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Microsoft Office Access database and VBA - Ask questions about microsoft access queries, reports, forms, macros, modules, security, automation, functions, records, mining, visual basic for applications and more.
thread by: bryonone | last post Jul 20 '21 by: NeoPa
Trying to open a report with multiple WHEREconditions. I have 4 strings (SelA, SelB, SelC, whereStr) all defined as strings. SelA, SelB SelC all pieces of the whereStr If I set whereStr = {any of the individual strings A,B or C}, the following works DoCmd.OpenReport "rptName", acViewReport , , whereStr When I try to concatenate the...
Seth Schrock
thread by: Seth Schrock | last post Jul 14 '21 by: Seth Schrock
I've got a query that I'm using to track if certain tasks are completed. A task is completed based on different fields being populated. I have a table that lists which field to look for. My current solution is to use a public function to determine which field to look for and then check if there is a value in that field. The only issue is that...
thread by: Ganie | last post Jul 12 '21 by: NeoPa
Hi, I am working on a project using Access 2013. I have a Leave table that calculate leave days,balance leave days,used leave days, unpaid leave days. i have created it in excel and working fine. but i could not execute in access. i hoping that someone cam help me. Thank's in advance.if you need the excel i will upload it.
thread by: hilmi123 | last post Jul 7 '21 by: NeoPa
Hi all, First post, but long time browser. I have been using browseto over the years with mostly a good outcome, however I have now encountered some strange behaviour. I have a button which onclick changes to a different form. I can make this work fine, however on the onclick before the browseto command I have some vba code to check that...
thread by: cartemj2 | last post Jul 7 '21 by: randomDude
Does anyone know how to create autonumbers dependent on a chosen catagory? I'll explain the scenario..... I am working on simple a reel database for a post-production company. The required fields are: Client Title/Description
thread by: VeronicaNTAM | last post Jul 6 '21 by: NeoPa
Hi evryone, i am sure you have probably had this questions several times. I am new to Access, so please bear with me. i have data on an excel sheet imported into my access database. and this data needs to be inserted into two tables. The parent table is linked to the Child table with the help of a primary key in a one to many relation. i can...
thread by: hicksmk2 | last post Jul 1 '21 by: NeoPa
I will try to explain this to the best I can. Currently, I am creating an asset inventory system. In the system, I have 2 tables (IT Assets and Contacts) and 3 separate forms (AssetEntry-F, AssetChecking-F, and Employee-F). I am in the process of creating the AssetChecking-F form, that will serve the purpose of checking in and checking out...
thread by: hwsilver | last post Jun 30 '21 by: NeoPa
I'm trying to write VBA to create a button which will go to the relevant line in a linked database for a specific client. First I need to have VBA that IDs when the client name in the report matches that in the linked table. This is what I have so far. DoCmd.OpenForm "Clients with matches Full Report",View:=acFormsDS, ,WhereCondition...
thread by: rcsmith0712 | last post Jun 29 '21 by: NeoPa
Hi Folks. I have an access application that is using SQL server 2019 for the backend. All of my "queries" work but when the Update and insert statements execute Access will display the append or Update warning but nothing is actually being written or changed in the SQL tables. I believe I need to establish a SQLOLEDB connection string in my...
thread by: Barbara1999 | last post Jun 23 '21 by: NeoPa
Hi! I have a splitform where I want to have the button to allow the user to choose and import the file into the table. I have something like this: Private Sub Command287_Click() With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen) .Filters.Clear .Filters.Add "Excel Files", "*.xlsx,*.xls" .Filters.Add "Access Databases", "*.accdb" ...
thread by: Davism4 | last post Jun 18 '21 by: NeoPa
Hi all, Can I pick your brains please? I need to a scan a serial into search box to return it's records of repair into a list box. There will be more than one record against the same serial. I want to be able to select a repair job from the list box to view the full details in the form below. The db is only using 1 table. What would...
thread by: jimatqsi | last post Jun 18 '21 by: jimatqsi
My most important client is changing their ERP from Sage to ERP-One+ by Distribution One. The new database is Progress, and they've installed an ODBC for me. I'd like to know if you have any experience with Progress and what quirks or gotchas I might encounter with that connection. I do not, unfortunately, get server access, so I cannot write...
