 by: Python2019A
Hi, please can you help! Thanks. I want to loop and call a function every 1000 milliseconds with wx.CallLater. I implemented this (see below), but it does not factor in the delay - it seems to execute automatically. How can I get this to wait 1000 milliseconds between function calls? This function is within a class. In my main module, I...
thread by: gniminsco | last post May 15 '19 by: zmbd
How can I convert a float to a string? I am trying to use 2 series and make up a DataFrame where each series is represented by a column. What code should l use to achieve all that? I felt I needed to convert both series into the same data type. How can I convert float data type into a string for homogeneity purposes?
thread by: abby08 | last post May 12 '19 by: Luuk
problem : atleast 2 char string wherein 1 char should be between a-k , second char should a number divisible by 3 and then any digit or character. import re patt=re.compile(r"*") m=patt.search("aaa9#") if(m!=None): print("Matched") else: print("Not Matched")
thread by: karan991136 | last post May 11 '19 by: aakashdata
How can I implement Plaindromes in Python.
thread by: kudos | last post May 9 '19 by: gkbalaajee
A week ago, I presented http://bytes.com/topic/python/insights/949885-various-options-when-using-python-together-c. Since then, I realized that perhaps people don't program that much in C. Perhaps people write programs in Java! Here I present three different options running Python programs from Java; first using the (old) Runtime class, then...

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