thread by: hwsilver | last post Jun 17 '21 by: isladogs
I have pulled Clients, Volunteers and Meetings into tables into Access. I need to make a summary page for each Client and Volunteer. If they are matched then the summary should include the name of the client or volunteer with whom they were matched and the first and last times they met. To do this I made a Left Join between the volunteer table and...
thread by: Eddie2020 | last post Jun 16 '21 by: isladogs
Hi Everyone Im struggling to pass a form value to a public sub sqlstring, when I reference the form directly, it works... Public Sub CalDeleteTopSheet(strCal As String) Dim strSqlDelete As String strSqlDelete = "DELETE " & strCal & ".Summary" & vbCrLf & _ "FROM " & strCal & vbCrLf & _
thread by: TheSmileyCoder | last post Jun 14 '21 by: Rabbit
In the office users often leave my application running when they go for lunch. While they are away the PC will go into standby or suspension, and the network access will be lost, causing a error message when the users return to their machines, not to mention that the backend is usually blocked from edits even though noone is actually using the...
thread by: tgifrank32 | last post Jun 14 '21 by: NeoPa
Hello! I have a situation where there is a "Welcome" from(page) when it is first opened and there are buttons (such as Repair, Quotation and New) in the page. I want to make those buttons move to the forms -Repair, Quotation and New- that are under a NavigationControl when those buttons are clicked. Once it's first entered, I can move freely...
thread by: convexcube | last post Jun 7 '21 by: NeoPa
Hi everyone, I am trying to create a single window interface for my database. As I am using Access 2007, I have my document layout options set to tabbed documents without displaying documents tabs in order to get my main form to appear as the only element in the access application window. I have also set anchoring in the form so that controls...
thread by: PhantomFixer | last post Jun 5 '21 by: NeoPa
What I am trying to do is to change the default value using a command button. We have over 200 work centers and I want to be able to change it on the fly (so to speak). Here are the 2 lines of code that I have been trying to get one of them to work: Forms!frmMainentry!txtStation.DefaultValue = """?""" Me.txtStation.DefaultValue = InputBox ...
thread by: Bhagaban | last post Jun 3 '21 by: NeoPa
I have a multi value field selected from a dropdown list which can have many value like A 01, B 90, C 40, etc. How to count this. Please help me as I am newbie in MS Access.
thread by: jackjee | last post Jun 1 '21 by: NeoPa
Hi I am looking for a vba solution to import multiple txt files at the same time to an Access DB. While importing the filenames need to be stored in another table so next time these files should not be imported. As an example, i have multiple folders (can specify the paths in the module) where these text files are available (new files are...
thread by: uknod | last post Jun 1 '21 by: NeoPa
Her is a weird one. I have a database with th following query: SELECT lines.Customercli, lines.fromdate, lines.todate, lines.Quantity, lines.costeach, lines.totalcost, lines.Description, lines.PTO, lines.dateadded FROM lines LEFT JOIN database1 ON lines.Customercli = database1.numbercli WHERE (((database1.numbercli) Is Null)); It has worked...
thread by: topperfox | last post May 31 '21 by: Zubair Mughal
I am an Access 2010 newby. I have a database that keeps track of all farm documentation such as scanned receipts, logs, inspections, etc. All of these scans are in the folder: C:\Users\FOffice\Documents\My Scans\Scanned\*.png The database is located in c:\Users\FOffice\Documents\FarmDat It is a real pain to have to select the path for...
thread by: suzanne099 | last post May 26 '21 by: isladogs
Hello, I am trying to use a list box based on a large query of records within an access form. The query contains 95,738 records, but the list box only lists 65,536. Is there a default limit on the number of records shown in an access list box? If so, is there anyway to change this default to allow all the query records to be access via...
thread by: ahmedmob | last post May 26 '21 by: NeoPa
hi i want to make invoice number linked with year the number will be in cell and the year in another cell for example 1/2021 , 2/2021 by Dmax but the idea i want to recount from beginning when the year ends so if we reach 160/2021and we become in 2022 it start from beginning 1/2022
thread by: isladogs | last post May 20 '21 by: isladogs
The Access/VBA forum seems to have gone into hibernation again. Anyway, I thought others would be interested in an excellent Access blog by Mark Gillis at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/access-blog/feast-your-eyes-on-three-microsoft-access-infographics/ba-p/1133400 that I found just now There are three PowerPoint presentations which...

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